Monday, December 28, 2009

Christianity no longer soothes my soul Now it just pisses me off

Catholic Bishops and Papal authority do not legislate terms in American politics. Catholic nun’s hospitals do not have to be obliged with health care reform decisions. The right wing moral authority is not moral and has no authority in the secular application of political social reform.
Christians can buy politicians with a voting block as easily as a lobbyist can with money. Both corrupt the system with vested interests. We are asked to accept on faith that which is unexplainable, Heaven, Hell, God and miracles, trickle down economic philosophy as well. Religion is big business very big. And must be treated as such, Lobbyists cannot be tax exempt.
For the large part the American people are smart enough to see past the blinders of absurdity this religion has become. America never was a Christian nation it was a mosaic of religious diversity. And now the American Taliban is trying to take over. Well let them try but first they must refute some of their most egregious claims.
In respect of the concept of intelligent design, I saw a five year old boy say that it was ridiculous to suggest the world was only six thousand years old. From GW Bush on down through his born again Christian base this is the bullshit being taught in some schools. This is not good for America.
The {C} street political adulterers would have you believe that they get a pass on adultery because Jesus only wants powerful people in his court. This is another trickle down philosophy that is flawed. Poor people are poor because they lack faith. David Coe and the Christian mafia have been exposed by Jeff Sharlet with his book The Family on Rachel Maddow. However she was the only one in the main steam media who picked up on this. Oh and explore the connection between The Family, and Gays in Uganda being put to death.
One couldn’t overlook the Wasila Alaska prayer warrior and diva of lies. Sarah Palin is a member of The New Apostolic Reformation. This exalted blight on Christianity believes we must expel the witches among us. They also take credit for the death of Mother Teresa and removing the blockage over the Himalaya Mountains that kept prayers from reaching Heaven.
I have not attempted to list all of the new Christian absurdity, there is a lot more, but I do think it necessary that proponents of this faith acknowledge that there are perversions to what you were taught that now go beyond the Bible teachings you grew up with, then extended into radical extremism, and the just plain stupid category, they are now morphing into sedition
The call for pray for Obama Psalm 108/9, Is seditious. This level of intolerance must be stopped, abortion stem cell research are areas beyond religions jurisdiction but free speech is tolerated. Calling for assassination will not be tolerated it should be prosecuted. The entire Christian community should be put on notice, preach religion and do not preach politics. Law making is not your function.
Refute these facts refute the fact that you old time religion has been hijacked and held ransom by mega churches Preachers with private jets and a Jesus who now supports only those with power and influence, a Jesus who no longer believes the Meek shall inherit the earth and Gays are not made in Gods image and that the witches among us must be expelled.
Forgive me but these asshats who spew this vitriolic shit must be taken down a peg or two. America is for all Americans not just those pious self serving wing nuts proclaiming terror in the name of God.
Peace Be With You

Sunday, December 13, 2009

UPDATE ON MARCH 16/09 Super Soft Bust

Back in March I put up a post on how municipalities in British Columbia are subverting the criminal code in order to deal with mom and pop grow ops.
The sole reason for coming to your house is high electrical consumption and possible public safety hazard. Or so they say. The real reason just might be the enhanced cash flow from five thousand dollar inspection fees. In this community alone this reflects approximately one point five to two million dollars bolstered to municipal coffers. However the down side is it has taken twelve to fifteen million out of the community, money that would be spent for the large part right here at home. These are not organized crime enterprises but small operations serving a need. Is this good business? No this is just one more plank in the failing policies of Stephen Harpers Conservative government driving Canada backwards, by allowing fascism to flourish at a municipal level
Canada since the 1973 LeDain commission has been moving progressively towards the subject of harm reduction and decriminalization. Legalization would be the next logical move to fight the criminal aspect of prohibition. No mandatory sentencing for growing pot. There is no scientific evidence to support the many myths used by government to enact the kind of legislation proposed by Stephen Harper. He is taking a page from the American sentencing guidelines and that page is flawed. Last year America prosecuted over six hundred thousand citizens for simple possession alone. How sick is that? This is not a manufactured product like alcohol or tobacco, this is a simple herb that grows in the ground. Nothing insidious about this, no addiction like alcohol or tobacco, in fact this plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Big pharmaceutical companies in Canada lobbies against its usefulness.
I believe that is time for the Canadian people to take back their country from this conservative quackery, cut the moralizing bullshit and express their outrage at a Government that still follows the dictates of George W bush. We as Canadians must wake up to the fact that Stephen Harper is working for the same big business interests as his American BFF war criminal counterpart. We must say this is unacceptable, and demand change.
This post has been all about marijuana and the need for a more liberal and sensible approach to dealing with this subject. It is obvious to me that Government is out of control over the edge and picking up speed. Canada because of this Conservative Government is now being vilified on many fronts including Copenhagen, and the TAR SANDS lets get real. For most Canadians the options are out there Liberal NDP and Green party must instead of splitting up the vote come together to rid us of this conservative menace. Lets put this country back on track as a world leader working for the Canadian people and let business fend for itself.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The party crashers Michele and Tareq Salahi need to be prosecuted. They knowingly went where they were not invited. The secret service is culpable in this intrusion and needs to set an example and most definitely correct the inadequacy that allowed this to happen.
I am not giving the SS a pass on this but I will say that this protection unit is overworked and under employed. With a reported four hundred percent increase in the threat level with this President there has not been the same increase in security for this man. The security service should not be covering their asses over this incident they should be employed covering the Presidents against the likes of radical right wing religious extremists. Who as Frank Schaeffer from Huffington Post when interviewed by Rachel Maddow stated “they are out there trolling for assassins“.
The religious right know no boundaries and as such step over the line on all issues they see as being mandated by God. Any attempt by these extremists to usurp the Administration and legislative process should be viewed with a practiced eye as to their method of demanding changes. This whole suggestion of praying for President Obama Psalm 108/9 needs severe scrutiny. There needs to be a push back from the secret service authority on this kind of overt threat.
Posted earlier this week on The Existentialist Cowboy a post titled Limbaugh commits prosecutable treason, you must read this to understand the extent and nature of threat that is coming the way of President Obama. As long as the Republican un authorized spin machine is allowed to get away with the kind of distortions put forward by he likes of Limbaugh, Beck and others the greater the threat becomes these spokes people have an audience that believe this rhetoric and think themselves patriotic enough to act in violent ways
One final admonition for the secret service, the threats to your President are real. You can believe the last President you lost was as a result of a lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, but believe this at your own peril and at the peril of President Obama. History does repeat itself!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Republicans didn’t back your bailout plans. The republicans have not given one vote of consent for health care reform. Instead they think you should put off that effort until next year so you can have more time to prosecute the war. The Republicans will give you unanimous support for that. Is this resonating Mr. President? Something is wrong.
Both Michael Moore and Keith Olberman have come out in the last 24 hours with brilliant comments on why your decision to add thirty thousand troops is wrong. The reasons for being there in the first place are not valid. You may be looking forward but you have blinders on. You cannot afford to listen to these military advisers and defy your own good judgment and common sense. The people who elected you wanted change this is not a decision that they can believe in, this is more off the same.
The Military Industrial Complex is something very powerful and must be feared, they have shown there might since the assassination of JFK. But at some point a leader must stand up and say this is not a problem with a military solution but a diplomatic one. The Taliban pose no threat to America whatsoever. Osama Bin Laden is probably dead and his cave dwelling followers are down to about one hundred individuals This seems like poor value at one million dollars for each of the thirty thousand soldiers being sent. THIRY BILLION MORE DOLLARS. Not a good idea!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The American people don’t give a rats rectum whether it gets passed with 51 or 60 votes, just get it on his desk by year end. Quit conceding to those Democrats with vested interests, concede nothing to any Republican demand, and quit watering it down, make it more robust.
Not one Republican is worth your time, or to put it more succinctly not one Republican is working in American best interest. You Harry are working for us. Now get your shit together and quit dithering, you all the time tell us why it can’t be done, no more excuses. Show us how you are going to do it. The sooner the better as there are other large fish to fry on that senate hot plate.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I n 1998 China retook control of Hong Kong from the British. That moment was monumental as far as world financial markets were concerned, and at that time something that struck me as very significant was that China granted a fifty year option to do business as usual. Hong Kong didn’t need to change.
Fifty years that doesn’t seem possible for a country or a government to think that far ahead or make a concession that far into the future. But then China is not you average country nor is it the backward communist country you thought it was. China is a work in progress, China preps itself to become more than significant in the twenty first century financially culturally and as a voice that speaks reasonably
In a book titled ’’The Way And It’s Power” A Study Of The Tao Te Ching And It’s Place In Chinese Thought by Arthur Waley the author states,
“The rulers duty then {and every Chinese philosophy is formulated not as an abstract theory but as an art of ruling}
This is not some backward nation that needs to be put in place because of human rights violations this is a nation that needs to be better understood. China has progressed naturally and dramatically it doesn’t need any preconceived imperialist democracy it needs to keep doing what it has been doing and what is making China work as well as it does. China has earned the worlds respect. Give China the respect it deserves.
President Obama bowed to show respect to his hosts, and it is my firm belief that Chinese leaders are able to recognize substance with this President as opposed to the bumbling fool who couldn’t find the door during the last Presidential visit. A new era in Chinese American understanding is possible. No more my way or the highway, cowboy diplomacy, the real deal is now in play. Expect that President Obama is going to be as well thought of on this Asian trip as he has been every where he has gone. He is restoring Americas credibility by recognizing the traditional respect given, by bowing and being genuine.
China wonders about Americas impermanence, President Obama will only be here another seven years. Then who do they deal with, and how?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


With a trial in New York city seeking the death penalty of five co conspirators America is about to show the world there is no truth or Justice in this American way.

Some very nifty investigative skills will be shown as to how and why these five men are all guilty as hell and why they should be put to death. But to my mind if the Investigative skills of the FBI ,CIA, NSA, ATF and all other organizations overlook the inside job facts and not pursue these perpetrators and attempt to bring them to justice America takes one giant step backwards.

Last evening I watched President Obama speaking in Tokyo he was very well received he has been well received every where he has ever gone. His policies and pronouncements indicate he is very much looking forward. You Mr. Holder should have his back and by that I mean be looking backward. You sir are the head of the Justice Department and as such have access to more information than I do, And I have access to more than enough information to indicate that the 9/11 commission was fatally flawed. It was a cover up plain and simple.

I can much appreciate that you would be scared shitless to go after the real conspirators, as only very powerful men could engineer such a monumental event, however you have no choice. The conviction and execution of these five men will not bring closure to this issue too many undeniable facts stand in the way. This trial will be a circus, you will not be the ring master but the clown. I urge you strongly Mr. Holder do not force the public to accept the 9/11 Commission as being the final answer. It is up to you to start investigating these undeniable facts.

No more cover ups.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Someone in Washington has kidnapped Jesus and is perverting his teachings. Politicians and people in powerful positions are being recruited to this perversion, known as the ‘The Family’
As the right wing religious movement asserts itself with ever increasing absurdity, this movement sometimes called the Christian Mafia should be called out for what it is not. It is not a religion, it is not a movement for the masses, it is a corruption of theology for the accumulation of power, politics and corporate dominance

Who among us want to believe that politicians like Ensign, Sanford and Pickering all members of the Family and living at that questionable “C” street house were anointed by God? These men should not get a pass on adultery, or ethics violations, these men have been elected on family values platforms and don’t have them. Their misguided political bent is to the corporate destruction of all things regulated by government. They believe that the poor are poor because of disobedience to God, and that they are all powerful because they are chosen by God. How sick is this?

Will Jesus ever trickle down to we the people again or is this profoundly arrogant organization going to control the message. I am not a big fan of the current forms of Christianity and the way it is promoted. It is troubling to see and hear so many different variations of unquestionable truth. It is more than troubling to see former political hopefuls like Palin attempting to expel the witches among us through the New Apostolic Revolution. The greater the organization of these movements the weirder they become.

To my mind the greatest work of fiction ever written is the Bible. Remember Jesus wrote nothing, the Bible was composed by scribes two to three hundred years after the event. But if you are looking for wisdom solace or comfort you will find it. Trust that by reading you will get what you need, it is not necessary to ask anyone for clarification. The truth you find will be your own.

Peace be with you

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I knew there was a word in the Muslim world for a ten year treaty this is the word. If ever America is ever going to reclaim the country from military involvement in wars of aggression for corporate reasons now is the time .
President Obama must now wrest control of the military, from the military by reframing the argument from military might to diplomatic reasoning. This war was not won by the Soviets and is not going to be won with another forty thousand or eighty thousand troops. This war is not going to be won. It is an endless war.
It would make more sense to declare a cease fire, a cease and desist, on terrorist activities and discuss our differences. I know this is naïve, and any Commander in Chief who would attempt it would be absolutely branded as soft on security and terror. Unless this flag was run up the pole by say a man who had just won the Nobel Peace prize and was actually seen by the world at large to be genuine in his desire to make peace not war.
President Obama did not start this war. This was a gift from the previous administration, you do remember the Bush Chaney Rumsfeld cabal of oil industry war mongers. Iraq was about oil, Afghanistan Pakistan oil pipeline. Same old story same tail trying to wag a different dog. Different dog Commander in Chief Obama better show his teeth when Generals go off the reservation and go public with security reports recommendations and requests making the war political. Generals who do this are forgetting the primary military rule ‘chain of command’ .American foreign policy is not set by any other body than the Executive branch. And the Commander in chief.
To a military hammer everything looks like a nail let warriors be warriors when necessary and let statesmen make that determination. The war is winding down in Iraq. The time is now to wind down the entire middle east. This can be done .
The net roots of America got Barrack Obama’s back and got him elected President of the United States of America. The people of America have made him do what is right with health care reform now make him do what is the proper thing to do in the middle east. Quit the wars of aggression.
Hudna an a Arabic term meaning a temporary truce or armistice as well as calm or quiet This could be a ten year moratorium of peace while we step back and review our points of view and places in the world. Attempting To salve down our political, theological cultural differences and embrace our potential for twenty first century human development. HUDNA

Saturday, October 24, 2009


In 1961 when Dwight D Eisenhower was leaving office he made a very profound statement about the rise of the military industrial complex gaining control of power. He was right.
JFK saw that this was happening and did attempt to do something about it trying to smash the CIA into a million pieces, curtail the secret societies, and reign in the Federal Reserve bank. Well we all know the end of this story only too well. The American people lost big time, not only a President but the ultimate control of its own destiny through elected representation. A good man was assassinated because he was a threat to corporate interests by being a man of the people.
So through several election cycles we had a changing face of government ,Democrat Republican each giving us the illusion of democracy, while silently in the background the military industrial complex took hold along with corporate greed to wrest control away from we the people.
Aided and abetted by two Bush presidencies both of which were corrupt and criminal in their background history and secret society affiliations, Americas greatness was in decline Americas prestige as world leader was now seen for what it had become. A nation being built on lies a nation that needs war to fuel it’s economy will never run out of enemies.
The tragedy of 9/11 was not that nineteen Saudis with box cutters took down the twin towers, the tragedy is that a lot of Americans subscribe to this lie. Most of the world knows better. There are two big lies that must be exposed, and both include the Bush family. Herbert walker Bush was in the CIA and in Dallas when JFK was assassinated. Russ Baker in his book Family of Secrets makes this point abundantly clear. George W Bush being the President on 9/11 has never allowed the truth be told because this was the Pearl Harbor event needed to forge the Project for a New American Century.
The Bush family ties coupled with Reganomics and banking interests have led to the financial pile of shit that greeted President Obama at the door to the white house. The Bush family ties to the CIA and the military industrial complex, oil industry, etc. etc. have led to the military pile of shit that now must be shoveled.
Health care is now the number one domestic priority, get this done and the people will be happy. President Obama will have taken a big bite out of the ass of the insurance lobby. Now he has time to stand up to the Pentagon and the generals who attempt to paint him into the corner, by demanding troop increases, no giant smashing into a million pieces steps small ones demanding diplomacy and dialogue an new direction of talking to the enemy
I don’t have all the answers but I do know what is broken must be fixed. I do know that the world is watching and it likes what it sees. This man will make a difference at home and abroad. And I say with a great deal of respect that he urged the Republicans to grab a mop they didn’t do it. Now I urge America to pick up a shovel and help him clean out the shit.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hardin Montana needs to snap it’s elastic and ask what the Fuck were we thinking? A public private police system is probably good for the corporate side but not so much for the public.
The American Police Force should never in any jurisdiction, ever be allowed. Law and order is not a for profit endeavor. I cant even concieve of a police authority that would put corporate fealty before public safety.
Some things cannot be privatized Police protection is one of them. This is an insane concept as are mercinaries instead of military. Conservatives keep screaming socialism, but I am here to tell you socialism is not near the enemy of America as corporate fascists with guns. Beware!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My fellow Americans since coming to office in January of this year we as a party have tried a bipartisan approach to problem solving. The Republicans have not responded to any attempts of bipartisanship and have just consistently said NO. It would seem that the opposition is more determined to take me down than lift the country up and move it forward.
That is the politics of old the GOP have been invited to the party if they don’t want to dance so be it. Neither the Republican party or the Insurance industry are needed for the future health of this nation,

With that thought in mind I propose to eliminate the public option and move directly to a single payer system. Every man woman and child in America is now covered. The death panels imposed by insurance companies are now history. The Republican party with its all politics all the time persuasion is now history.
The American people don’t give a good god damn about politics they want relief. And they want the ability to too be productive they want and will get care. It has come to the point where this government must lead and take charge. This administration will not bend over backwards to any lobby at the expense of second best.

There is no greater force than an idea whose time has come.

Stay with me on this and we will move forward to a healthier future.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


At last Fridays press announcement something that struck me was Sarah’s pronouncement of faith then family in her order of what is important. Much has already been made of just what in Gods name she is doing. Speculation ranges from impending criminal charges to tell all books by Levi Johnston and the parenthood of Trig.

It is now time for my take on what Sarah is doing .Sarah is a prayer warrior and part of the New Apostolic Reformation. This movement is attempting to overtake government, and increase membership by recruiting from the more orthodox forms of Christianity. To say the least this movement is on the fringe of absurdity. But that doesn’t stop it from growing. Prayer warriors take credit for expelling the witches among us, the death Mother Theresa, and removal of the blockage on mount Everest that kept Catholic and Muslim prayer from reaching heaven.

Last October Sarah was on James Dobson’s radio show where she thanked prayer warriors for their help. And now Dobson wants to step down from his Focus on the Family. Is Sarah going to step up to the plate? Will she try to bring together the ten million Christian voters into the circle of her political ambition? This certainly would be a higher calling.

Am I way out of line here or more importantly what do you think?

Monday, June 22, 2009


As America wrestles with Health Care reform and the mind boggling assortment of lies distortions half truths, promises denials and lobbying efforts by big business interests. Let me be clear America deserves nothing less than a Public Option health care system. America does not need insurance it needs a Government that cares about the health of its citizens

In Feb 1972 our first child was born. A boy healthy at first but when he was six weeks old he started projectile vomiting and unable to keep down milk. Diagnoses and emergency surgery indication pyloric stenosis a muscle surrounding the bowel is cutting off the flow. He is as healthy as a horse and 37 years old. After having received emergency surgery.

July 1973 boy number two was born. No problems till he started experiencing ear aches and specialist treatments were required. He grew out of the problems he had and except from a broken arm at gym class and multiple road rashes from skate boarding. Look at him now.

December 1976 darling daughter made it here kicking and screaming and changing lives forever. All was well until she was two and a half and got meningitis. Because our system works as well as it does she was diagnosed and on treatment within two hours of seeing a Dr. She was twenty one days in hospital and recovered fully

The total cost to my family for all the above birth, surgery, and critical care eighty dollars for ambulance service getting daughter to children’s hospital.
I can’t even begin to describe all the myriad issues around the growing years, but the cost of health care was never a real issue. The cost was contained it was affordable and universal when ever a Dr. ordered a test or procedure it was done without cost, and as much haste as emergency required

On Feb 14 1996 breast cancer demanded my wife have a radical mastectomy, chemo therapy followed along with radiation. This trilogy Wendy tagged as hack, poison, and burn. An apt description, but it did save her life. And instead of bankrupting this family it cost us nothing beyond our health care premium.

America is poised to make the most significant change it will ever make. This change will not only heal the sick it will empower the Nation. When the middle class and poorest people in the nation are no longer threatened with financial ruin by being sick or in need of critical care imagine the possibilities. When business is no longer hampered with high cost insurance and has a choice with a program that won’t cripple them then small business will flourish.

On Wednesday evening President Obama will speak to the nation on this subject listen to him and disregard the naysayer’s disregard the insurance lobby and blue dogs and republicans in the pocket of big business. Listen to the President get his back and push him in the direction he wants to go. This is the single most important reform issue in America today. Make it happen!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Health Insurance Reform HEALTH CARE REVOLUTION

The major corporations have run America long enough. This is the single most important issue in America today. Corporations do determine who lives and who dies. The medical insurance concept is fatally flawed. I sure hope these insurance companies had insurance for what is about to happen next.

REVOLUTION must come in some form of public option. REVOLUTION must come from the people demanding this of the politicians they elected. If a politician wishes to display corporate allegiance, over constituents needs, deal with him in a democratic manner. If a politician wishes to display allegiance to constituents need before corporate benefactors, applaud them loudly. Above all America get involved make a noise about this issue. CORPORATIONS have no conscience. The government is responsible “To We the People” Trust but verify at the polls.

I am Canadian. I have a Personal Care Card good anywhere in Canada. This card is part of my national ID good for national voting requirements, my plan is compulsory as I live in this country. No one in Canada is refused treatment or denied access to medical needs for any reason. My coverage does not include optometry or dental but I can live with that. My prescription drugs are not covered either but remember Americans were buying drugs up here online at a very much reduced rate. The Pharmaceutical companies can sell drugs for less and still make money

On Sunday morning I was not watching CNN, but it was on, I saw John King sitting in a diner interviewing some people on this issue of reform. One woman there stated she paid fifteen hundred dollars a month for insurance. That is incomprehensible to me. Eighteen thousand dollars a year involuntary whoreism, somebody getting rich someone getting screwed.

It is being reported today at That one hundred and nineteen million who have health insurance would switch to a public option if you couple that with the forty million people who don’t have insurance then half of America will welcomes this REVOLUTION.

The fallout from the HEALTH CARE Revolution will sew the seeds of social reform for years to come imagine a reduction in cost from fifteen hundred dollars a month fifty four dollars a month Canadian? You must push back against the Insurance, Pharmaceutical lobby Take off the gloves and make politicians do what is right for all the people START THE HEALH CARE REVOLUTION IN A VENUE CLOSE TO HOME AND START IT NOW.
Your life does depend on it!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Mr. Inhofe President Obama is on America’s side. That would be the side of decency, openness, common sense, diplomacy, truth. The restoration of America’s standing in the world and an outreach that extends from Europe to Asia and now the entire Arab world. You don’t understand that because you are a Republican and these truths are not self evident to those who still think George and Dick rule the word.

America is now moving forward. The past is past, the present is but a moment, the future is all there is. That future now holds promise for all Americans not just corporate friends and special interest groups of the Bush base. Not just the elite and richest one or two percent of the country. Those days are over. Yours and your party’s days are numbered as well unless the hate and vitriolic rhetoric are toned down. Your base did well during the Bush administration. It was the people your constituents that suffered.

Quit saying NO, quit trying to be significant with absurdity. Try common ground. Your party has left a great big hole in the ground financially and morally the country is not better off under the stewardship of the Republicans. The Republican day in the sun is over. Grow up move on and be a part of the solution for as it is you are the problem. Which side will you be on?

Monday, June 1, 2009


{I am now officially pissed off.}
When the murder of Dr. Tiller who I never heard of until today, becomes the target of domestic terrorism from the religious community and their misguided principals over an issue of settled law and common sense. I say the gloves are off for any and all that condone this form of violence. The so called religious community is more in keeping with radical extremism than any religion I know.

When did the Christians first become so militant? That murder in the name of God was necessary was the word of God flawed? What the fuck ever happened to tolerance understanding and decency is this religion so insecure that those opponents to theological dogma be murdered? Is this the pronunciation of the GOP rather than the GOD? How do we of reason allow this to happen? The hate mongers among us must be stopped dead in their tracks. This is terrorism no other word fits. Terrorism murder and religion are not and should not be compatible but they are.

Are you trying to tell me that Jesus would condone this? Who are you people that this behavior becomes acceptable? This is not the Christian enclave I grew up in!!.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have been rather forward in my criticisms of America of late so at this time I would like to take a page from Bill Clintons book and state “ there is more right with America than what is wrong “. I say America is not a melting pot it is a mosaic. It is a work in progress. The best is yet to come.

The next SCOTUS appointment is going to go to critical mass, with America’s ability separate the secular necessity of governance from the demands of a very vocal and narrow religious minority. America is not a Christian Nation. It is a nation of Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Native American, and all others that I do not slight by omission.

With these thoughts in mind ignore the Evangelicals ignore the Catholic Bishops in trying to influence settled law in America ignore their influence in all matters scientific. Religious views hold no credibility, in politics, and any political party that jumps on their bandwagon deserves to be ignored as well

The next appointment to the Supreme court will be the litmus test to what President Obama has called “empathy“. The next appointment will not be required to follow the dictates of unitary executive privilege, but conscience and common sense will be prerequisites. As well as adherence to the constitution and the rule of law.

In Canada we call it the loyal opposition in America the opposition is less loyal to the common good and much more up front its loyalty to party politics and lobbyist demands and in the case of Republicans loyalty, to the demands of the religious right. You can bet your bottom dollar they will attempt to derail any and all nominations for reasons of absurdity. Do Not Let Them.

The person President Obama puts forward will not be another Harriet Myers, no plant to extend his personal agenda, the nominee will be a qualified person able to view the nation and the people’s best interests and act on those interests with impartiality and reason.

All good legal minds welcome. No more Federalists need apply!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In British Columbia today is Election Day. We voted by marking an X beside our candidate of choice on a paper ballot. By tonight late we will know which party will form the new government. There is a paper trail and no Norm Coleman bullshit shenanigans will be allowed. This is good.

I started this web site in Oct 2008 and as you all know following is an important aspect of getting your thoughts and ideas out there. One of the first people who picked me up was Marain at and to her I would like to say You should have seen the look on my butchers face this morning when I asked for a piece of veal to follow my girlfriend in Austria’s recipe for Wiener Schnitzel. I’ll let you know how this works out.
T o Annette at just my little piece of the world thank you for stopping by as often as you do feed back is important. The honesty about yourself as outlined in your award for Honest Scrap was inspiring. A suggestion for you five word webby acceptance speech, “Annette Say’s Keep on Trucking“.
To enigma4ever at Watergate summer I haven’t seen you for a few say does that mean that 6 6,s daddy is still visiting? Most of the time I just get emotional when I play your music any way. See you soon.
Jude Cowell at Stars over Washington posts often about the astrological significance of the day and the people who are making headlines. But it is the kind of philosophical post she has up today that tweaks me the most. “better to trust the many”.
All these bloggers inspire me with their abilities and different perspectives the thing I like best is that they always flog their own agenda and not for profit but for the common good.
Last on my list of shout outs today is MadAsHellLiberal KS who wants to change the fact that countless millions of Americans are without health care. KS has urged me to speak again about Canada’s system and its ability to cover every citizen from cradle to grave. The poor will always be among us so let’s start there. I am starting to see more and more homeless and down and out all the time when these people are in distress on the street an ambulance will pick them up and they are given the same treatment as any one else. They probably aren’t paying premiums but the social issues, and medical ethics of cause no harm far outweigh the financial burden imposed
Every Canadian citizen is more or less obliged to have a Care Card, I can already hear the howls of protest from the conservative elements as to how socialist and big brother like that would be in America. It is neither it is common sense and necessary for both billing and medical history. You are already part of a very large data base for less noble reasons. The ten provinces in Canada are all funded to a degree by the Federal government in a form and format beyond this bloggers ability to understand. And YES our TAXES are higher than yours in order to pay for all we have. Now follow me here because I may be wrong but aren’t your health Insurance costs upward to one thousand dollars a month for a family? My personal cost is $54.00/mth a family of ten $540.00/ month. About half what you pay now can your taxes go up and you still be better off? Short answer yes. Don’t bank on the figures for cost as I have laid out because when I don’t know I just make it up.
This I do know our system is not perfect but it is a work in progress and you would be well advised to make your elected officials settle for nothing less than a hard look north of the border at something that does work. GOOD LUCK

Friday, May 8, 2009


I never thought I would ever say the Republicans have this right. If this is their talking point if this is their message it parallels mine. I am a Canadian and with the single payer system we have in Canada that is the case. The system America has with insurance companies, accountants and lawyers do come in between Dr. and patient to rule on the fine print of those insurance policies.
With my single payer Canadian plan if my Dr. Wants tests I get tests, if he says in the Hospital now, I am in. The point I make is this, when it comes to health care the Dr.’s make the decisions not bureaucrats not lawyers or accountants.
Don’t let the Republicans frame the message of government coming between patient and Dr. It won’t happen. The very thing that is wrong with the health insurance industry is wrong now. The profit component is what puts cost out of reach of millions of Americans. The public option must not be denied. This is not business as usual but the unusual business of common sense and putting people before corporate interests.

There is very good post on this subject over at Daily Kos STAND THE F***.UP.
By buhdyharma who states much more elegantly than I, the position that needs to be taken in order to get this done, go read this post and follow his lead.

It is not up to the President to do this for you it is up to you to make him do it. The American people must become proactive, dissidents at committee meeting get a splash in the media and that helps, but to go after elected officials and make known the fact that their future re election depends on the moral imperative of health care for every American. Stay at it and settle for nothing less, this is the greatest opportunity you are ever going to get! 1

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Jeb has surfaced and is attempting to be significant. The entire Republican Party is attempting to be significant. Well the news I have for Republicans is this keep throwing the BUSH factor into play and watch your significant effort disappear.
The Grand Old Party is old. It cannot be renewed with the old Bush family. The country has come to a new understanding as to who works for them and who works as corporate whores. The republicans are desperate for a makeover trying to distance themselves from the bad name previous administration. And how do they do that? They bring in the former Presidents kid brother and try and tell you what a great man this is look at how credible he is as he stands up there with Rush Limbaugh and redefines America in a Pizza joint.
Never give a sucker an even break, and never underestimate the enemy. Jeb Bush getting any kind of media traction is the enemy of America’s best interest. The Bush family has already displayed its agendas through two failed Presidencies and three unnecessary wars collapse of the economy and more lies secrecy and law breaking than a law abiding society can handle.
JEB is a BUSH he is not credible. His big brother George W could be indicted for war crimes, his father Herbert Walker should be reexamined about the JFK assassination and his Grandfather Prescott well his banking for Hitler should tell you all you need to know.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I am not an American so I see what you see. Sincerity, common sense, integrity, and on the world stage Diplomacy has now been restored. America now extends its hand in friendship to the world. The Obama administration has done more in 100 days than GWB was able to destroy in eight years. George tried hard but failed.
I believe Hugo Chavez said the stench has left this room, would you care to read this book which speaks to my concerns? And your leader said thank you Sir I would be delighted. Today I saw Fidel Castro with some female American politician and Fidel was wearing an American lapel pin. THIS IS PROGRESS.
Cowboy bullshit politics are over for good, the real deal is in play and it is working. The American people made a good choice when it overwhelmingly elected President Obama. Nothing less than the world depended on it. Now I would like to see that hand extended in another direction, Al Qaeda. Time Out. Let’s talk. Would that make sense?
The president of the United States of America can talk to whoever he wants and it is not wrong. The president must not torture the American people by failing to right the International wrongs of the Bush administration. The war in Iraq pissed of a whole lot of people in the Middle East no wonder they do what is necessary to preserve their culture heritage and lives in the face of Americas failed Imperialist attempt.
America will never give up the big stick, it will continue with a carrot and stick approach on some occasions, but to the world at large I say this The Obama administration is listening, and a new agenda has been set and that agenda is in the worlds best interest.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


If ever there was a politician to whom term limits should apply it would be Senator Arlen Specter. This man launched his career on the most egregious lie ever told to the American people. The magic bullet that killed JFK. It was Arlen Specter who argued his absurd theory to hide the truth of 11/22/63. It was his theory that kept a conspiracy out of the investigation. That day in Dallas was the day truth ended.
And now Senator Specter is in political trouble and his only hope for survival is to switch parties, admittedly he was once a Democrat and is now being welcomed into the fold again as the 60th vote needed for a filibuster proof senate. I say use him; get his vote wherever you can. Abuse him by forcing his vote when reluctant to embrace party lines, and then loose him when a real Democrat comes up against him in the primaries.
This man is a self serving political hack and deserves no real place in a Government dedicated to truth and change in Washington he would be an embarrassment. Senator Specter is now seventy nine years old and has cancer. How much energy and support for re election should be given him? None by my estimation,
This man should go quietly into retirement, write a book and tell the truth about the JFK cover up. Nothing this man ever did in his career comes close to being as important as that initial lie.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I know the American people like to jest about Canadians and the great white north. And on a lot of issues they are correct and we laugh with you. As a Canadian we get a few laughs from other than Jay Leno. But humor aside HEALTH REFORM in your country is no laughing matter.
This is the single most important way of correcting the economic crisis facing America today. If done properly. The lobbyists are going into overtime in trying to maintain the status quo. But remember they are health insurance and not health care, ‘they don’t care’ they insure. They insure a profit for themselves at the cost of a loss to you. They will not go away nor should they; they should have to compete with a new mandatory individual government run single payer plan.
Look north friends and see a health care system that if you copied would drive the economy. I am single and pay fifty four dollars a month. I am covered for all Dr. Visits, all tests, hospital stays, surgery. Not covered for drugs, but a means test means I pay less. Not covered for dental or optometry, but I can LIVE with that.
There is no one in Canada denied treatment for a preexisting disease and no one dies for lack of treatment, or because their insurance ran out. Medical ethics. And common sense, the moral issue of all people being equal under the health care system sets this country apart.
Catastrophic medical emergency will thrust thousands in America into bankruptcy, I have seen family insurance costs at anywhere between seven and twelve thousand dollars per year. If this is accurate, compare the fifty four dollar per individual cost in Canada and see the saving when the profit motive is taken away. The savings aren’t just in money but in the peace of mind knowing that the system cares. You are relieved of one of the most troubling burdens you have had up till now. The cash in your pocket is much more dynamic than that same cash going to insurance company profit.
You have one big chance to make this happen President Obama has made overtures to making health care a filibuster proof vote, so get you fingers working through the net roots and demand your elected officials enact GOVERNMENT RUN SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE. And when you get it we will all laugh at the Republican Party who just doesn’t get it.
Get the Presidents back and make him go the whole nine yards.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Make Pirates into Revenuers!!

Forgive me if I am wrong but Somalia is an impoverished nation is it not? Today in Washington General Petrais suggested that ships traveling the area have armed guards. Now that would be military mans response.
Did you know that this impoverished country has had European biological waste wash up on its shores? Did you know that people were getting sick because of it? Were you aware of the fact that the fisheries this country has always depended on are gone?
Somalia has the right to monitor the passage of ships through waters that affect her. PIRACY is not the way. The knee jerk media response to these acts certainly attract viewers but do not inform them about why piracy is needed, Somalia is a cry for help
I don’t know where pirate money goes, but if it were to go to the public coffers I would suggest a government sponsored safe passage tariff to get through this troubled areas waters.
A fee is not inappropriate considering the alternative cost of a retinue of armed guards, or interrupted journeys and huge ransoms. And diplomatically while we are engaging with Somalia perhaps help could be given in finding out just who in the hell is responsible for the toxic waste dumping.
A more compassionate response must be available from America than military might, warships, and snipers I would hope that as we read this someone is working diplomatically for a solution.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


The net roots are pushing and it is being felt. President Obama is being pushed in the direction he knows he needs to go. He wants we the people to make him go in that direction. Some bloggers are saying they think of him as being very cagey to create the impression that he is forced to investigate the torturers. President Obama has not made any mistakes and he is making headway.
I think under the circumstances of what was most crucial to taking the reigns of governance the fact that he has made these statements of intent on torture in his first one hundred days in office speaks to the importance he places on the rule of law. The presidents overtures to bipartisanship indicates this is not a witch hunt and that he personally is not playing politics with this issue. The ball is in Holders court let him deal with it in a PROPER fashion and a timely one
Keep the pressure on Eric holder for a special prosecutor, no more commissions 9/11 was a commission and there was no truth and no prosecutions. A special prosecutor and keep the house and senate inquiries to a minimum this should not be a political issue it is a legal issue Now more than ever in the past the truth must be told. This subject on the authorization of torture is not an in house America first issue, this an international criminal court issue. The world is watching this must be done right.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


In his latest novel David Balldacci spins a very plausible scenario involving the manipulation of print journalism and the media. Of course it is an arms contractor all part of the Military Industrial complex, and in the end bloggers save the day. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
It wasn’t until the book was finished and I was reading the author’s note that I flashed on the horror of what the book had described as PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT. Up until this reading I was not aware of this term, Baldacci gives a definition that becomes familiar and chilling at the same time.
Perception Management is a term defined in Dept of Defense manuals and taken seriously. Public relations firms that practice PM are not spin doctors they create the big lie they create the truth and sell it to the world as the truth.
This concept is not new and in doing a simple Wikipedia check came up with more information than I personally want to try and digest. However it seems the CIA has been actively engaged in dispensing lies about events in America for along time. The murder of JFK is one example. I found this item by Preston Peet[]. One CIA document from April 1967 released under FOIA advised due to growing disbelief in the Warren Commission conclusions that Oswald was the lone assassin. Certain steps should be taken to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of conspiracy theorists. Employ propaganda assets to answer and refute attacks of critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.
To see just how big that lie was go over to and read his post The Origins of Illegitimacy Fatal Flaws that sink the Warren Commission. I don’t for one minute believe that was the beginning of PM and I can only wonder just how deep this propaganda effort goes? Who holds the reins of this horseshit? One must assume that the CIA the military, and the military industrial complex are wagging the dog and creating their own truth, for there own interests. Let’s examine these facts and like David Baldacci in his book The Whole Truth have BLOGGERS save the day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Will Rogers is reported to have said about politicians “by the time they get to Washington they forget who the hired hand is” Your politicians aren’t listening to you. You wanted an end to the Iraq war, you wanted impeachment you wanted the truth about 9/11, and most importantly you wanted change, that you got. Now where is it?
The Iraq war is winding down or at least the administrations views and wishes are being worked on. It can safely be said that impeachment is off the table .However Mr. Holder is coming to dinner and the table talk will center on appointing a special prosecutor. Now keep up the pressure, but don’t hold your breath on 9/11 this is not the final word.
A Special Prosecutor is so necessary in these incredible times as the people see torturers not even being investigated abuses against civil liberties no investigation, illegal wiretaps justice dept wrongdoings the list goes on and on. No Investigation no Prosecution No Justice No Change at the rarefied higher levels of politics.
Marijuana users are appearing in a court house near you as I write this. How wrong is that? A victimless crime does time, Politicians get a free ride on being accountable and then they get a pension. Users get a record. Your tax dollars are being spent on keeping you under control, and in jail and in the poor house. All at the same time.
Earlier today I found a post at
If Americans don’t push for it, there will Be No Accountability for Bush's Crimes
And near the end of that post I found this
Meanwhile, the accountability ball is now in the court of those who want to press the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor. To make that happen, there must be a concerted show of political will. Remember what Obama said: "It's not up to me, it's up to you."
I think he means us the owners, we the people I think he means we have to redirect the hired hands to our bidding and make him do it!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Slow News Days

So why are print papers failing? Could it be they don’t report the news and don’t work worth shit for carrying water? Now that newspapers and TV and radio are so intertwined, maybe the printed paper should go the way of the future. That would be good for the environment, but bad for wrapping fish. The water carrying heavy lifting media will be TV, it’s sexier and sex sells. The corporate media has a very ripe environment with the openness of the current administration. No slow news days. The problem lies in the fact that the public gets to see the true message as spoken by the President, and he is open and enticing in his argument. The corporate message is only spin.
Notice how the mainstream press was excluded from questions during an historic press conference? Notice the slap in the head Ed Henry got? Notice the buckets being carried by the likes of John King And Mr. Independent Lou Dobbs? America is being short changed by watching CNN, Fox and all the other networks, if they think they are getting the news.
Notice the point of greatest importance The internet and independent Bloggers this is where the real news can be found you can access British ,Australian , Arabic or most of the worlds most respected news agencies. Cheaper than purchasing one newspaper .Then you get the news.
Notice as well that this is where President Obama brought together millions of Americans and enough millions of dollars ten, twenty, fifty bucks at a time to defeat the absurdly rich Republican election machine. We the people have a voice and it is here in the blogessphere we the people have a research tool at our fingertips that can help us separate the bullshit from the buckwheat.
So why do we need newspapers? When the TRUTH is out here and it is just a GOOGLE away!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Marijuana His Answer was Correct The Question was Wrong

It won’t save the economy or stimulate it. But the social issue of harm reduction philosophy is something perhaps the President would explore. You weren’t blown off Green Machine your question just wasn’t framed in a way that would allow the President to come aboard.
How about this, Mr. President would you advocate the growing of hemp as a way to again establish a known valuable product line to the flagging agricultural sector? This product alone deserves to be put back in service as it has been removed for no good reason. That being said Sir Hemp can stimulate the economy. It can’t stimulate man.
From a social viewpoint the legalization of marijuana would eliminate the arrest of about eight hundred thousand Americans annually. It would eliminate the needless incarceration of hundreds of thousands of victimless crimes. Surely all sections of the legal community are overworked, police officers who are forced to deal with possession are not dealing with much more pressing police matters. The court system should not be wasting it’s time and public money on these prosecutions. Most importantly the stigma of arrest and criminal record would no longer impede the employment of otherwise normal hard working Americans. This green plant is not going to go away it is going to be an issue you, Sir are going to have to deal with it. Now get back to saving the economy and think about how you could spend very little and save whole lot more!! Making seventy million Americans happy at the same time.
WE can revisit this question at another town hall.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Every peon on the planet knows that you build everything from the bottom up. Except for the star of the movie “Bedtime for Bonzo”. Imagine Ronald Reagan as a College professor attempting to teach a chimp human morals, and solve the age old question of nurture vs. nature. Well shit if you can do this!!
This would obviously qualify Mr. Reagan to become President of the United States of America, and reinvent the concept of building by some trickling down theory, man this guy is good like a god. Not unlike his movie we all became his monkey. We the people were subjected to some very perverted economics, while those the very rich did very good.
Well that was then and this is now, the old order changes On Nov. 4th 2008 a new era in honesty came into existence. The sins of our fathers are behind us. But we will know what those sins are and follow them to the end of the rule of law, there is no choice. Or all else fails. It is also time to put to bed Republican Bonzo economics!!
The incoming President worked hard from the bottom up to the top The outgoing President was some kind of trickle down leftover from former failed administrations. This is now the time to BE BOLD, economically socially and politically. After sixty some odd days in office this man has attempted to save our working asses from the greed and failure of the past he has with good humor accepted the politics of no, and worked around it. He has taken charge and met with constant criticism. He has plans ideas solutions and can admit that he makes mistakes, in other words this man is human, unlike the last guy who talked with god. This man talks to the people.
Last night President Obama talked to the people, he was demeaned for using a teleprompter. Oh yes, that was for the portion of his speech where he had a specific message to give perfectly, he did that and then did something seldom seen in Washington he answered questions ad hoc for the world to see. Further fleshing out the complexities of his tasks at hand. The most pressing of which is to get the nation working again and see that every American has Cheney Health Care.
Do not accept the message seen on cable news networks; accept only the words you see from the man himself he speaks to us daily. And speaks truth to the masses, get his back help him from the bottom the net roots up. The old order of corporatism privilege and greed is not going away easily it will be politics as usual. We all know what his job is and that is be our President our job is to be his assistant. So let’s assist, and rebuild this baby from the bottom up!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Bright Spots

Rachel Maddow, Jonathan Turley, Keith Olberman these people are not distracted by the look over here AIG meltdown and airwaves consuming fiasco. No these folks are staying on message of malfeasance and torture, by the former administration.
When listening to Jonathan Turley You see just how simple the argument he makes is, it is not some complex legality figured out only by a Philadelphia lawyer, it is the simple rule of law. The memos are out there as are the admissions by Dick and George. They broke the law not just American law but International law as well.
As I have posted before on this site no more commissions, now is the time for a special prosecutor. Then and only then will the American people be satisfied that the rule of law works at all levels and confronts all crime. There was a very large portion of the population that during the former administration called for the impeachment of the President and Vice President this call was never met but was indeed warranted. Justice can never be served until it is confronted and charges laid and met. The people need to see these men get their day in court
Keith Olberman again is on topic discussing the revelations by Seymour Hersh of an assassination squad reporting directly to Dick Cheney. I know that these are unsubstantiated allegations by Mr. Hersh however he does seem to put out there a good deal of evidence as to who operated this command.
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has a suggestion that might get the ball rolling. Kucinich has asked New York Congressman Edolphus Towns, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to begin an immediate investigation into Hersh's allegations.
For the life of me I can’t see why all of the known, knowns and unknown unknowns shouldn’t be investigated by a special prosecutor, and soon!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Canadian Hypocrisy at its Finest

In a story found at Common
By George Galloway
The Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney gazetted in the Sun yesterday morning that I was to be excluded from his country because of my views on Afghanistan. That's the way the rightwing, last-ditch dead-enders of Bushism in Ottawa conduct their business.
Because this five time elected official may wish to address the Canadian people on a subject divergent from the Harper Government party line he is barred from entry into Canada. I am certain that I do not stand alone when I state that it is time for the Canadian people to say goodbye to this man this party and their following of failed Republican principals and politicians.
George Galloway wanted to speak to the subject of Afghanistan and troops dying in a war we can not win. Many Canadians have issues with the way our government is prosecuting this military effort and what our final goals are. This mans opinion cannot be heard.
Now George W Bush on the other hand who was subject to a good deal of lobbying by Lawyers against the War, and because of his admitted use of torture does not conform to Canadian standards for entry, was allowed in. He wasn’t given a heroes welcome by the Canadian people only by the fifteen hundred oil barons in Calgary. The shoe throwing crowds outside said it all. They spoke for me.
To sum up my point, peace activists, not allowed war criminals welcome.
Hypocrisy blooms early this spring!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The first day of spring my daughter demanded that we clean up the Tango and Daddy’s digs. Last June my wife of forty years died, we have all gone through the grieving process, and the remembering. We have come to grips with a new reality, but we hadn’t come to cleaning. Well now we have.
This past week has seen a flurry of activity to reclaim this place from us to me. My wife during her last few years got her daily exercise by touring all the local thrift stores and taking comfort in being able to clothe kids, grand kids, her and I with quality clothing and footwear for next to nothing. She could recognize quality from a distance so it was all good stuff and lots of it.
Back in January and after the party season gave way I invited all the family women to come one Sunday for Sushi and shopping Sake just made it a hoot. These ladies all have something in common and that is how to cherry pick the good gear and they did. Lots of this stuff was gone but most remained. This past few weeks darling daughter went through it all and labeled thirty industrial sized garbage bags.
I know that this same story has and is repeated widely throughout the country but it is a first for me. This booty was given over people who are trying their hardest to do harm reduction at the street level in Abbotsford BC a Bible belt community that does not support them. These people support a needle exchange program and attempts to help from the bottom up; they are not funded by anyone except a lawyer who has worked his entire career towards the philosophy of harm reduction.
Well the upshot of this post is spring has sprung; I have a very clean house. I have a brand new bigger blogger control center that used to be the lady’s bedroom and a future that can never forget her; I just didn’t need all that stuff to remember!

Monday, March 16, 2009


There is a new twist to “hands in the air you are under arrest“. In British Columbia Canada law enforcement by the RCMP has given way to by law enforcement. What the provincial court system cannot handle because of the sheer number of grow operations, has been given over to municipalities public safety inspectors for milking. The RCMP does not have the man power, the court system cannot handle the volume and there is just too much bad shit going on to have to deal with mom and pop grow ops. I believe it to be widely accepted that marijuana production in BC is more than significant. This province would be in the financial dumpster without it. It can not go away so bylaw enforcement teams are out there busting people with fines only, no criminal charges. These inspection teams are being fueled by BC hydro lists of people who display at the meter higher than average electrical consumption. A three or four man team arrives at your door and presents you with a notice that they will be back in 24 hrs to look for a possible public safety hazard. This public safety hazard is extremely ambiguous and based on excessive electrical consumption only
In they come and intrusiveness does not describe what they do here CSI step aside for these people do not deal in science, theirs is the art of intimidation a Police car in front of your house Inspectors all over your premise and the undisputable finding that you were growing marijuana in this house. They found a roach they found a leaf they found a hole in the ceiling or they found a hook that hangs lights they always find something as there job depends on it. You are given a copy of their finding, and the total punitive demands needed to remedy this public safety hazard. Purging of water system elimination of molds fungi, carpet and drapery cleaning and certification by a qualified electrician that this premise is safe to inhabit. All these demands are purely arbitrary and not based in science but based on the need to find you guilty and impose a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE.
What these fine civil servants are actually doing is showing the growers how to stay below the radar of being fingered by big brother BC Hydro and that if you are actually stealing power you probably won’t get caught. This is a cash cow this has become a revenue enhancement you could call it a shovel ready money maker for municipalities. I call it a super soft bust you don’t go to jail and you do learn how fascism grows in your own community. GUILTY WITHOUT BEING CHARGED OR HEARD IN A COURT OF LAW. Unpaid fines go on your taxes at the end of the year. One way or the other you will pay!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The appropriate quote Mr. Cheney is “Shit Happen” and you Sir are full of it but down a quart.
Shit happens; never in the history of man has anyone more disingenuous than Dick Cheney ever come on the scene. If I didn’t know better I would think him posturing. His smirk while being interviewed by John King on CNN rivals Bush. After a long winded question about now being out of the picture, would he do or say anything different from how we will be greeted as liberators, and intelligence supports the fact that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons response. Well John I think we accomplished just about every thing we started out to do in Iraq.
This former Vice president has no credibility, none everything he ever said and did was wrong. Everything he ever said or did was calculated to further his power and that of the Military Industrial Complex. WE the people is not a Republican mantra it is not even a consideration. If you are not Republican why would you ever want to see this man in anything but a prison orange jumpsuit? Certainly not in prime time TV and not framing the future and commenting on the worth of the new Presidents policies and agenda. You sir are the biggest failure to ever hit politics. You Sir are not worth being interviewed anywhere except The Hague.
Why would John King do this kind of an ass kissing interview? Hey John he is not some kind of super hero, he is a WAR CRIMINAL a treasonous lying insidious human. This had better be his last public position, no more politics; he indicated he might put something in his book about his words with George on the subject of pardon for Scooter Libby. Well holy shit will that be the truth? A book oh yes now the truth will be told about his forty years in politics Let me suggest a title for it.
“Every thing I am never going to tell you”

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Harm Reduction and The Noble Herb.

It is ironic that governments around the world have tried in vain to suppress this noble herb. It is just a green plant and because of its possession you are guilty of a criminal offence. Now how stupid is that? This plant has been used for five thousand years but in the nineteen thirties was made a controlled substance. Now the fun begins busting people for simply possessing this plant. According to Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), over 8 million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges during the past decade, while arrests for cocaine and heroine have declined sharply.
Now just in this past week alone two states Oregon and California are bringing forth legislation to legalize and tax this product, as a method to stem the financial crisis in these states. California is proposing $98.00 an ounce tax while Oregon is proposing a tax of $50.00 an ounce. No matter how you cut the mustard that amounts to a huge cash cow, a huge influx into the public resources.
The greatest benefit however comes in the social form, escape from criminal arrest, prosecution and incarceration. This saving alone is more important than revenue enhancement. The Noble herbs time has come No longer is DEA and every police dept freed up from having to deal with this issue and will be able to spend their time at much more pressing problems the seventy million people who recreationally use this plant are relieved of a stigma associated with dope. This could be a win win situation lets see where it goes lets hear the arguments.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At least Al Franken has been able to keep his humor

The Coleman vs. Franken debacle may soon draw down. Al Franken has kept his humor against the enormous machine of Republican dirty tricks. Talk about gaming the system. The legal costs alone to perpetuate the allusion of Norm winning are mind boggling but if the Republicans have one thing it is money and their ability to raise it. The fact that Norm holds on in the face of farce is that he has been told to do it and the Republicans do reward their own. GOOD NEW JOB FOR NORM.
Coleman's supporters on the national level have been more concerned with counting votes in the U.S. Senate than with counting absentee ballots in Minnesota, and that concern shows up in Coleman‘s legal arguments.
Something I could never quite get behind is the gaming of the court system. I can’t quite afford the legal fees but to Republicans legal fees and financing them, come before food in the budget, and how business is done. “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bullshit and throw in a lawyer, or in Norms case the ex Presidents lawyer.
When this finally comes to an end a new election, for which Coleman is increasingly angling, would cost $3.5-5 million. No do over please. This whole episode has just been a scam, but does prove the need for serious election reform.
So to sum up this incredibly conflicted voting process Norm Coleman who didn’t want a re election back in November now wants one. The Franken camp will rest its case tomorrow, and there is either a light at the end of the tunnel or a freight train coming. But one way or the other Al Franken still has his humor!

Monday, March 9, 2009

With the Stroke of a Pen Science and Sanity Restored.

This morning President Obama overrides the ideology that has precluded this important advancement of scientific inquiry. The ban on stem cell research has been the ridiculous notion of the same religious community that attempts to force us to believe the world is only ten thousand years old, and the result of intelligent design.
Some of the most egregious perspectives of the religious community were never valid and are going to be challenged on the political level. With the understanding that humans with afflictions potentially aided by this research are more important than the contents of a Petri dish America moves forward Religion steps back.
The moral objections outlined by opponents to this research are flawed. The church will allow that the creation of life can be performed clinically and not in the Biblical sense of sexual reproduction. It is then ok to destroy the unused embryos but not use them to save life. How profoundly backwards organized Religion asks us to go. How profoundly stupid the politicians that pander to the base that espouse these views. How profoundly important to the future of mankind the steps taken this morning. Thank you Mr. President for coming up to bat for all mankind and not just those who think themselves morally and religiously superior for they are not!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets watch the Turd Blossom Bloom in the Big House

So Karl gets to make his case as to why he is a just a pawn. But he doesn’t have to answer any questions about his discussions with George W, “ that’s privileged” Karl is not under oath but subject to prosecution for perjury. That’s nice work if you can get it, and that is the deal that was struck.
Karl Rove is one slippery piece of work, and does any one believe he will be forthcoming? Will we all just hold our breath as Karl spills his guts? And throws all the other players in his gaming of the political process into the deep end of the pool.
I do not believe that the BUSH BRAIN as he has been termed is capable of remembering all his own lies and this will trip him up. So much testimony already presented and documented, will not be overlooked. My hope is that his inquisitors are up to the task of asking the right questions. He will not volunteer. But he can be pressed.
Now I am wondering about how much coaching he has had with Harriet Myers are they on the same page or will they have conflicts resulting in perjury issues. The games are beginning and Karl Roves arrogance reflects the fact that he thinks he is still in charge and control.
Something that I keep reading on a daily basis is that we must correct the mistakes made in the last administration. Mistakes “no mistakes were made every thing that was done was calculated and deliberate“. Karl Rove was the architect and the intent was evil. The last time I checked America was a democracy founded on a Constitution but under the tutelage of Karl George was attempting a POLICE STATE. Karl carried water and will be drowned by his own complicity in all things George.
Remember folks this is just the beginning of the end, now it’s the peoples turn!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9/11 was a Commission no more Commissions

9/11 no one believes this commission worked properly or believes its findings. No one I know believes that box cutters and cave dwellers brought down the trade towers and building # 7.So my point is this go directly to a special prosecutor start at the beginning which was 9/11 and lets get this show on the road.
The outrageous events of the last eight years need attention, give me no garbage about looking forward give me the truth. I am fully aware of the big pile of horseshit left at the front door of the White house in the form of economic destruction of the country. I am fully aware of the lies that led to war I am fully aware of the corruption of the Justice Department and political prosecutions. That being said lets get on with an accountability moment for those responsible.
You cannot in one sentence say that we are a nation of laws and in the next say I am more inclined to look forward rather than back. One person in every thirty one is in jail in America more marijuana users who hurt no one, than corrupt politicians that hurt every one. This is a most absurd notion of justice. The gasbagery bullshit that came forth from the Republican soiree this past weekend and the non stop, CNN Steele apologizes to Limbaugh, to me means the right is still framing the argument, don’t let them.
The greatest point I am attempting to make is this justice prevails at the low end of the scale but becomes very allusive higher up. The low life goes to jail but the privileged elite do so much more damage and get a pass. A special prosecutor now it won’t take long or cost much as the evidence is in hand, some of it has already been displayed in the form of nine memos released by the justice dept. and more are on the way. This whole charade of past administration malfeasance must become the actual history of events and not some kind of revisionist bullshit fit only for GW Bush Presidential library
Let history show a past President was convicted along with his vice and other senior staff and advisors for wrong doings while in office. Then and only then can Truth Justice and the American way be achieved
Peace be with you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I want to see President Obama succeed

This past weekend has seen so many gas bags espousing their vitriolic stupidity that I am given hope that the American people will see it for what it is failure. Unrepentant failure no new ideas. The new Republican Party pulling itself apart with the help of Rush Limbaugh is going to be fun to watch. I suggest enough air time and rope they will hang themselves.
The policies, decisions and people the President has put into place truly means change. However the secret weapon to make this whole boat float is the President himself his oratory skills along with his sincerity comes shining through. The people see this and are persuaded that what he says has merit and truth this guy is not spinning the facts. Common sense and common good will prevail.
President Obama has stated that special interest and lobby groups are getting ready to oppose his policies especially health care reform. No doubt they are and further he states he is ready for them. The health insurance industry is willing to spend countless millions of its profits on lobbying to retain its very profitable monopoly. This is not a game and the Republicans know it. Their party is in so much trouble on this issue alone that when the President pulls off universal health care the Republicans will be out of office for several election cycles. This was the fact in most countries with universal care Canada, Great Britain, France and Germany.
Much is being said about the cost of this type of Government run care; today it has been reported to cost less than the bank bailout. The country is worth that and more. The greatest benefit will come in the form of social survival, no more bankruptcy from catastrophic medical expenses and no death from spread sheet disease. Imagine how much more productive the work force will be, how much more confidence the individual will have in a country that actually is working for his best interests.
I do not want to see anyone including the Republicans FAIL but they will fail unless they wake up and smell the coffee. The old order changes bringing forth the new.
I do want to see President Obama succeed don’t you?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on War Criminal Coming to Canada

On Feb 13th I reported that GW Bush was coming to Canada. Well maybe yes and maybe no, a post this morning at AfterDowningStreet.Org quotes a Canadian group LAW has advised the Prime Minister of Canada, the Attorney General and the Ministers of Immigration, Public Safety and Foreign Affairs that George W. Bush is inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Section 35(1) (a) states that a foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights or for committing an act outside Canada that constitutes an offence referred to in sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Also inadmissible (s.35 (1)(b)) are persons who are, or were, senior officials “in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the Minister, engages or has engaged in gross human rights violations.
I don’t know where this will go but it does point out that George is on shaky ground as far as traveling outside his own country. This is Canada and as was shown last Thursday we have a huge respect for all that is decent in the USA President Obama was warmly endorsed by all Canadians. George to me does not represent decency. It makes me very proud that others confirm my position on this mans entrance into this country. We do have high ethical standards and demand more of elected officials and those in power.
If there are reasonable grounds to believe a person has been complicit in any of these crimes, listed above entry to Canada must be denied. The Supreme Court of Canada says reasonable grounds are “something more than suspicion but less than…proof on the balance of probabilities.”

How are you betting will he come or cancel?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip up the Gold Rush Trail

Gold was first found in British Columbia at Fort Langley on the Fraser River. That was all it took to lure the miners up from the fields in California and they came in droves from San Francisco north by boat to the Fraser. Their rewards were great not only on the Fraser but on the Thompson on the Similkameen and Tulamene and countless thousands of other creeks and rivers in this Province.
This past weekend Tango and I traveled from where gold was first discovered on the Fraser River, up past some of the richest strikes ever found. And something struck me as being vastly important and unsaid in my last post on the subject of the rush of 2010. Low water in winter is not unusual but the unusually low snow pack this winter will mean low water this summer. Time to go panning.
Last years floods moved a hell of a pile of gravel and now it will be up to you to sort through it. All these rivers renew themselves annually I did not see a lot of activity on these creeks and rivers but they do deserve some scrutiny this year. Low water just means you can get lower on the water always looking for bed rock. And the crack and crevices in it, as being natural traps for the heavies.
My last post dealt with potential for dealing with unemployment and need for cash and new business ventures, this post will tell you forget about the Fraser except for honing your skills for the gold is not as hard to find as getting past all the regulations from all the authorities on fish bearing rivers. But if you want to a road trip up some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet take a Drive up the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek And take you gold pan with you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to the Creeks

There are strange thing done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
These are the opening lines of Robert W Service epic poem The Cremation of Sam McGee. A first hand Bankers observations of the creeks and the men that worked them. Poetry aside the rush of 98 was a part of American history. Fortunes were found and made, lost and stolen the times were tough but the miners were tougher. They stayed on the creeks till they no longer hit pay dirt and then they moved on and found new creeks.
The mining industry today in some respects is founded on that early gold pan technique. The easy creeks gave out and men moved on but not before million of ounces of the noble metal had been found. Claims lapsed but were recorded and records survive till Today. During the dirty thirties when men were up against a depression and unable to feed their families they returned to the creeks and in many cases were as successful, as miners were the first time around on these same creeks, and same claims. You see there is a seldom thought answer as to why these creeks would pay again. The short answer is permafrost.
Tough times are upon America again jobs are being lost by the thousands on a daily basis. And enterprising men will again return to the creeks, technology having served the placer mining industry very well. Light weight aluminum sluice boxes suction dredges allow the modern miner to go over old ground again with great success. This new equipment is so much more efficient than wooden sluice boxes wing dams and pick and shovel. Today a lot of ground is worked with track hoes and dump trucks pay dirt is measured in dollars per cubic yard. Let the corporate entities work that way what I suggest is do it the old way proper free miner licensing first and foremost. Keep it simple stupid, the kiss formula back pack, gold pan GPS unit, topographical maps and research on the net before you leave home.
Now remember earlier I mentioned permafrost, well it always melted a little every year but now its melting big time. This is what always held the allusive heavy metal and now it is giving up its hold. Old creeks will run again. And men will return to them. Remember that tango daddy predicted the RUSH of 2010! Gold in 1898 $17.00 an oz Gold in 1930s $32.00 an oz
GOLD in 2010 ?? Current price $ 900.00 an oz.
Go for it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ask your Doctor

These are just some of the prescription drugs that are advertised on CNN, probably other networks as well.. So let me see if I have this right, it is now up to the patient and uneducated to ask your Dr. If this product is right for you?
Regardless of the side effects that can range from shortness of breath dry mouth and vision impairment To an erection lasting four hours or more. You really need this product. It looks good, it is sexy and will relieve all your ailments. Allergies gone, asthma relief, bone loss reversed and the big one erectile dysfunction history. You will now be back in the lifestyle you wish.

I am not against drugs or drug companies. I am against this form of advertising. The same way that advertising of sugary breakfast cereals are directed at children. It should not be up to you to ask your Dr. Suppose the Dr. says no If you really like the product as advertised Just go Doctor shopping!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was a bumper sticker as far as I know. I don’t really advocate torture but I do advocate indictment Bush and Chaney should be joined at the hip for eternity and history as the Bonnie and Clyde of all time political malfeasance. Theirs was more than the simple bad of bank robbery theirs was the bad of looting the national treasury. Theirs were the lies leading to an unnecessary war resultant in death and disfiguration of thousands of the willing coalition and Americans forces who bought their bullshit. They being George and Dick and the PNAC proponents they are the ones responsible for the fall of Americas fortunes today in 2009 That former administration was a blight on all issues that were needful of the American people but they were a boon to all the corporate and crony profits that were their base, big oil and the military industrial complex.
This has now come to an end.
This past election was fought from the net roots up and that is a dynamic in play now, that was not even extant 8yrs ago. The roll of the internet in Barack Osama’s campaign and fund raising abilities was nothing short of amazing. The corporate media did pick up on him but according to each network bias they were not the ones responsible for his successful campaign. It was the bloggers and the you tube and the dialogue that happens with a free and open internet. Obamas financing came from this source and the small donations from the real coalition of the willing.
Now lets get back to that ex lame duck President and his vice President who shoots his lawyer and best friend in the face with a shotgun these two assholes thought they were just going to exit stage right when their gig was over. Oh NO NO . As George W Bush said when he stole the election in 2004 this is an accountability moment. YES an accountability moment.
There is now a new Attorney general who knows how to separate bullshit from buckwheat and he will be looking at you. The new President Obama may not want to look back for recrimination but millions of other people do, and your accountability moment is coming and soon..
There will be an “ I was Indicted” Certificate placed in the phone booth size Presidential library, George W is trying to raise funds for. Laura can duck tape it to the plastic window covering and then go shopping.
And now for the torture of Dick, might as well demand George come to this party as well. I suggest that we liquidate the two families entire net worth to CASH spending only a few bucks for party favors you know weenies’ marshmallows and beer. Then invite a few boy scouts and have a huge bonfire. When all the cash is gone burned like it was on Wall street and living under the overpass is looking like a new home for George and Dick perhaps a manager will give them an new job as Wallmart greeters and let them live out the rest of their lives in splendour. That would be good don’t you think?

Friday, February 13, 2009


George W. Bush is coming to Canada where he should be fairly safe from arrest for war crimes. But why Canadians would want to hear his musing on his time in office is beyond me. Probably more of his bullshit and brain battering tortured rhetoric than anything of substance. Is this a trial balloon for building up the old coffers?

The event is being supported by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young, and various other business and professional bodies but most Canadians have been hostile towards the former president because of his decision to invade Iraq.
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach was dismissive when reporters asked what he thought of Bush's upcoming visit. He’s a free man and can travel to any country he wants.
Is that so? Do you think he can travel with impunity to Germany or France or other countries that subscribe to the International Criminal Court? It will be an interesting exercise to watch Mr. Bush go off on a world speaking tour the likes of former President Bill Clinton.
The pressure is building in America to hold this man and his minions accountable for many of the atrocities associated with his time in office. This man has singularly dragged the name America into third world thug status. The unprecedented arrogance to think that he has something to say will only be heard by 1500 people and no media. Calgary Alberta by the way is a bastion of Canadian conservatism. I doubt he would even be allowed in Quebec.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama gets down

I saw something marvelous and amazing yesterday. That would be the First Lady visiting at a social services center in DC. This amazing lady got down on the floor to a preschoolers level and read them a book. This in itself seemed a very genuine and open thing to do, this was not a photo op although it was recorded as most every thing this first family does. Then Michelle Obama did something that teachers are not encouraged to do she embraced these kids in a big hug. These kids ate it up and are open to genuine affection. This almost brought tears to my eyes as this is what used to happen in schools.
My children were fortunate enough to go to a small rural school; you know the kind with several grades in one class. My oldest at the dinner table one night told us that he was looking forward to tomorrow as it was his turn to sit on Miss Brown’s knee during the reading session. Boy have the times changed since then, that was thirty years ago. That was in early grade school grade one or two, to receive the same kind of attention at school as he got at home. I doubt my son remembers that incident but I do.
The First Lady also sat down with a group of teens this time on chairs and in a circle. She described her growing up what that was like and encouraged these young people to give as well as get. This is part of the new administration message, and a very important part of being able to reach out to the average American
The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that every child in that school will remember till the day they die, having met the most gracious and beautiful and caring First Lady of the of the first African American President.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


John Aravosis at
Has as long as I have been reading him always done Friday Orchid blogging. Very cool flowers and very original. I am going to plagiarize Johns concept and do TANGODADDY DOG BLOGGING I am certain John won’t mind I have not consulted with him but I know him to be a more than an average dog owner. He walks he talks and has a best friend in his new dog. And I am more than just a critic of men like John I am a retired dog catcher. How do you like that?
Dog catcher most often vilified, seldom accepted as a champion of all manner of canine and one in harmony with running and barking but I am. These critters if you let them will run your life and keep you honest. They have an innate ability to screw you up and make you humble. And when you listen you learn. An RCMP animal handler one time told me that it was good for the inside of a man to look after the outside of an animal.
So as you opened up on this site you saw “Tango” he is my best friend and do you believe that he and I have an interspecies non verbal communication? If you are an animal owner you do know that but we will talk more about it in the future.

All in the Name

The Obama White House needs to learn from the Republicans that you name bills so that opposing them sounds unpatriotic, Anti-American, or against working Americans. That is why we suggest the White House call the current "stimulus" legislation the "Main Street Job Creation Act." Let the Republicans vote against job creation for Main Street Americans. Once they do, you've already got a good set of campaign commercials for
By assisting those of us at the bottom of the heap this country can be rebuilt. We know how to get up and put in an honest day for an honest pay. The news of late reflects that the CEO and captains of Industry expect much more for much less honest efforts. If you allow your company to be driven into the ground you loose. Let the next bill be No Bail Out to a Loser’s Bonus.
The Help People for profits Act would stress that if corporate profits are to increase it will depend on the security of the work force. When Joe has his six pack he is a happy worker. And more inclined to work longer, harder and in tune with company needs. By giving him a Health Care system he can afford he is productive.
The Republicans have been very good at framing argument and staying on message with talking points but if that’s all they have, good luck This new administration has got way too much at stake to let shitty little tactics like that take center stage . Their day in the sun is over and they should seek the shade as they are getting burned. The Republican message has been met with failure and fact proves it. If you are not with us you are against America and helping the terrorists. {snark}
Now go back and read the first paragraph

Friday, February 6, 2009


It seems to me that there is open revolt in some areas of government. The Generals haven’t fully acknowledged who the boss is and intend to lobby against his position on Iraq withdrawal timeline. Generals Petraeous and Odierno are still trying to demand a military solution when a proper political position will win the day. These honorable warriors have the stars and bars and should be well aware of the chain of command. However the military and military industrial complex have been driving the ship of state for too damn long. A new Commander in Chief has demanded a course change and these two gentleman should salute smartly and say YES SIR.

Another inflated budget and ego surrounds the DEA. This group should understand that the will of the White House is that, DEA raids of medical marijuana outlets in states that allow it must stop. A White house spokesman has said the Presidents stance is that “federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws”. Surely this agency has bigger fish to fry than medical outlets who are legal. There are tons of real shit drugs out there focus on that.

Burroughing Bushies in the dept of Justice are refusing to leave because there are just too many corrupt Democrats and bong selling Hippies out there who need to be prosecuted. With a new boss like Eric Holder these holed up holdouts will be reeducated and reassigned to someplace that really needs them and their partisan political agenda scrutinized.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


America needs rebuilding as it is broken. The base is crumbling because it has been top heavy for too long. Forget the bailout and ply massive amounts of capital where it can be used most effectively, HEALTH CARE first and foremost.
Stop the bleeding of home foreclosures arrest the flow of the homeless this is an insane situation WE THE PEOPLE have been screwed by the greed of the few. Is it not a credible financial alternative to help the homeowner keep his house?
Several years ago under a Republican leadership and with Democratic water carriers bankruptcy laws were rewritten to the benefit of creditors. As a result today catastrophic medical issues cripple millions of Americans, along with interest rates from credit card companies that surpass the mob inspired vigorish.
Shovel ready projects no doubt the country needs the infrastructure upgrades and the people need the jobs. But quit farting around with half baked plans by trying to fit new solutions to an unworkable and broken base. This is a crisis of monumental proportion and needs a whole different approach to put America back on the road to recovery. A health care system that is mandatory and covers every one. This will do more than all the bank bailouts ever will. If big business and small business were relieved of this expense more of them would be profitable and not in need of taxpayer help. If the Government ran a health care system there would be no need for profit just cost recovery. The social implications alone would be dramatic and lasting.
While we are at it get that minimum wage upped to something that resembles reality. If an employer is not saddled by outlandish costs for health INSURANCE higher wages can be paid and everyone wins!