Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been a slight bit distracted as Tango has had a lumpectomy. Since he was about a year old he has had a lump on his neck. The veterinarian thought it was a benign allergic reaction to a vaccination, as this is a site most often used for injection. However the lump was growing and though it didn’t seem to bother him it did bother me. My daughter one time had a precocious little dog that was not as fortunate as Tango and the lump she had was indeed carcinogenic. No fun watching man or animal go downhill with cancer.
So I bit the bullet and committed my friend to pain and suffering to ease my fears, he was forced to starve for twelve hours prior to being admitted. I was not prepared for what I saw when he was released, this was much more radical than I had imagined. A very dopey drooling dog came home and sure didn’t think much of his medicine but like a trooper he took it and had a big ham and crumbles dinner.
After a lot of attention and a good night’s sleep we are both on the mend. He was out this am for his morning round of leg lifting and turf scattering I wouldn’t allow cat chasing today as both he and the cats need a day off. I am pleased to report that he is clear eyed and bushy no tail.

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