Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TheWorld is Very Holy

The author at{ randommarainthoughts} was instrumental in my wanting to write this post as I believe in the Fatherhood of God The Motherhood of Nature and the Brotherhood of Man. She saw God in flowers, sunsets and corral reefs, I do to. This author was a Catholic I was a Protestant who gives a shit. We have both grown beyond labels and found the common ground of spirit. When I go to bed at night I ask the great good spirit that made the lion who also made the lamb and black dogs who also made me, to make me more than I know myself to be.
The native American Spirituality has been way underrated. It is simple it is based on individual experience as to furthering ones understanding and progress through the complexities of life. Isolation and vision quest a method of coming face to face with oneself and the role one must have in life. Who among us go through this quest? Not many of us think along these lines. And even fewer hold them to be important.
This view point is valid and needs more scrutiny, this view point comes not from scribes and purported testimony this viewpoint comes from the unadulterated observance of nature and human involvement in trying to survive. At times these Native Americans ate Bear and at times the bear ate these natives.
The idea that is your own and the thoughts you develop from within are more important than any concept given you or any dogma inherent from an organized religion. These are the demands of others you must be driven by the thoughts you create on your own.
Peace Be With you!

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