Tuesday, July 7, 2009


At last Fridays press announcement something that struck me was Sarah’s pronouncement of faith then family in her order of what is important. Much has already been made of just what in Gods name she is doing. Speculation ranges from impending criminal charges to tell all books by Levi Johnston and the parenthood of Trig.

It is now time for my take on what Sarah is doing .Sarah is a prayer warrior and part of the New Apostolic Reformation. This movement is attempting to overtake government, and increase membership by recruiting from the more orthodox forms of Christianity. To say the least this movement is on the fringe of absurdity. But that doesn’t stop it from growing. Prayer warriors take credit for expelling the witches among us, the death Mother Theresa, and removal of the blockage on mount Everest that kept Catholic and Muslim prayer from reaching heaven.

Last October Sarah was on James Dobson’s radio show where she thanked prayer warriors for their help. And now Dobson wants to step down from his Focus on the Family. Is Sarah going to step up to the plate? Will she try to bring together the ten million Christian voters into the circle of her political ambition? This certainly would be a higher calling.

Am I way out of line here or more importantly what do you think?