Saturday, November 13, 2010


When was the last time as a politician you went to bed hungry? When was the last time you tossed and turned all night long worrying about how you would pay the electrical bill? You privileged asshat politicians are so far from the real world of MY FELLOW AMERICANS that you can’t smell the stink from the last administration. We the people are hurting, we are not lazy or stupid we are out of work. And being foreclosed on by the financial elite We need jobs. The peacock Republicans now hold the house and think they own the world, bring on the jobs. And don’t forget it was the GOP that caused this fiasco. I am not wrong when I quote Dick Chaney as saying “ Deficits don’t matter” they don’t matter when Republicans are making them they only matter when obstructionism and wanting the President to fail is the order of the day.
The American people have just made a serious blunder in allowing the Republicans access to the power of the house. However all is not lost the best is yet to come They must produce what it is we the People demand and that is jobs, jobs, jobs. It is evident all over everywhere that the Republicans only want he President to fail. The Republicans don’t give a rats ass in fifteen thousand years about you who are hurting, and on the dole. The corporate sponsors of their campaign are more important. They don’t want to govern they only want power. To reward the masters who keep them where they are

Don’t let the coming arguments be framed about deficit reduction and cutting entitlements like social security or Medicare smaller government is not the answer, smarter government is. Let the bush tax cuts sunset and if you can’t get the republicans to extend the cuts for those under two hundred and fifty thousand a year let them sunset as well. And let the Republicans be accused of not wanting to see the middle class prosper in favor of the 2% millionaire billionaire elite

One final thought here Mr. President these obstructionist asshat opposition party players will never play nice, so my advice is never give a sucker an even break don’t give an inch of ground. Parliamentary procedures are yours for the taking. Take them and save America that’s Your duty sir to get Americans working. All else pales in importance. Number one priority JOBS.


marain said...

You tell 'em, Tango and NewTan Daddy! I love reading your posts!

All the best,


Tango daddy said...

Thanks marain I love writing them. There is so much grist out ther for the mill it makes my head hurt. with GWB making his reinvention tour I will have plenty to say.