Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Now in its seventh translation from the original script and translated by scribes just two or three hundred years after the event this monumental work of art is available everywhere. THE BIBLE the finest work of man the world has ever known. It is not to be denied, that this is a masterpiece of huge proportion. The “purported” word of GOD. This book has created a following of one billion people world wide. This fact did not come about easily. At times Crusades were necessary as were witch burnings an Inquisition; and just plain terror in the name of God. But it did achieve a following of folks dedicated to the infallible word of this book. They call themselves Christians. They will not be denied.
I state with no compunction that the wisdom imparted in this book is as valid today as ever it was. Also that you may lead a very happy and compassionate life by following the dogma that goes along with the organization of Christian followers. The ministers, priests, and preachers will be only too happy to straighten you out if you get twisted up in the course of living your life. Coming back into the fold is as simple as once again committing to a 10% tithe. And for those of you who never fall from the fold you shall be rewarded with life forever with the great cloud being.
I fully realize that the words I have written will be viewed with horror by a good portion of people reading, however I want you to know that a good portion of the people are horrified by what Christianity has become. Good service to the cause has not been realized by what John McCain, once called the “agents of intolerance." Intolerance with settled law as in Roe vs. Wade. Church and State should be surgically removed at the hip as they are like oil and water. Religion must soothe the inner being of each individual separate of the whole. Governance must serve the all in a secular fashion as each being equal. The two must compliment each other and they do. Government has little need to control Religious movements except in rare instance such as Jim Jones and Waco Texas. Why do religious communities need guns?
Christians just piss people off when they declare a Petrie dish more important than helping someone with a spinal cord injury or Alzheimer’s or interrupt scientific inquiry with absurd Biblical certainty. The same holds true with the argument of intelligent design and the age of the earth not conforming to the infallible word of the Bible. Give it up folks, the old order changes bringing forth the new. Give your life to God and Receive a blessing, sounds good to me, leave off telling everyone else including government the only way to do it. And we will all profit.

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