Saturday, November 14, 2009


With a trial in New York city seeking the death penalty of five co conspirators America is about to show the world there is no truth or Justice in this American way.

Some very nifty investigative skills will be shown as to how and why these five men are all guilty as hell and why they should be put to death. But to my mind if the Investigative skills of the FBI ,CIA, NSA, ATF and all other organizations overlook the inside job facts and not pursue these perpetrators and attempt to bring them to justice America takes one giant step backwards.

Last evening I watched President Obama speaking in Tokyo he was very well received he has been well received every where he has ever gone. His policies and pronouncements indicate he is very much looking forward. You Mr. Holder should have his back and by that I mean be looking backward. You sir are the head of the Justice Department and as such have access to more information than I do, And I have access to more than enough information to indicate that the 9/11 commission was fatally flawed. It was a cover up plain and simple.

I can much appreciate that you would be scared shitless to go after the real conspirators, as only very powerful men could engineer such a monumental event, however you have no choice. The conviction and execution of these five men will not bring closure to this issue too many undeniable facts stand in the way. This trial will be a circus, you will not be the ring master but the clown. I urge you strongly Mr. Holder do not force the public to accept the 9/11 Commission as being the final answer. It is up to you to start investigating these undeniable facts.

No more cover ups.


ksliberal said...

I am right there with you; we did not get all the facts and that's for sure.

But Holder will not go after the truth or the facts that were withheld, and it is at Obama's direction. He won't let Holder go after the torturers either. He keeps saying that he doesn't want to look backwards. It is unfortunate for the citizens of this country that it appears as though Obama is willing to let the poor suffer the consequences for the actions of the wealthy and powerful and let the wealthy and powerful walk away scott free.
I never would have thought this of him. It's a travesty.

There is no justice in this country anymore. I had hoped that Obama would restore justice. But there is no justice when the law is applied differently depending on how much money/power/status you have.

Tango daddy said...

I believe you are correct KS. And now I am at a loss as to how Americas greatness can be restored.
I never thought the President would take this directional stance either, but perhaps he has taken a page from the sixties and sees what happens when you butt heads with the machine the MIC.
One thought I have is that this trial in NY city is scaring the devil out of the Republicans, could it be that the truth might inadvertantly be told as a defense for these five? Could it also be that these inhanced interrogation proceedures will be shown ineffective leaving egg on the faces of those who still back them?
I don't know but I do know that it is a 'curse to live in interresting times',and these are interesting times.