Friday, October 31, 2008

A post a toast an acknowlegment to someone named kit, on our brand new web blog you are our first hit.. congratulations No one could have been more suprised than me. Tango and I about were just reading about Sara Palins prayer wariors and it was scarring him his hackles were up and my toes tingled. WE needed a break and checked the new blog there you were talking to us we listened and heard you and were impressed by the sincere way you spoke please come back often and bring yiour friends Peace be with you. Thanks for being number one Kit..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Initial Price Offering

Seeing as though this is a brand new adventure,I thought it necessary to inform you nameless luminaries in advance of my intentions.. VIA my private email address please do not give this out indescriminately as God only knows I might become famous.
It is said that blogging may become the newest form of brilliance. And well I am not ready for any awards just yet. But I would like your response to the issues I bring up and leaving a comment or criticism will be helpfull and that part about brilliance I just made that up PEACE BE WITH YOU

Greetings All

To all friends, family and the world at large welcome to this world and by that I mean Tango,s and mine.
This post is not so much about content as about advising all there is new blogger on the block.
Mostly I am concerned with the current events politically in the USA, but at times wax eloquently on religion and philosophy making a lot up as I go along . If you know me you are aware that I am a genial bullshitter. If you do not know me be so advised,and take what I say and write with a grain of salt.