Friday, December 17, 2010


You know the guy, born on Dec 25th whose mother was a virgin. There was a star in the sky that forecast his coming, and three kings came. He was baptized and had 12 disciples, he performed miracles was eventually crucified and was resurrected in three days.
That’s correct all of these attributes to deity were given to HORUS 3000 BC in Egypt. And then there were others later on, but before Christ, ATTIS from Greece 1200 BC, MITHRA in Persia 1200 BC and KRISNA from INDIA 900 BC. All had the same attributes as Christ but came hundreds of years before him
Seems to me Jesus was a Jesus comes lately. Not as original or profound as we have been led to believe. Not original at all but plagiarized from 3000 years earlier in Egypt. Now before I go on I would draw your attention to the source of these ideas and if you will spend 27 minutes viewing a web site you can move out of the dark and into the light at this season of reason.
Simply Google Zeitgeist Religion, and find here a more full story. It is not my goal to destroy Christianity or disallow its importance in our lives. But rather give pause to all those who feel obligated to quote chapter and verse of a book written two to three hundred years after the event. This work of fiction has now morphed into humankinds only salvation, as only through Christ can you come to his father. Well who was his father? I think not God. And I beg to differ.
The Bibles trinity of father, son, and Holy Spirit, is very misleading. The Essenes of Qumran authors of the Dead Sea scrolls as interpreted by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely have a world view that would be the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man. Now that would be more in keeping with reality as I know it. A higher power unknown and not well described, there definitely is that power, and Mother Nature will have her way we can’t mess with her, but the Brotherhood of Man would accept all mankind not just believers of the Bible. Dr. Bordeaux once said if all the world religious leaders were together Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Mohammed they would agree on all points but put their followers together and they would disagree on all issues.
This is a great big well informed beautiful world we live in and it is time to take stock of the dynamics that move us. It is most appropriate that we examine the source of our existence and how we got here and what is keeping us from moving forward. Adherence to dogmatic faith because it is written is no longer acceptable we must all make our own choices based on what conscience allows and not some plagiarized manuscript from antiquity.
The world is a better place because of religion. It served its purpose and now it must evolve. The past is past, the present is but a moment, and the future is all there is.
Peace be With you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


And they are carrying a pointy little stick to poke in the eye of the club swinging media fuelled corporate framers of all argument
If there is an extension of the tax cuts for the very rich, this will be a failure, Democrats cannot be cave men on this issue you must reframe the argument and argue it differently.
It is presently argued that the deficit will be cut by seven hundred billion dollars over ten years if these tax cuts for the very wealthy are allowed to sun set. Do that for two years, and reduce the deficit by seventy billion a year. It then depends on who wins the next election cycle as to whether or not these extra tax cuts get reinstated. That’s reframing the argument in the American Peoples best interests not the wealthy, they don’t need it.
Now let’s do some fuzzy liberal math. It didn’t get much applause but this last budget prepared by the Obama administration was one hundred and twenty two billion dollars less than the previous budget prepared by the Bush administration. Now if the next two budgets were to do the same that would be two hundred and forty four billion dollar deficit reduction. If you add in the sun set provision you are now up to three hundred and eighty billion, and you haven’t even looked at cutting the biggest budget in the universe, the military A hundred billion a year here would hardly be noticeable but it would be close on to six hundred billion in two years in deficit reduction.
I know that I can be challenged on the math and that is fair. But there is very little downside by holding tough on this tax cut issue. And as President Obama is so fond of saying, make no mistake about this. I say Social security reduction or privatization is off the table. This is a red herring.
One final thought and that is the Democrats must come out en masse and expose these disingenuous Republicans for their disregard for democracy and lack of governance skills and nip in the bud their quest for power or WE THE PEOPLE will be no more.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let’s drop some more documents, on the conspiracy to assassinate a president and Warren commission cover up. Liberalism be damned, the CIA and huge Military Industrial Complex thought themselves more in tune with reality than the President of the United States. They knew the form of chain of command being civilian Commander in Chief and went ahead with a regime change anyway, they thought his policies with the Soviets soft, thus dooming American democracy. The world changed on that day.
Let’s drop some documents on the conspiracy and cover up of the events of 911. Not even the authors of that Commission and report believe that what they did was accurate or complete. Indeed most of the world at large look on and say WT F. It just pisses me off big time every time, I see someone in the know repeat the lies. We were led from that infamous event into two wars of aggression and millions of lost lives, for what? OIL, Dick Chaney’s oil company executives carving up the Middle East oilfields.
As President Obama looks forward America is trying to predicate the future based on lies. This will never work. I understand full well why the truth is not in his best interests, the same as JFK, even the most powerful man in the word was taken out. The machine is powerful aggressive and ruthless greed knows no bounds.
This is why we need more document leaks, The truth is out there, it needs to see the light of day the days of public corruption must come to an end. Prosecutions would be nice but I would settle for the public just seeing the lies exposed and those that and those that made them and never forget that if you want to solve a crime follow the money. And never forget that it was George W Bush and Dick Chaney who held the reigns of power on that day.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


When was the last time as a politician you went to bed hungry? When was the last time you tossed and turned all night long worrying about how you would pay the electrical bill? You privileged asshat politicians are so far from the real world of MY FELLOW AMERICANS that you can’t smell the stink from the last administration. We the people are hurting, we are not lazy or stupid we are out of work. And being foreclosed on by the financial elite We need jobs. The peacock Republicans now hold the house and think they own the world, bring on the jobs. And don’t forget it was the GOP that caused this fiasco. I am not wrong when I quote Dick Chaney as saying “ Deficits don’t matter” they don’t matter when Republicans are making them they only matter when obstructionism and wanting the President to fail is the order of the day.
The American people have just made a serious blunder in allowing the Republicans access to the power of the house. However all is not lost the best is yet to come They must produce what it is we the People demand and that is jobs, jobs, jobs. It is evident all over everywhere that the Republicans only want he President to fail. The Republicans don’t give a rats ass in fifteen thousand years about you who are hurting, and on the dole. The corporate sponsors of their campaign are more important. They don’t want to govern they only want power. To reward the masters who keep them where they are

Don’t let the coming arguments be framed about deficit reduction and cutting entitlements like social security or Medicare smaller government is not the answer, smarter government is. Let the bush tax cuts sunset and if you can’t get the republicans to extend the cuts for those under two hundred and fifty thousand a year let them sunset as well. And let the Republicans be accused of not wanting to see the middle class prosper in favor of the 2% millionaire billionaire elite

One final thought here Mr. President these obstructionist asshat opposition party players will never play nice, so my advice is never give a sucker an even break don’t give an inch of ground. Parliamentary procedures are yours for the taking. Take them and save America that’s Your duty sir to get Americans working. All else pales in importance. Number one priority JOBS.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I make less than $200,000./year. I vote Democrat.
I am out of work. I vote democrat.
I want America to move forward. I vote Democrat.

I remember George Bush lies and failed policies.
I remember Dick Chaney saying deficits don’t matter.
I remember the prosecution of two unnecessary wars.

Do not sit this one out, it’s not too late to vote for your future and the future of America make no mistakes vote Democrat The past is past, the present is but a moment, the future is all there is.

Monday, September 27, 2010


The 2010 mid term elections are not rocket science. But are of major importance The George W Bush and failed and flawed Republican policys have made you unemployed. That is the fact. If you make fewer than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and vote republican you have just cut your own throat. Forever you will regret the x in that column
Republicans have repeatedly shown that their base is the top 2% of the richest people in the country, and they will continue to do so. Their funding all is coming from corporate donations and corporations control the message through the media. You can have more of these policys and poverty if you actually believe this spewed verbiage and vote for a tea party or republican candidate.
Like Humpty Dumpty the Democratic party candidates are the only ones who do care about putting the country back together again. The policys implemented by the Obama administration are all sound, and working, all of these polcys and programs have been compromised and down graded by Republican obstruction, while by- partisan politics was being attempted. They could all have been better. If the republicans had actually cared about you the people . America will be better after the Nov 2 election if you vote Democrat. Do you realy believe the health care reforms need to be repealed? No, then vote for the Democratic candidate. Do tou really believe the millionaires making more than two hundred and fifty thosand dollars a year cannot afford to pay an extra 3% on their tax burden. Then vote for the Democratic candidate.
If you care about your country and your future I implore you now to show that care by going out and voting, you don’t even need to know the candidates name just look for D beside all names and mark yor X.
Under 250,000 =Democrat =X
Over 250,000 =Vote you conscience
And don’t be greedy bastards, help American regain it’s middle class.
Not Rocket Science Just Common Sense, 97% of the American people are suffering big time, You are not. and will not.You do not need to win by burying the middle class and poor among us.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The speech he made at the UN was fraught with some errors as to why and who. But part of it he got right. There had to have been some kind of domestic involvement in the pulling of those three buildings on that day. We all know they didn’t just fall down on their own from aircraft impact.
The whole 9/11 cover story is severally flawed and the Iranian President got it right when he said many people don’t believe it. Perhaps it is not diplomatic for these hateful thoughts to be espoused in such an august body as the UN. But at least from the President on down to PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State Ahmadinijead can be labeled totally outrageous. No need to sit around and listen to his shit. Well this isn’t holocaust denial this is arguably something even a Muslim extremist won’t take the blame for.
Too bad all these good folks walked out they may have learned something. And it’s too bad the American people can’t see for themselves the truth behind the lies fostered by the machine. And perpetuated by the media. Enough is enough time to start asking questions and demanding answers whose country is America anyway the peoples or the corporate conservative liars?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When President Eisenhower was leaving office he admonished the world to be aware of the rising power of the military Industrial Complex. He coined the phrase and defined the problem that killed the next President.
Since the assassination of JFK on 11/22/63 you have been kept in the dark and fed horseshit. This is the recipe for growing mushrooms, not so good for growing a real democracy. As voters and citizens it is not possible to make informed decisions made on false information. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are an example. You were given false information, and you know it. Republican or Democrat is both sides of the same coin. Both beholding to large money interests, and a need to control the power. An extraordinarily high percentage of people do not believe the findings of the Warren commission. These same people questioned the Vietnam War and asked for truth and got Gulf of Tonkin lie and Kent State massacre instead.
If as an individual you say 9/11 was an inside job, an immediate label of conspiracy theorist is given you and your opinion is discredited by the corporate media, while facts and truth are discounted and not reported. To say the least the 9/11 commission was flawed and incomplete, it was a cover up. The MIC and corporate interests are the only source of information you will get, and they do not represent truth. The much consolidated main stream corporate media can afford to loose millions of dollars giving you only information that profits them and other big business interests.
I recently saw Sandra Day O’Conner being interviewed where she stated that students are no longer being taught civics and history in high school. This is course curriculum necessary for going forward as a nation not something to be dropped. Something that should be dropped is the text book advancement of intelligent design. Six thousand year old planet created in six days give me a break
The dumbing down of America is happening on several fronts politically education and mainstream media. It is now accepted that politicians just spew out any pejorative they wish. Socialist fascist communist Marxist it doesn’t matter what label you give, nobody knows what you are talking about and everyone knows that in America these are bad things. Credibility is given to these political hatchet men every time a newspaper or TV reporter becomes a stenographer rather than a fact checker. Restore the fairness doctrine and restore honesty. And while you are restoring things restore school funding to a point where students are actually equipped to find a job. That upon graduation they have knowledge of civics, history, math and science. And should they wish to further their education low cost student loans be provided not by the private sector but by government where profit is not the motive.
Being kept in the dark and fed horseshit days are over. Election fever is again going to happen this fall will you be able to separate the truth from fiction? Can you see which side you bread is buttered on? Will you help to get out the vote and limit the corporate influence? America is up to you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The lunacy has always been just below the surface of politics but now its ugly head is above water. These tea bags have been dunked too often. And the wing nuts are all cross threaded.
Assault weapons being brought to town hall meetings, and the tea baggers think this is ok it’s their right to bear arms. Remember back when George W had three people thrown out of a meeting for having an inappropriate bumper sticker, and a man was arrested for assault of dick the prick for putting a hand on his arm? Now we must put up with the Medias fawning over the biggest excuse for nothing, the corporate sponsored tea bag bowel movement. These cross threaded wing nuts are trying to convince you me and themselves that all things wrong with America is because of Obama and the Liberal takeover of big government. While completely ignoring the outright lies and wars and destruction of constitutional rights economic meltdown under the eight year rule of George the lesser.
Some of my biggest complaints about a dumbed down citizenry is focused on the vitriol of cross threaded wing nut Christian ministries. There is an unspoken legitimacy to religious teaching; the lay man believes what is being said about the word of God when his supposed teacher is a well educated minister, pastor or priest. However all too often these men go off the reservation by trying to be experts on matters outside the scope of religion. Rewriting history to make us believe America is a Christian nation is a cross threaded notion and the advancement of this idea will break both church and state.
I do not for one moment believe the people are dumb. But they are mislead at every level and if they believe all they see, read and hear from the corporate media we are in trouble. The corporate media is big business, churches are big business. All business has an agenda called profit, and this does not always co relate to the best interests of the people. By cross threading the system the way it is being done it will break

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A STARK Reminder
These five Supreme Court Justices have just launched a hostile takeover of the election and campaign finance laws going back over one hundred years. The deck has been stacked and so has the Supreme Court to the disadvantage of the people. This ruling cannot be allowed to stand. Some say that this decision is intellectually dishonest; I say it is an impeachable offense.
. These five justices ruled on an issue not requested of them and not relevant to the case they heard, and did so in a manner destructive of long-standing precedent. That's an abuse of power. Treasonous, as foreign and international corporations have the financial resources to bribe, influence and control American elections. Was this their corporate agenda all along? And we were led to believe it was overturning Roe vs. Wade, how naïve.
Representative Alan Grayson has several bills already tabled in response to what he saw coming, get behind his effort as this man has vision and an ability to speak truth to power. The President has instructed staff to deal with this issue forcefully. I am sure he will as this is too important for the country to ignore.

There is no Constitutional mandate for just nine justices. Perhaps it is time to go to thirteen, not partisan judges, just smart and honest men and women!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Not A Theory Conspiracy Is A Crime

When enough detail is known about an event one can assume that the theory should become fact. Since 11/22/63 assassination of JFK many details unreported at the time have now been made abundantly clear. The evidence has been examined, reexamined and added to. The players in the Warren commission examining the evidence have now been discredited to a degree, and the evidence itself questioned as being fabricated, magic bullet indeed. Herbert Walker Bush cannot remember where he was on that infamous day; he was photographed outside the school book depository. That photo should refresh his memory, and he was a part of the CIA.
A very large part of the American people does not accept the findings of the Warren Commission. I for one say this was a regime change, the removal of a socially inspired Presidency who wanted to curtail the MIC the CIA and reign in the Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy was a threat to these institutions this is not a theory these are the facts.
There are other facts from other events that must be examined and the theory part changed to criminal conspiracy. The most outrageous lie ever fostered on the world is that nineteen foreigners with box cutters took down four planes, three buildings and killed three thousand people. I cry foul, and state the world has been told a lie, a cover up and criminal conspiracy is at hand. The same players responsible for 11/22/63 were the MIC, CIA, Federal Reserve and helpful and complicit politicians; another Bush and puppet master Dick Chaney.
The evidence is so overwhelming as to boggle the mind and yet day in and day out the same tripe is trotted out by the corporate media. It’s not that they don’t know any better it’s in their best interests to act as stenographers and not mess with the machine that controls America. If the truth suffers so be it. If the American public is dumbed down that is what is needed for the conspirators to get away with their crimes and live the good elitist lives they deserve.
There is no shortage of evidence to suggest that 9/11 was an inside job. I am not going to make all of these points to verify my opinion, they are out there, you know my opinion is correct verify them for yourself and do what you can to convince the world these are not theory’s but crimes.
America is a country governed by the rule of law. When the law is not enforced equally between the powerful and the poor democracy has failed.
The United States of America the greatest nation on earth has been stolen, bankrupted, and reduced to a status never before known on the world stage. The American people did not commit these crimes they just allowed their leaders to lead them astray.
Now with some of the most divisive and vitriolic politics in history the losers of the last election spew lies beyond belief. The Republican Party has no credibility left whatsoever, but they do have money, power and corporate backing they are a force not to be denied. Never underestimate the enemy. The party is like a ship without a rudder, leaderless and, fractured what makes them dangerous is that they are desperate to regain control.
Trust but verify is probably the best thing Ronald Regan ever came up with and that is what must be done now, verify fact check and don’t let the losers frame the argument. The net roots is the best hope for progressives to frame the argument and put pressure where necessary, Eric Holder must be pressured enough that he do something positive about the conspiracy’s of the past administrations. It does not matter which way President Obama wants to look make him move in the direction he needs to go.
When the facts prove it conspiracy is a crime. The time to prosecute these criminals is now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am a Canadian and I can hear one MADASHELLLIBERAL all the way up here. You know the place Canada where as a single man age sixty five Health Care costs me 54.00/ month. No line ups no restrictions no death panels nothing between me and my doctor but my well being.
Can’t you hear the displeasure being voiced from every point in the net roots that elected you? Cant you put two and two together to see what is just north of the forty ninth parallel? That would be a SINGLE PAYER GOVERNMENT SYSTEM THAT WORKS.
It is my firm conviction that the future of America and the Democratic party was once said in song,{ this is your one chance fancy, fancy don’t let me down}. Fancy Nancy. Senator Reid, Mr. President this is you one chance please go and listen not to what the corporate media is saying but listen to you hearts and listen to what MADASHELLLIBERAL and others are saying about HCR and please don’t foster on the people something second best.