Monday, September 27, 2010


The 2010 mid term elections are not rocket science. But are of major importance The George W Bush and failed and flawed Republican policys have made you unemployed. That is the fact. If you make fewer than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and vote republican you have just cut your own throat. Forever you will regret the x in that column
Republicans have repeatedly shown that their base is the top 2% of the richest people in the country, and they will continue to do so. Their funding all is coming from corporate donations and corporations control the message through the media. You can have more of these policys and poverty if you actually believe this spewed verbiage and vote for a tea party or republican candidate.
Like Humpty Dumpty the Democratic party candidates are the only ones who do care about putting the country back together again. The policys implemented by the Obama administration are all sound, and working, all of these polcys and programs have been compromised and down graded by Republican obstruction, while by- partisan politics was being attempted. They could all have been better. If the republicans had actually cared about you the people . America will be better after the Nov 2 election if you vote Democrat. Do you realy believe the health care reforms need to be repealed? No, then vote for the Democratic candidate. Do tou really believe the millionaires making more than two hundred and fifty thosand dollars a year cannot afford to pay an extra 3% on their tax burden. Then vote for the Democratic candidate.
If you care about your country and your future I implore you now to show that care by going out and voting, you don’t even need to know the candidates name just look for D beside all names and mark yor X.
Under 250,000 =Democrat =X
Over 250,000 =Vote you conscience
And don’t be greedy bastards, help American regain it’s middle class.
Not Rocket Science Just Common Sense, 97% of the American people are suffering big time, You are not. and will not.You do not need to win by burying the middle class and poor among us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The speech he made at the UN was fraught with some errors as to why and who. But part of it he got right. There had to have been some kind of domestic involvement in the pulling of those three buildings on that day. We all know they didn’t just fall down on their own from aircraft impact.
The whole 9/11 cover story is severally flawed and the Iranian President got it right when he said many people don’t believe it. Perhaps it is not diplomatic for these hateful thoughts to be espoused in such an august body as the UN. But at least from the President on down to PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State Ahmadinijead can be labeled totally outrageous. No need to sit around and listen to his shit. Well this isn’t holocaust denial this is arguably something even a Muslim extremist won’t take the blame for.
Too bad all these good folks walked out they may have learned something. And it’s too bad the American people can’t see for themselves the truth behind the lies fostered by the machine. And perpetuated by the media. Enough is enough time to start asking questions and demanding answers whose country is America anyway the peoples or the corporate conservative liars?