Monday, December 8, 2008

Lies are Dangeous

The other day I was wandering around Len Hart’s spread “ The Existentialist Cowboy” when I found this little gem so I picked it up put it in my pocket to save for a rainy day. Well its Monday it’s raining so here it is. A quotation by C. G Jung “A lie makes no sense, unless the truth were thought to be dangerous”
As the events of September 11th 2001 were unfolding in the following week it soon became obvious to a news junkie like me that something was amiss. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it but a gut feeling that that at best truth was being suppressed, the news media does not necessarily demand or expect answers as an investigation is underway. But as the days gave way to weeks and months, it became obvious that truth was on the back burner. Even an ex dog catcher like myself could see that Sadam was a dictator and that Osama was a Religious fundamentalist, under no circumstances would these two be in collusion.Meanwhile the President was waving the flag looking for a patriotic response the people saluted that flag, and it was reflected in his poll numbers soaring as high as they would ever go. Who knew for certain he was lying? The drums of war were beating senselessly, it was wrong and by this time it was being recognized and some were speaking out against this. Only to be beaten back and ostracized, vilified and ridiculed as being unpatriotic if you are not with us you are against us. It wasn’t until the speech delivered at the United Nations when the president delivered those sixteen words of infamy that I personally knew that he was lying.
My nineteen years of interviewing dog, owners was enough training to observe body language, and speech delivery, and state without any reserve that is A Lie. During Colin Powell’s speech I admit I was less certain but viewed it with a good deal of skepticism. From the highest tech country in the world they display hand drawn pictures of what turned out to be items of non existence Well that was along time ago and several thousand lies later, Dick and George are heading for the exit, and we the people are left a legacy of ruined military families, economy in the dumpster, world standing and respect at the lowest point in history.
The only time in my life that my father ever gave me a good spanking was when he caught me in a very obvious lie. I won’t say it stopped me from doing it again, but did serve to prove a lifetime lesson. I believe it important to the future of America that the extent and scope of these lies and acts of treason be explored. I suggest post administration IMPEACHMENT. The truth is dangerous and will piss you off.

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