Thursday, April 30, 2009


If ever there was a politician to whom term limits should apply it would be Senator Arlen Specter. This man launched his career on the most egregious lie ever told to the American people. The magic bullet that killed JFK. It was Arlen Specter who argued his absurd theory to hide the truth of 11/22/63. It was his theory that kept a conspiracy out of the investigation. That day in Dallas was the day truth ended.
And now Senator Specter is in political trouble and his only hope for survival is to switch parties, admittedly he was once a Democrat and is now being welcomed into the fold again as the 60th vote needed for a filibuster proof senate. I say use him; get his vote wherever you can. Abuse him by forcing his vote when reluctant to embrace party lines, and then loose him when a real Democrat comes up against him in the primaries.
This man is a self serving political hack and deserves no real place in a Government dedicated to truth and change in Washington he would be an embarrassment. Senator Specter is now seventy nine years old and has cancer. How much energy and support for re election should be given him? None by my estimation,
This man should go quietly into retirement, write a book and tell the truth about the JFK cover up. Nothing this man ever did in his career comes close to being as important as that initial lie.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I know the American people like to jest about Canadians and the great white north. And on a lot of issues they are correct and we laugh with you. As a Canadian we get a few laughs from other than Jay Leno. But humor aside HEALTH REFORM in your country is no laughing matter.
This is the single most important way of correcting the economic crisis facing America today. If done properly. The lobbyists are going into overtime in trying to maintain the status quo. But remember they are health insurance and not health care, ‘they don’t care’ they insure. They insure a profit for themselves at the cost of a loss to you. They will not go away nor should they; they should have to compete with a new mandatory individual government run single payer plan.
Look north friends and see a health care system that if you copied would drive the economy. I am single and pay fifty four dollars a month. I am covered for all Dr. Visits, all tests, hospital stays, surgery. Not covered for drugs, but a means test means I pay less. Not covered for dental or optometry, but I can LIVE with that.
There is no one in Canada denied treatment for a preexisting disease and no one dies for lack of treatment, or because their insurance ran out. Medical ethics. And common sense, the moral issue of all people being equal under the health care system sets this country apart.
Catastrophic medical emergency will thrust thousands in America into bankruptcy, I have seen family insurance costs at anywhere between seven and twelve thousand dollars per year. If this is accurate, compare the fifty four dollar per individual cost in Canada and see the saving when the profit motive is taken away. The savings aren’t just in money but in the peace of mind knowing that the system cares. You are relieved of one of the most troubling burdens you have had up till now. The cash in your pocket is much more dynamic than that same cash going to insurance company profit.
You have one big chance to make this happen President Obama has made overtures to making health care a filibuster proof vote, so get you fingers working through the net roots and demand your elected officials enact GOVERNMENT RUN SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE. And when you get it we will all laugh at the Republican Party who just doesn’t get it.
Get the Presidents back and make him go the whole nine yards.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Make Pirates into Revenuers!!

Forgive me if I am wrong but Somalia is an impoverished nation is it not? Today in Washington General Petrais suggested that ships traveling the area have armed guards. Now that would be military mans response.
Did you know that this impoverished country has had European biological waste wash up on its shores? Did you know that people were getting sick because of it? Were you aware of the fact that the fisheries this country has always depended on are gone?
Somalia has the right to monitor the passage of ships through waters that affect her. PIRACY is not the way. The knee jerk media response to these acts certainly attract viewers but do not inform them about why piracy is needed, Somalia is a cry for help
I don’t know where pirate money goes, but if it were to go to the public coffers I would suggest a government sponsored safe passage tariff to get through this troubled areas waters.
A fee is not inappropriate considering the alternative cost of a retinue of armed guards, or interrupted journeys and huge ransoms. And diplomatically while we are engaging with Somalia perhaps help could be given in finding out just who in the hell is responsible for the toxic waste dumping.
A more compassionate response must be available from America than military might, warships, and snipers I would hope that as we read this someone is working diplomatically for a solution.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The net roots are pushing and it is being felt. President Obama is being pushed in the direction he knows he needs to go. He wants we the people to make him go in that direction. Some bloggers are saying they think of him as being very cagey to create the impression that he is forced to investigate the torturers. President Obama has not made any mistakes and he is making headway.
I think under the circumstances of what was most crucial to taking the reigns of governance the fact that he has made these statements of intent on torture in his first one hundred days in office speaks to the importance he places on the rule of law. The presidents overtures to bipartisanship indicates this is not a witch hunt and that he personally is not playing politics with this issue. The ball is in Holders court let him deal with it in a PROPER fashion and a timely one
Keep the pressure on Eric holder for a special prosecutor, no more commissions 9/11 was a commission and there was no truth and no prosecutions. A special prosecutor and keep the house and senate inquiries to a minimum this should not be a political issue it is a legal issue Now more than ever in the past the truth must be told. This subject on the authorization of torture is not an in house America first issue, this an international criminal court issue. The world is watching this must be done right.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


In his latest novel David Balldacci spins a very plausible scenario involving the manipulation of print journalism and the media. Of course it is an arms contractor all part of the Military Industrial complex, and in the end bloggers save the day. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
It wasn’t until the book was finished and I was reading the author’s note that I flashed on the horror of what the book had described as PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT. Up until this reading I was not aware of this term, Baldacci gives a definition that becomes familiar and chilling at the same time.
Perception Management is a term defined in Dept of Defense manuals and taken seriously. Public relations firms that practice PM are not spin doctors they create the big lie they create the truth and sell it to the world as the truth.
This concept is not new and in doing a simple Wikipedia check came up with more information than I personally want to try and digest. However it seems the CIA has been actively engaged in dispensing lies about events in America for along time. The murder of JFK is one example. I found this item by Preston Peet[]. One CIA document from April 1967 released under FOIA advised due to growing disbelief in the Warren Commission conclusions that Oswald was the lone assassin. Certain steps should be taken to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of conspiracy theorists. Employ propaganda assets to answer and refute attacks of critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.
To see just how big that lie was go over to and read his post The Origins of Illegitimacy Fatal Flaws that sink the Warren Commission. I don’t for one minute believe that was the beginning of PM and I can only wonder just how deep this propaganda effort goes? Who holds the reins of this horseshit? One must assume that the CIA the military, and the military industrial complex are wagging the dog and creating their own truth, for there own interests. Let’s examine these facts and like David Baldacci in his book The Whole Truth have BLOGGERS save the day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Will Rogers is reported to have said about politicians “by the time they get to Washington they forget who the hired hand is” Your politicians aren’t listening to you. You wanted an end to the Iraq war, you wanted impeachment you wanted the truth about 9/11, and most importantly you wanted change, that you got. Now where is it?
The Iraq war is winding down or at least the administrations views and wishes are being worked on. It can safely be said that impeachment is off the table .However Mr. Holder is coming to dinner and the table talk will center on appointing a special prosecutor. Now keep up the pressure, but don’t hold your breath on 9/11 this is not the final word.
A Special Prosecutor is so necessary in these incredible times as the people see torturers not even being investigated abuses against civil liberties no investigation, illegal wiretaps justice dept wrongdoings the list goes on and on. No Investigation no Prosecution No Justice No Change at the rarefied higher levels of politics.
Marijuana users are appearing in a court house near you as I write this. How wrong is that? A victimless crime does time, Politicians get a free ride on being accountable and then they get a pension. Users get a record. Your tax dollars are being spent on keeping you under control, and in jail and in the poor house. All at the same time.
Earlier today I found a post at
If Americans don’t push for it, there will Be No Accountability for Bush's Crimes
And near the end of that post I found this
Meanwhile, the accountability ball is now in the court of those who want to press the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor. To make that happen, there must be a concerted show of political will. Remember what Obama said: "It's not up to me, it's up to you."
I think he means us the owners, we the people I think he means we have to redirect the hired hands to our bidding and make him do it!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Slow News Days

So why are print papers failing? Could it be they don’t report the news and don’t work worth shit for carrying water? Now that newspapers and TV and radio are so intertwined, maybe the printed paper should go the way of the future. That would be good for the environment, but bad for wrapping fish. The water carrying heavy lifting media will be TV, it’s sexier and sex sells. The corporate media has a very ripe environment with the openness of the current administration. No slow news days. The problem lies in the fact that the public gets to see the true message as spoken by the President, and he is open and enticing in his argument. The corporate message is only spin.
Notice how the mainstream press was excluded from questions during an historic press conference? Notice the slap in the head Ed Henry got? Notice the buckets being carried by the likes of John King And Mr. Independent Lou Dobbs? America is being short changed by watching CNN, Fox and all the other networks, if they think they are getting the news.
Notice the point of greatest importance The internet and independent Bloggers this is where the real news can be found you can access British ,Australian , Arabic or most of the worlds most respected news agencies. Cheaper than purchasing one newspaper .Then you get the news.
Notice as well that this is where President Obama brought together millions of Americans and enough millions of dollars ten, twenty, fifty bucks at a time to defeat the absurdly rich Republican election machine. We the people have a voice and it is here in the blogessphere we the people have a research tool at our fingertips that can help us separate the bullshit from the buckwheat.
So why do we need newspapers? When the TRUTH is out here and it is just a GOOGLE away!