Friday, December 19, 2008

Krista's Critters

My life was blessed with three children, in the beginning two boys. Seventeen months apart and friends and buds forever. The sister came along and everyone loved her. But she was different she was not a boy. This fact did not register on this girl and there was naught that they could do that she could not follow up to a point somewhere in their teens. Krista could ride and rope and catch a dog or tame and train a cat like no one could. But she was not a boy and as such was kept from brother shit for along time. That being the case she tried harder, she spent countless hours by herself with horses cats dogs and nature. She and her critters developed on a scale beyond the norm. I have watched her ride in darkness her horse without bridle, halter or saddle. Without any thing other than a common bond of love. Krista worked a wonder on every animal she ever encountered. The family dog Nuage was never the same after adding her to his pack because she was not a boy. He and she were buds. He was hers and, she was his and they were both together. Picture a two year old girl sleeping with her head on an old English Sheep Dog. Picture her dressing my tom cat in baby clothes picture her getting ring worm from a litter of infected kittens.
In my bio I describe myself as being anthropomorphic because I talk to my dog, well my daughter is even more so than me and I mean that in a very positive and enlightened way. Snakes know heart, yogis in jungle need not fear! Krista’s Critters never feared they went along with whatever she demanded of them and seldom was she ever bit scratched or mauled. All critters fold to her molding eventually
Today all my children are grown and I trust that whatever separated boys and girls is gone. The family is all adults and that is great but that which still stand true beyond the norm is Krista’s hold on critters. My blog sites namesake “Tango” goes totally bat shit crazy when she comes round. krista has two cats of her own both of which are very talented one plays Brahms on the Piano and the other recites poetry non stop morning to night. When she goes down town, Kit is like the pied piper of our town and has a huge critter following. Pit bulls and crows and God only knows follow Kit wherever she goes. It is amazing. I can do nothing except acknowledge someone, whose talents outperform mine in all respects canine, feline, equine, and all things critter wise. God where did all this talent come from? Oh that’s right it came from within and the knowledge that when it comes to animals if it is necessary NO is NOT an Answer, animals come first !!


Anonymous said...

some people just have the magick touch when it comes to animals :)

Tango daddy said...

Thanks for stopping by Tanya. You are so right about that magic I have always believed that it is not what you say but how you say it.When your intentions are pure those thoughts are rewarded and animals can be bullshitted but not coerced. See you soon!