Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Hague is Vague

THE HAGUE IS VAGUE what does that court say?
The very fact that the out going administration is guilty only in the appearance of impropriety. That no courts have actually said guilty as charged. Let us now appoint those courts. Has any inquiry been made of the World Court? What are their view points talking points and general impressions of an American President gone rogue?
I would love to believe that no country of the world receive a free pass in this court. No one should be exempt from the established law that has been determined here. The Japanese were prosecuted for water boarding, Dick Chaney has admitted to this act, this is torture and Dick and others must come to the law. My favorite Professor used to say “There is Nothing New in the World It just happens to different People”!
The events of 9/11 2001 were not new, it just happened big time in America for the first time. It was different for the American people hence forth and for the next 7 years. But these acts of terrorism do not condone extreme interrogation techniques or acts of extraordinary rendition or prison facilities like Abu Grahib or Guantanamo. Those events did not warrant the type of terror waged upon the American people by its own government. However these charges should not be tried in house by American courts for all the obvious reasons they should be reviewed and tried under world approved standards. Those standards are not quaint.
Vincent Bugliosi has suggested that G.W. Bush be charged with murder some say that is not enough and that others be tried along with him conspiracy is not a theory it is a CRIME. The litany of abuse by the outgoing administration is long and detailed and very much in need of an accountability moment. I see the President elect with as Kay in Maine says one huge shit pile to clean up. It will not be easy but it will be necessary if the people are ever to have confidence in the rule of law again George W Bush, Dick Chaney, Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld should be treated no differently than Billy who Farted POT DEALER. They are more outrageous than any crack addict could ever be simply because they come at their crime from a position of power and a belief that that when the President does it is not against the law. BULLSHIT the law is the law and you folks do not get to pick and choose and use signing statements to protect you asses I do not know the form accountability will come in I am only certain that it must come and that the way is now paved to truth.
For too long those doing the crimes have been framing the argument that what they do is in your best interest, not for one moment should you believe that. Lies are always in the best interest of the liar as the truth is probably dangerous!

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