Monday, December 15, 2008

The shoe seen round the world

A secret trip, a photo op and bragging on the SOFA agreement. All take second fiddle to one pissed off Iraqi Journalist with nothing more than a healthy frustration and a pair of shoes he fired the missiles seen round the world The significance of a shoe may be lost on some but not on any of Islamic faith.
The American corporate media has been going hard on this story since it started. That’s certainly one viewpoint. However the world at large is viewing this and unlike George W Bush who states I don’t know what his problem is. Most of the world does know the problem it is you Sir. The rest of the world see these pictures and understand the history of the region and are not impressed by you legacy and feeble attempts to rewrite history to conform to your vanity. In this case sir the world is rooting for the shoe thrower. Not you not America as it is. I do believe the Arab world and middle east region may become more stable with you gone Sir.

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