Friday, December 17, 2010


You know the guy, born on Dec 25th whose mother was a virgin. There was a star in the sky that forecast his coming, and three kings came. He was baptized and had 12 disciples, he performed miracles was eventually crucified and was resurrected in three days.
That’s correct all of these attributes to deity were given to HORUS 3000 BC in Egypt. And then there were others later on, but before Christ, ATTIS from Greece 1200 BC, MITHRA in Persia 1200 BC and KRISNA from INDIA 900 BC. All had the same attributes as Christ but came hundreds of years before him
Seems to me Jesus was a Jesus comes lately. Not as original or profound as we have been led to believe. Not original at all but plagiarized from 3000 years earlier in Egypt. Now before I go on I would draw your attention to the source of these ideas and if you will spend 27 minutes viewing a web site you can move out of the dark and into the light at this season of reason.
Simply Google Zeitgeist Religion, and find here a more full story. It is not my goal to destroy Christianity or disallow its importance in our lives. But rather give pause to all those who feel obligated to quote chapter and verse of a book written two to three hundred years after the event. This work of fiction has now morphed into humankinds only salvation, as only through Christ can you come to his father. Well who was his father? I think not God. And I beg to differ.
The Bibles trinity of father, son, and Holy Spirit, is very misleading. The Essenes of Qumran authors of the Dead Sea scrolls as interpreted by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely have a world view that would be the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man. Now that would be more in keeping with reality as I know it. A higher power unknown and not well described, there definitely is that power, and Mother Nature will have her way we can’t mess with her, but the Brotherhood of Man would accept all mankind not just believers of the Bible. Dr. Bordeaux once said if all the world religious leaders were together Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Mohammed they would agree on all points but put their followers together and they would disagree on all issues.
This is a great big well informed beautiful world we live in and it is time to take stock of the dynamics that move us. It is most appropriate that we examine the source of our existence and how we got here and what is keeping us from moving forward. Adherence to dogmatic faith because it is written is no longer acceptable we must all make our own choices based on what conscience allows and not some plagiarized manuscript from antiquity.
The world is a better place because of religion. It served its purpose and now it must evolve. The past is past, the present is but a moment, and the future is all there is.
Peace be With you.