Thursday, August 20, 2009


My fellow Americans since coming to office in January of this year we as a party have tried a bipartisan approach to problem solving. The Republicans have not responded to any attempts of bipartisanship and have just consistently said NO. It would seem that the opposition is more determined to take me down than lift the country up and move it forward.
That is the politics of old the GOP have been invited to the party if they don’t want to dance so be it. Neither the Republican party or the Insurance industry are needed for the future health of this nation,

With that thought in mind I propose to eliminate the public option and move directly to a single payer system. Every man woman and child in America is now covered. The death panels imposed by insurance companies are now history. The Republican party with its all politics all the time persuasion is now history.
The American people don’t give a good god damn about politics they want relief. And they want the ability to too be productive they want and will get care. It has come to the point where this government must lead and take charge. This administration will not bend over backwards to any lobby at the expense of second best.

There is no greater force than an idea whose time has come.

Stay with me on this and we will move forward to a healthier future.