Sunday, January 24, 2010


A STARK Reminder
These five Supreme Court Justices have just launched a hostile takeover of the election and campaign finance laws going back over one hundred years. The deck has been stacked and so has the Supreme Court to the disadvantage of the people. This ruling cannot be allowed to stand. Some say that this decision is intellectually dishonest; I say it is an impeachable offense.
. These five justices ruled on an issue not requested of them and not relevant to the case they heard, and did so in a manner destructive of long-standing precedent. That's an abuse of power. Treasonous, as foreign and international corporations have the financial resources to bribe, influence and control American elections. Was this their corporate agenda all along? And we were led to believe it was overturning Roe vs. Wade, how naïve.
Representative Alan Grayson has several bills already tabled in response to what he saw coming, get behind his effort as this man has vision and an ability to speak truth to power. The President has instructed staff to deal with this issue forcefully. I am sure he will as this is too important for the country to ignore.

There is no Constitutional mandate for just nine justices. Perhaps it is time to go to thirteen, not partisan judges, just smart and honest men and women!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Not A Theory Conspiracy Is A Crime

When enough detail is known about an event one can assume that the theory should become fact. Since 11/22/63 assassination of JFK many details unreported at the time have now been made abundantly clear. The evidence has been examined, reexamined and added to. The players in the Warren commission examining the evidence have now been discredited to a degree, and the evidence itself questioned as being fabricated, magic bullet indeed. Herbert Walker Bush cannot remember where he was on that infamous day; he was photographed outside the school book depository. That photo should refresh his memory, and he was a part of the CIA.
A very large part of the American people does not accept the findings of the Warren Commission. I for one say this was a regime change, the removal of a socially inspired Presidency who wanted to curtail the MIC the CIA and reign in the Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy was a threat to these institutions this is not a theory these are the facts.
There are other facts from other events that must be examined and the theory part changed to criminal conspiracy. The most outrageous lie ever fostered on the world is that nineteen foreigners with box cutters took down four planes, three buildings and killed three thousand people. I cry foul, and state the world has been told a lie, a cover up and criminal conspiracy is at hand. The same players responsible for 11/22/63 were the MIC, CIA, Federal Reserve and helpful and complicit politicians; another Bush and puppet master Dick Chaney.
The evidence is so overwhelming as to boggle the mind and yet day in and day out the same tripe is trotted out by the corporate media. It’s not that they don’t know any better it’s in their best interests to act as stenographers and not mess with the machine that controls America. If the truth suffers so be it. If the American public is dumbed down that is what is needed for the conspirators to get away with their crimes and live the good elitist lives they deserve.
There is no shortage of evidence to suggest that 9/11 was an inside job. I am not going to make all of these points to verify my opinion, they are out there, you know my opinion is correct verify them for yourself and do what you can to convince the world these are not theory’s but crimes.
America is a country governed by the rule of law. When the law is not enforced equally between the powerful and the poor democracy has failed.
The United States of America the greatest nation on earth has been stolen, bankrupted, and reduced to a status never before known on the world stage. The American people did not commit these crimes they just allowed their leaders to lead them astray.
Now with some of the most divisive and vitriolic politics in history the losers of the last election spew lies beyond belief. The Republican Party has no credibility left whatsoever, but they do have money, power and corporate backing they are a force not to be denied. Never underestimate the enemy. The party is like a ship without a rudder, leaderless and, fractured what makes them dangerous is that they are desperate to regain control.
Trust but verify is probably the best thing Ronald Regan ever came up with and that is what must be done now, verify fact check and don’t let the losers frame the argument. The net roots is the best hope for progressives to frame the argument and put pressure where necessary, Eric Holder must be pressured enough that he do something positive about the conspiracy’s of the past administrations. It does not matter which way President Obama wants to look make him move in the direction he needs to go.
When the facts prove it conspiracy is a crime. The time to prosecute these criminals is now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am a Canadian and I can hear one MADASHELLLIBERAL all the way up here. You know the place Canada where as a single man age sixty five Health Care costs me 54.00/ month. No line ups no restrictions no death panels nothing between me and my doctor but my well being.
Can’t you hear the displeasure being voiced from every point in the net roots that elected you? Cant you put two and two together to see what is just north of the forty ninth parallel? That would be a SINGLE PAYER GOVERNMENT SYSTEM THAT WORKS.
It is my firm conviction that the future of America and the Democratic party was once said in song,{ this is your one chance fancy, fancy don’t let me down}. Fancy Nancy. Senator Reid, Mr. President this is you one chance please go and listen not to what the corporate media is saying but listen to you hearts and listen to what MADASHELLLIBERAL and others are saying about HCR and please don’t foster on the people something second best.