Monday, December 1, 2008


Just when I thought hope was a place in BC, I find hope in Ottawa. This can be a watershed moment if we do it properly and not let the right of center Conservative Party frame the argument. The people of Canada spoke and the cold hard fact is that only 37% thought that right of center Conservatives should lead the country. Thus spoke Stephen Harper and when presented with his new plan, - a no confidence vote came to be the focus. A coalition government with left of center values has got to be more favorable to Canadian lower and middle class needs than the Conservatives proposed agenda. This hasn’t happened yet but my fervent desire is that it will. My fervent desire is that Canada takes a new direction away from following the failed policies of George W. Bush and Stephen Harper.
These two have been joined at the hip in too many different secret back room deals from, hard wood lumber to the Security Prosperity Partnership and the Canadian American Military Agreement. And what was that meeting in New Orleans with George W. Bush, Philippe Calderone and thirty unnamed CEO’s all about?
A new day in American politics, adults are now soon to be in charge. And with any luck a new day and restoration of this nation, no longer slave to the same failed policies that are throwing George out on his ass with The Hague looking over his shoulder!!

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