Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TIMSHOL the most important word in the Bible?

John Steinbeck should be required reading and I am sure he is. This author was one of my favorites 40 years ago. I haven’t picked him up since I put down Travels with Charlie, when it first came out. However if you ever read him some things stay forever. In his novel East of Eden with the Trask bros as a portrayal of Cain and Abel, Steinbeck weaved a story I have largely forgotten.
For whatever reason the part I did recall and the part of that book that brings me to this post is the story of Lee the Chineese cook who was employed by the Trask family. It
seems that Lee was not content to be just your average inscrutable China man nor simply a cook. Lee was an intellectual, and a seeker of truth. Lee joined along with others a group to study Biblical Hebrew. I recall thinking that strange I recall being unable to relate a lowly Chinese cook as having the intellectual capacity to understand this kind of obscure philosophical complexity as one verse of Geneses was troubling to him.
This is not the average ending to an American classic novel, and yet it is. It all came down to the translation of one word “TIMSHOL”. From the two differing tanslations of the New Testament the King James Version states with Biblical certainty that Timshol meant [Thou Shalt] rule over it. While the American Standard translation has this word as meaning [Do Thou] rule over it.Lee was conflicted by the apparent opposites in meaning as this was a seeming important part of the demands made on Christian followers. That being said he took this dichotomy to the experts and with two years of scrutiny by Hebraic schollars they came to the conclusion that both accepted translations were wrong, and that the word Timshol would be most accurately translated as [Thou May] rule over it if you have the ability and free will choice.
The enormous difference between shall and May are in a direct proportion to the number of times they are used in his infallible book the Bible. It has always been my contention that anyone preaching chapter and verse might as wll read the phone book as that would be more accurate. The phone book is a first eddition well edited for accuracy. The Bible is in its seventh translation from its original script. This was written two to three hundred years after the event. It would not be easy to compile a phone book that was accurate for three hundred years ago
Thou May Rule vs. Thou Shalt Rule take on a whole different concept regarding church and state. It appears to me that it is no longer a mandated direction church must take at governance but one of secondary signicance. The church does not have the ability as there are proclamations to the separation of church and state.Further as a church you do not have free will choice.
The Christian religion must come forward into the Twenty first century. No longer can the hollow rhetoric of chapter and verse hold sway over those governing. It is important Christianity survive, it can do that by encouraging the following to make free will choices this new tolerance to the individual would be furthering. HAPPY NEW YEAR and

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Fools Here just Passionate Bloggers

Even a Fool can teach a Wise Man Wit.
I believe that is a quotation from Shakespear but I might be wrong and I don’t care. Think about it and it is truth without having to think. There are journalist’s news reporter and celebrity figures everywhere trying to influence your thinking, your concepts, ideas and actions. Sex sells and Saraha sold her soul.
There are serious web sites out there where you get all the daily feeds and information in real time. These sites are oh so very important, but I am here to tell of sites less traveled and oh so very important for a different reason. These are sites driven not by corporate agenda but by the heart of real people. People like you with an attitude, people with a bitch or an itch that needs scratching. People with a message for all who have ears to hear.
I recently started this blog site and didn’t know shit from shinola still don’t but I watched the godess of blog Arianna, on Larry King and she stated new bloggers should blog their passion. I have been attempting to do that and looking for others doing the same. I am pleased to report that I have found many. Just coming to grips with what my passion is, is a challenge because that is not the same as interests. In order to understand this I liken it to pornography you know it when you see it. Now some of the bloggers with passion I have found are Kay in Maine at White Noise Insanity here is a lady with a passion for making what is wrong right. Loosing GWB to the trash heap of history, high on her agenda. Mine as well but she says it better. I like Kay with my first coffee in the morning she gets my heart rate up. Sometimes sassy and irreverent but always from the heart and right on.
The next on my my list is[ Mad as Hell Liberal] she gets me going on health CARE reform issues and American Workers and speaks with an extremely good understanding of the complexities of these issues. KsLiberal considers herself a word Geek but I must point out that this is not a bad thing as it makes her post passionate and informing. I have come to the point of being excited when a new post comes up, she is loud but she hasn’t heard me after a few beers!
The last blogger in this series is another lady who most certainly is passionate and honest and again is someone I enjoy reading, [randommaraininthoughts] now that’s a blog handle, writes on issues from 9/11, to loosing a nicotine habit,and a dog named Spitball. Nine eleven, smoking and dogs my kind of girl. Some of these bloggers are new to this as am I however they all display talent and heart and I wish them all success and happiness in their passion and look forward to being in their company.
These people are not fools but they are teaching wise men wit.
Peace be with you!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Believe this Blogger is a Maverick

Someone that I’ve been following is Len Hart at http:// existentialist cowboy This guy is a maverick he is one unbranded calf no one owns this one, he wanders the range alone and speaks out against abuse where ever he sees it left or right or center, right is might, and wrong is fought. I have opinions and attitude, Len has facts figures and solutions.
When the truth needs telling which are both often and unfortunate Len Hart does it. One of his recent posting was one of the best researched, and most in need of being brought to the surface of comman awareness he did that and I applaud.
{Karl Rove Threatened Connell Suspected of Sabotage and Murder}. This story broke eight days ago I personally have been looking for it in the corporate media and have not found it. It’s not there it’s been air brushed from happening, not being driven. The MSM ignores all things adverse to their bottom line and the GOP and Republican party represented that bottom line The new and consolidated media does not rock the boat. The new and consolidated media does not report the news.
Responsible boggers like the Existentialist cowboy, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Raw Story and others were all over this plane crash and the implications on the death of this man. Silence from the corporate media tells me something. And this I picked up from this maverick cowboy as well THE TRUTH IS DANGEROUS I believe that icing on the wings of a small plane will kill you as quickly as spread sheet disease. I believe that that those in power have access to vast resources and imaginative solutions. I believe that if you can conjure up a fictitious solution to a vexing problem so can those that are in jeopardy. I believe that this plane crash will be investigated on more than just the level of aviation administration but in order to make that happen it has got to be driven. Light must be shone on the investigating agencys FBI, Justice Dept. and incoming administration must recognise that this is one very fortuitous event eliminating all avenues to the truth. This is not politics as usual this is the beginning of the end. Too many people in important positions are dying in small plane accidents Mike Connell was the last in a litany that is long, but for brevity I mention only Paul Wellstone and JFK jr. Clean up America, listen to a real maverick, listen to Len.Lean on his fence and watch him ride these stories and rope their essences. We will win.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Hague is Vague

THE HAGUE IS VAGUE what does that court say?
The very fact that the out going administration is guilty only in the appearance of impropriety. That no courts have actually said guilty as charged. Let us now appoint those courts. Has any inquiry been made of the World Court? What are their view points talking points and general impressions of an American President gone rogue?
I would love to believe that no country of the world receive a free pass in this court. No one should be exempt from the established law that has been determined here. The Japanese were prosecuted for water boarding, Dick Chaney has admitted to this act, this is torture and Dick and others must come to the law. My favorite Professor used to say “There is Nothing New in the World It just happens to different People”!
The events of 9/11 2001 were not new, it just happened big time in America for the first time. It was different for the American people hence forth and for the next 7 years. But these acts of terrorism do not condone extreme interrogation techniques or acts of extraordinary rendition or prison facilities like Abu Grahib or Guantanamo. Those events did not warrant the type of terror waged upon the American people by its own government. However these charges should not be tried in house by American courts for all the obvious reasons they should be reviewed and tried under world approved standards. Those standards are not quaint.
Vincent Bugliosi has suggested that G.W. Bush be charged with murder some say that is not enough and that others be tried along with him conspiracy is not a theory it is a CRIME. The litany of abuse by the outgoing administration is long and detailed and very much in need of an accountability moment. I see the President elect with as Kay in Maine says one huge shit pile to clean up. It will not be easy but it will be necessary if the people are ever to have confidence in the rule of law again George W Bush, Dick Chaney, Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld should be treated no differently than Billy who Farted POT DEALER. They are more outrageous than any crack addict could ever be simply because they come at their crime from a position of power and a belief that that when the President does it is not against the law. BULLSHIT the law is the law and you folks do not get to pick and choose and use signing statements to protect you asses I do not know the form accountability will come in I am only certain that it must come and that the way is now paved to truth.
For too long those doing the crimes have been framing the argument that what they do is in your best interest, not for one moment should you believe that. Lies are always in the best interest of the liar as the truth is probably dangerous!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Krista's Critters

My life was blessed with three children, in the beginning two boys. Seventeen months apart and friends and buds forever. The sister came along and everyone loved her. But she was different she was not a boy. This fact did not register on this girl and there was naught that they could do that she could not follow up to a point somewhere in their teens. Krista could ride and rope and catch a dog or tame and train a cat like no one could. But she was not a boy and as such was kept from brother shit for along time. That being the case she tried harder, she spent countless hours by herself with horses cats dogs and nature. She and her critters developed on a scale beyond the norm. I have watched her ride in darkness her horse without bridle, halter or saddle. Without any thing other than a common bond of love. Krista worked a wonder on every animal she ever encountered. The family dog Nuage was never the same after adding her to his pack because she was not a boy. He and she were buds. He was hers and, she was his and they were both together. Picture a two year old girl sleeping with her head on an old English Sheep Dog. Picture her dressing my tom cat in baby clothes picture her getting ring worm from a litter of infected kittens.
In my bio I describe myself as being anthropomorphic because I talk to my dog, well my daughter is even more so than me and I mean that in a very positive and enlightened way. Snakes know heart, yogis in jungle need not fear! Krista’s Critters never feared they went along with whatever she demanded of them and seldom was she ever bit scratched or mauled. All critters fold to her molding eventually
Today all my children are grown and I trust that whatever separated boys and girls is gone. The family is all adults and that is great but that which still stand true beyond the norm is Krista’s hold on critters. My blog sites namesake “Tango” goes totally bat shit crazy when she comes round. krista has two cats of her own both of which are very talented one plays Brahms on the Piano and the other recites poetry non stop morning to night. When she goes down town, Kit is like the pied piper of our town and has a huge critter following. Pit bulls and crows and God only knows follow Kit wherever she goes. It is amazing. I can do nothing except acknowledge someone, whose talents outperform mine in all respects canine, feline, equine, and all things critter wise. God where did all this talent come from? Oh that’s right it came from within and the knowledge that when it comes to animals if it is necessary NO is NOT an Answer, animals come first !!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

According to James

Earlier this evening my son in law James and I were having this discussion about the need for change in viewing spirituality. We came to the conclusion that it is no longer necessary for Priest Preachers and authority to dictate. We both agreed that neither he nor I subscribe to any form of organized religion and yet we both follow moral civilized relations with the world at large.
In the history of man it was always necessary that we have some form of understanding as to who we were and how we came to be. These were given to us by the dictates of clergy and we believed. This was sufficient at the time, however times change and those dictates did not. We today are confronted with problems that were not extant fifty years ago but the solutions we are given through this ideology are fifteen hundred years old and don’t come close to Twenty first century mans needs.
I am not suggesting that we throw out the baby with the bath water, I do not suggest the overthrow of organized religion I do call a halt to my way or the highway fundamental philosophies. Christians must lighten up a little. QUIT QUOTING ME CHAPTER AND VERSE. Start talking about what you personally have learned from looking inside or what you personally feel start talking less about what Jesus said or did and more about the here and now. Bible is just a book. The dictionary is just a book Cooking for the Holidays is just a book. Books are books being aware of whom you are and the way you personally fit the web of the world is what is important. The need for a new religion based on the demands of living righteously in this era are not so unattainable it simply takes a quiet time to entertain you own thoughts. Introspection, meditation, call it what you will. Sitting mindlessly, gazing at the fire, or the stars or the ocean, or a blade of grass. Get lost in this unknown and find God. At least that’s what James said. And I believe it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TheWorld is Very Holy

The author at{ randommarainthoughts} was instrumental in my wanting to write this post as I believe in the Fatherhood of God The Motherhood of Nature and the Brotherhood of Man. She saw God in flowers, sunsets and corral reefs, I do to. This author was a Catholic I was a Protestant who gives a shit. We have both grown beyond labels and found the common ground of spirit. When I go to bed at night I ask the great good spirit that made the lion who also made the lamb and black dogs who also made me, to make me more than I know myself to be.
The native American Spirituality has been way underrated. It is simple it is based on individual experience as to furthering ones understanding and progress through the complexities of life. Isolation and vision quest a method of coming face to face with oneself and the role one must have in life. Who among us go through this quest? Not many of us think along these lines. And even fewer hold them to be important.
This view point is valid and needs more scrutiny, this view point comes not from scribes and purported testimony this viewpoint comes from the unadulterated observance of nature and human involvement in trying to survive. At times these Native Americans ate Bear and at times the bear ate these natives.
The idea that is your own and the thoughts you develop from within are more important than any concept given you or any dogma inherent from an organized religion. These are the demands of others you must be driven by the thoughts you create on your own.
Peace Be With you!

A Healthy Future

I have gone in a different direction lately by reading Blog’s less known one that struck my fancy was by MADASHELLLIBERAL. My contribution to New Healthcare ideas. As a Canadian the frustration she outlined are not mine. And hard to fathom, but for you as an American I would recommend you read her blog and follow her advice on how to make the changes necessary.
It occurs to me that during this time of financial crisis that with proper lobbying this crisis could be changed to opportunity. The President elect has already issued statements on his willingness to engage this issue and Tom Daschle is obviously qualified to implement the needed changes. From the big three up and down the line business will profit from not having HEALTH INSURANCE as an albatross around their neck. The forty to fifty million uninsured will have something they never thought possible HEALTH CARE. All America will profit from the elimination of death by spread sheet.
These changes will not come easily as the Insurance lobby sure as God made little green apples will throw up every roadblock imaginable and even those one cannot imagine, these insurance companies will not go softly into the night. Let them remain as is. Make mandatory single payer Government run Health Care, without the profit potential this will be decidedly cheaper and available to all. If you are not happy with the government scheme Private insurance is out there go for it.
I would like to state emphatically this is not a socialist or communist proposal this is common sense .And its time has come, this was never a possibility with the former administration but the past is past the present is but a moment the future is all there is.

Pelosi What a Laugh

We are told that IMPEACHMENT is off the table. What is it that I don’t understand about why that is fact? There has been no good reason given at this point to forego that obvious tool to the truth.
Dennis Kucinich offered up in the house 35 articles of Impeachment that has gone virtually unreported in the corporate media and made one hell of a stir at the net roots. I am beginning to have a high disregard for the corporate media but not them alone as this goes equally against a complicit Democratic party. Again and again I ask what are we missing. Why is this administration not being held accountable why is government Being fractured by stonewalling obfuscation and general nose thumbing of the laws of the land. When you have a Justice Dept hijacked to make the law conform to the Presidents wishes rather than inform the President as to the legality of his desire something is wrong.. Congress and Senate write law not the Justice Dept. and not the President however just say signing statement and you know something is wrong
Something is wrong Scott McClellan has said as much and has testified under oath. Phase two of the Senate investigation has been tabled and it as well indicates something is wrong. The FISA amendments and immunity to the TELECOMMUNICATION industry Fusion centers and a whole new litany of non credible intrusions of liberty are what is in store for the future. Silly me I thought the Democratic Party was for the liberal advancement of human rights and freedoms the progressive movement in a way in which the average person was not trod upon by government run amuck.
Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office it does mean investigation, it does mean no more ducking subpoenas it does get to the truth and it does preclude the pardoning of associates for crimes committed, including Telecommunications companies. When we all try and teach our children that it is wrong to lie cheat and steal here we a have a President who does all three. This is not the shining example a leader should be. Where is the accountability why didn't the Religious right take a stance against these lies as the abomination they are? This administration is so in need of an accountability moment that will put a stop on its assault of the American people. Impeachment would be that stop before everyone gets a pardon. Halliburton has done well don’t you agree? Carlyle Corporation is now poised to take over a large chunk of the espionage community. The Bush family empire will go on and on and on Billions of dollars of fraud, theft are just plain unaccounted for in Iraq. And did I mention Impeachment is off the table?

Monday, December 15, 2008

The shoe seen round the world

A secret trip, a photo op and bragging on the SOFA agreement. All take second fiddle to one pissed off Iraqi Journalist with nothing more than a healthy frustration and a pair of shoes he fired the missiles seen round the world The significance of a shoe may be lost on some but not on any of Islamic faith.
The American corporate media has been going hard on this story since it started. That’s certainly one viewpoint. However the world at large is viewing this and unlike George W Bush who states I don’t know what his problem is. Most of the world does know the problem it is you Sir. The rest of the world see these pictures and understand the history of the region and are not impressed by you legacy and feeble attempts to rewrite history to conform to your vanity. In this case sir the world is rooting for the shoe thrower. Not you not America as it is. I do believe the Arab world and middle east region may become more stable with you gone Sir.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been a slight bit distracted as Tango has had a lumpectomy. Since he was about a year old he has had a lump on his neck. The veterinarian thought it was a benign allergic reaction to a vaccination, as this is a site most often used for injection. However the lump was growing and though it didn’t seem to bother him it did bother me. My daughter one time had a precocious little dog that was not as fortunate as Tango and the lump she had was indeed carcinogenic. No fun watching man or animal go downhill with cancer.
So I bit the bullet and committed my friend to pain and suffering to ease my fears, he was forced to starve for twelve hours prior to being admitted. I was not prepared for what I saw when he was released, this was much more radical than I had imagined. A very dopey drooling dog came home and sure didn’t think much of his medicine but like a trooper he took it and had a big ham and crumbles dinner.
After a lot of attention and a good night’s sleep we are both on the mend. He was out this am for his morning round of leg lifting and turf scattering I wouldn’t allow cat chasing today as both he and the cats need a day off. I am pleased to report that he is clear eyed and bushy no tail.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lies are Dangeous

The other day I was wandering around Len Hart’s spread “ The Existentialist Cowboy” when I found this little gem so I picked it up put it in my pocket to save for a rainy day. Well its Monday it’s raining so here it is. A quotation by C. G Jung “A lie makes no sense, unless the truth were thought to be dangerous”
As the events of September 11th 2001 were unfolding in the following week it soon became obvious to a news junkie like me that something was amiss. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it but a gut feeling that that at best truth was being suppressed, the news media does not necessarily demand or expect answers as an investigation is underway. But as the days gave way to weeks and months, it became obvious that truth was on the back burner. Even an ex dog catcher like myself could see that Sadam was a dictator and that Osama was a Religious fundamentalist, under no circumstances would these two be in collusion.Meanwhile the President was waving the flag looking for a patriotic response the people saluted that flag, and it was reflected in his poll numbers soaring as high as they would ever go. Who knew for certain he was lying? The drums of war were beating senselessly, it was wrong and by this time it was being recognized and some were speaking out against this. Only to be beaten back and ostracized, vilified and ridiculed as being unpatriotic if you are not with us you are against us. It wasn’t until the speech delivered at the United Nations when the president delivered those sixteen words of infamy that I personally knew that he was lying.
My nineteen years of interviewing dog, owners was enough training to observe body language, and speech delivery, and state without any reserve that is A Lie. During Colin Powell’s speech I admit I was less certain but viewed it with a good deal of skepticism. From the highest tech country in the world they display hand drawn pictures of what turned out to be items of non existence Well that was along time ago and several thousand lies later, Dick and George are heading for the exit, and we the people are left a legacy of ruined military families, economy in the dumpster, world standing and respect at the lowest point in history.
The only time in my life that my father ever gave me a good spanking was when he caught me in a very obvious lie. I won’t say it stopped me from doing it again, but did serve to prove a lifetime lesson. I believe it important to the future of America that the extent and scope of these lies and acts of treason be explored. I suggest post administration IMPEACHMENT. The truth is dangerous and will piss you off.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best Sellers List

Now in its seventh translation from the original script and translated by scribes just two or three hundred years after the event this monumental work of art is available everywhere. THE BIBLE the finest work of man the world has ever known. It is not to be denied, that this is a masterpiece of huge proportion. The “purported” word of GOD. This book has created a following of one billion people world wide. This fact did not come about easily. At times Crusades were necessary as were witch burnings an Inquisition; and just plain terror in the name of God. But it did achieve a following of folks dedicated to the infallible word of this book. They call themselves Christians. They will not be denied.
I state with no compunction that the wisdom imparted in this book is as valid today as ever it was. Also that you may lead a very happy and compassionate life by following the dogma that goes along with the organization of Christian followers. The ministers, priests, and preachers will be only too happy to straighten you out if you get twisted up in the course of living your life. Coming back into the fold is as simple as once again committing to a 10% tithe. And for those of you who never fall from the fold you shall be rewarded with life forever with the great cloud being.
I fully realize that the words I have written will be viewed with horror by a good portion of people reading, however I want you to know that a good portion of the people are horrified by what Christianity has become. Good service to the cause has not been realized by what John McCain, once called the “agents of intolerance." Intolerance with settled law as in Roe vs. Wade. Church and State should be surgically removed at the hip as they are like oil and water. Religion must soothe the inner being of each individual separate of the whole. Governance must serve the all in a secular fashion as each being equal. The two must compliment each other and they do. Government has little need to control Religious movements except in rare instance such as Jim Jones and Waco Texas. Why do religious communities need guns?
Christians just piss people off when they declare a Petrie dish more important than helping someone with a spinal cord injury or Alzheimer’s or interrupt scientific inquiry with absurd Biblical certainty. The same holds true with the argument of intelligent design and the age of the earth not conforming to the infallible word of the Bible. Give it up folks, the old order changes bringing forth the new. Give your life to God and Receive a blessing, sounds good to me, leave off telling everyone else including government the only way to do it. And we will all profit.

Friday, December 5, 2008



Thanks must be given to George W Bush. Were it not for Georges maniacal position of power grabbing the incoming President would just be another incoming president. However this one will have extraordinary power, he wont have to obey any laws because of existing executive orders.. He will be able to listen in on whoever he wants on the phone that should prove interesting.. When the going gets tough he will enlist the military to suppress whatever republican transgressors need suppressing and if need be have them declared enemy combatants and disappear them to one of the new K.B.R prisons built by George for undisclosed reasons.
Yes I think we are all going to enjoy these new Fascist crafted expanded powers the news headlines could with a little imagination be quite creative. Imagine if you will Karl Rove trying to thumb his nose and duck a subpoena , watch Karl frog march. Watch Ken Lay be resurrected and then held as an accomplice with George and Dick vs. The United States Of America
If the new president were willing to examine the past president with a view to the prosecution of crime and punishment there would need to be a whole section of the Justice Department given over to this task The Justice Dept. will no longer be run by toadies like speedy Gonzales or federalist judges Michael Mukasey But by a person of principal who can probably uphold his oath of allegiance and administer the laws of the land.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheney update

Imagine my delight today as I was reading Len Hart at The Existentialist Cowboy and seeing my own words from my post The Cheney Indictment. These words attributed to some bloggers that’s good, and I am thrilled, but the important part is the message is being spoken again. And to paraphrase the words of George W. Bush I get to catapult the propaganda through a serious author
That message was that a court in Texas saw that there was collusion between the Executive and judicial branches of government. That was enough for an indictment. It does not boggle my mind that in Texas these charges were dropped or quashed. These are powerful men, enough said Know what I mean nudge nudge wink wink. Can you say Don Siegelman?
There is a web site out there called the American Patriot Friend’s Network and from it I gleaned this little gem.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Normally I am a mild mannered blogger, but unlike Clarke Kent not able to duck into a phone booth and become SUPERMAN. So as a rule I usually take the side of caution and avoid conflict, making non inflammatory comments, seeking common grounds for agreement. This has always been my approach. As a young man I was instructed never to argue politics or religion. Today I went off the reservation.
Tango didn’t piss in my cornflakes; I had a good night’s sleep I just woke up feeling a need to proselytize. Shake the world a little, so while heading on down to the barbers I decided here would be grist for my mill. Only one really old dude ahead of me and no one else waiting. The morning papers headlines screaming Coalition Government? The chair is mine the old guy with his walker is gone, so Phil it looks like we get a new government, great don’t you think? NO I DON’T emphasis his. Oh come on Phil this has got to be good for Canadians. Looking at him in the mirror and he is scowling and holding scissors in his hand, I am not worried. You see Phil is a good God fearing man and likes to mention church at least once during every cutting. Now about this time another customer comes in we are both distracted momentarily but I am not to be put off this subject as I am now a part of the community of bloggers, a need for truth prevails. Phil as you know Canadians spoke but only 37% for Stephen Harper and the Conservative party. An overwhelming majority wanted a more liberal approach to governance. And a good portion of the populace just doesn’t like him and his passion of following in George W. bush footsteps. Both men their politics are way right of center and way too dependent on the religious community who they use for political gain.
It was at this point that unknown other customer and Phil went ape shit. I was looking directly at Mr. Unknown and seeing Phil in the mirror I had breached all ethics and mentioned politics and religion in the same sentence. An unheard of barbershop atrocity. The voice level of this tag team of conservative religious radicals rose dramatically as did the vitriol and pronouncement that I probably was happy with the election of Barack Obama. Absolutely delighted I said. Before assuming office looking absolutely Presidential and taking care of this bailout business in a very adult fashion don’t you agree? They didn’t agree. I was on a roll couldn’t let go, deregulation starting with trickle down Reganomics is what put America and the world on this financial crises, that and failed Bush policies, thirty years of republican corporate bullshit got us to this point. NO NO NO, it was Clinton. That was when I laughed out loud, and when unknown customer said hey Phil do you have a washroom?
Pretty much end of story got a good hair cut and when I paid and was leaving I extended my hand to unknown customer and said nothing like a lively discourse early in the morning. It made my day, but doubt it made theirs.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Just when I thought hope was a place in BC, I find hope in Ottawa. This can be a watershed moment if we do it properly and not let the right of center Conservative Party frame the argument. The people of Canada spoke and the cold hard fact is that only 37% thought that right of center Conservatives should lead the country. Thus spoke Stephen Harper and when presented with his new plan, - a no confidence vote came to be the focus. A coalition government with left of center values has got to be more favorable to Canadian lower and middle class needs than the Conservatives proposed agenda. This hasn’t happened yet but my fervent desire is that it will. My fervent desire is that Canada takes a new direction away from following the failed policies of George W. Bush and Stephen Harper.
These two have been joined at the hip in too many different secret back room deals from, hard wood lumber to the Security Prosperity Partnership and the Canadian American Military Agreement. And what was that meeting in New Orleans with George W. Bush, Philippe Calderone and thirty unnamed CEO’s all about?
A new day in American politics, adults are now soon to be in charge. And with any luck a new day and restoration of this nation, no longer slave to the same failed policies that are throwing George out on his ass with The Hague looking over his shoulder!!