Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Believe this Blogger is a Maverick

Someone that I’ve been following is Len Hart at http:// existentialist cowboy This guy is a maverick he is one unbranded calf no one owns this one, he wanders the range alone and speaks out against abuse where ever he sees it left or right or center, right is might, and wrong is fought. I have opinions and attitude, Len has facts figures and solutions.
When the truth needs telling which are both often and unfortunate Len Hart does it. One of his recent posting was one of the best researched, and most in need of being brought to the surface of comman awareness he did that and I applaud.
{Karl Rove Threatened Connell Suspected of Sabotage and Murder}. This story broke eight days ago I personally have been looking for it in the corporate media and have not found it. It’s not there it’s been air brushed from happening, not being driven. The MSM ignores all things adverse to their bottom line and the GOP and Republican party represented that bottom line The new and consolidated media does not rock the boat. The new and consolidated media does not report the news.
Responsible boggers like the Existentialist cowboy, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Raw Story and others were all over this plane crash and the implications on the death of this man. Silence from the corporate media tells me something. And this I picked up from this maverick cowboy as well THE TRUTH IS DANGEROUS I believe that icing on the wings of a small plane will kill you as quickly as spread sheet disease. I believe that that those in power have access to vast resources and imaginative solutions. I believe that if you can conjure up a fictitious solution to a vexing problem so can those that are in jeopardy. I believe that this plane crash will be investigated on more than just the level of aviation administration but in order to make that happen it has got to be driven. Light must be shone on the investigating agencys FBI, Justice Dept. and incoming administration must recognise that this is one very fortuitous event eliminating all avenues to the truth. This is not politics as usual this is the beginning of the end. Too many people in important positions are dying in small plane accidents Mike Connell was the last in a litany that is long, but for brevity I mention only Paul Wellstone and JFK jr. Clean up America, listen to a real maverick, listen to Len.Lean on his fence and watch him ride these stories and rope their essences. We will win.


radiodujour said...
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December 22, 2008

Peter B Collins talks with Brad Friedman (, Larisa Alexandrovna ( and attorney Clifford Arnebeck about the mysterious death by plane crash of Karl Rove's IT Guru Mike Connell who some believe was set to testify that he participated in manipulating the Ohio 2004 presidential election to insure that George W Bush would remain president of the United States.

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