Monday, December 28, 2009

Christianity no longer soothes my soul Now it just pisses me off

Catholic Bishops and Papal authority do not legislate terms in American politics. Catholic nun’s hospitals do not have to be obliged with health care reform decisions. The right wing moral authority is not moral and has no authority in the secular application of political social reform.
Christians can buy politicians with a voting block as easily as a lobbyist can with money. Both corrupt the system with vested interests. We are asked to accept on faith that which is unexplainable, Heaven, Hell, God and miracles, trickle down economic philosophy as well. Religion is big business very big. And must be treated as such, Lobbyists cannot be tax exempt.
For the large part the American people are smart enough to see past the blinders of absurdity this religion has become. America never was a Christian nation it was a mosaic of religious diversity. And now the American Taliban is trying to take over. Well let them try but first they must refute some of their most egregious claims.
In respect of the concept of intelligent design, I saw a five year old boy say that it was ridiculous to suggest the world was only six thousand years old. From GW Bush on down through his born again Christian base this is the bullshit being taught in some schools. This is not good for America.
The {C} street political adulterers would have you believe that they get a pass on adultery because Jesus only wants powerful people in his court. This is another trickle down philosophy that is flawed. Poor people are poor because they lack faith. David Coe and the Christian mafia have been exposed by Jeff Sharlet with his book The Family on Rachel Maddow. However she was the only one in the main steam media who picked up on this. Oh and explore the connection between The Family, and Gays in Uganda being put to death.
One couldn’t overlook the Wasila Alaska prayer warrior and diva of lies. Sarah Palin is a member of The New Apostolic Reformation. This exalted blight on Christianity believes we must expel the witches among us. They also take credit for the death of Mother Teresa and removing the blockage over the Himalaya Mountains that kept prayers from reaching Heaven.
I have not attempted to list all of the new Christian absurdity, there is a lot more, but I do think it necessary that proponents of this faith acknowledge that there are perversions to what you were taught that now go beyond the Bible teachings you grew up with, then extended into radical extremism, and the just plain stupid category, they are now morphing into sedition
The call for pray for Obama Psalm 108/9, Is seditious. This level of intolerance must be stopped, abortion stem cell research are areas beyond religions jurisdiction but free speech is tolerated. Calling for assassination will not be tolerated it should be prosecuted. The entire Christian community should be put on notice, preach religion and do not preach politics. Law making is not your function.
Refute these facts refute the fact that you old time religion has been hijacked and held ransom by mega churches Preachers with private jets and a Jesus who now supports only those with power and influence, a Jesus who no longer believes the Meek shall inherit the earth and Gays are not made in Gods image and that the witches among us must be expelled.
Forgive me but these asshats who spew this vitriolic shit must be taken down a peg or two. America is for all Americans not just those pious self serving wing nuts proclaiming terror in the name of God.
Peace Be With You

Sunday, December 13, 2009

UPDATE ON MARCH 16/09 Super Soft Bust

Back in March I put up a post on how municipalities in British Columbia are subverting the criminal code in order to deal with mom and pop grow ops.
The sole reason for coming to your house is high electrical consumption and possible public safety hazard. Or so they say. The real reason just might be the enhanced cash flow from five thousand dollar inspection fees. In this community alone this reflects approximately one point five to two million dollars bolstered to municipal coffers. However the down side is it has taken twelve to fifteen million out of the community, money that would be spent for the large part right here at home. These are not organized crime enterprises but small operations serving a need. Is this good business? No this is just one more plank in the failing policies of Stephen Harpers Conservative government driving Canada backwards, by allowing fascism to flourish at a municipal level
Canada since the 1973 LeDain commission has been moving progressively towards the subject of harm reduction and decriminalization. Legalization would be the next logical move to fight the criminal aspect of prohibition. No mandatory sentencing for growing pot. There is no scientific evidence to support the many myths used by government to enact the kind of legislation proposed by Stephen Harper. He is taking a page from the American sentencing guidelines and that page is flawed. Last year America prosecuted over six hundred thousand citizens for simple possession alone. How sick is that? This is not a manufactured product like alcohol or tobacco, this is a simple herb that grows in the ground. Nothing insidious about this, no addiction like alcohol or tobacco, in fact this plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Big pharmaceutical companies in Canada lobbies against its usefulness.
I believe that is time for the Canadian people to take back their country from this conservative quackery, cut the moralizing bullshit and express their outrage at a Government that still follows the dictates of George W bush. We as Canadians must wake up to the fact that Stephen Harper is working for the same big business interests as his American BFF war criminal counterpart. We must say this is unacceptable, and demand change.
This post has been all about marijuana and the need for a more liberal and sensible approach to dealing with this subject. It is obvious to me that Government is out of control over the edge and picking up speed. Canada because of this Conservative Government is now being vilified on many fronts including Copenhagen, and the TAR SANDS lets get real. For most Canadians the options are out there Liberal NDP and Green party must instead of splitting up the vote come together to rid us of this conservative menace. Lets put this country back on track as a world leader working for the Canadian people and let business fend for itself.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The party crashers Michele and Tareq Salahi need to be prosecuted. They knowingly went where they were not invited. The secret service is culpable in this intrusion and needs to set an example and most definitely correct the inadequacy that allowed this to happen.
I am not giving the SS a pass on this but I will say that this protection unit is overworked and under employed. With a reported four hundred percent increase in the threat level with this President there has not been the same increase in security for this man. The security service should not be covering their asses over this incident they should be employed covering the Presidents against the likes of radical right wing religious extremists. Who as Frank Schaeffer from Huffington Post when interviewed by Rachel Maddow stated “they are out there trolling for assassins“.
The religious right know no boundaries and as such step over the line on all issues they see as being mandated by God. Any attempt by these extremists to usurp the Administration and legislative process should be viewed with a practiced eye as to their method of demanding changes. This whole suggestion of praying for President Obama Psalm 108/9 needs severe scrutiny. There needs to be a push back from the secret service authority on this kind of overt threat.
Posted earlier this week on The Existentialist Cowboy a post titled Limbaugh commits prosecutable treason, you must read this to understand the extent and nature of threat that is coming the way of President Obama. As long as the Republican un authorized spin machine is allowed to get away with the kind of distortions put forward by he likes of Limbaugh, Beck and others the greater the threat becomes these spokes people have an audience that believe this rhetoric and think themselves patriotic enough to act in violent ways
One final admonition for the secret service, the threats to your President are real. You can believe the last President you lost was as a result of a lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, but believe this at your own peril and at the peril of President Obama. History does repeat itself!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Republicans didn’t back your bailout plans. The republicans have not given one vote of consent for health care reform. Instead they think you should put off that effort until next year so you can have more time to prosecute the war. The Republicans will give you unanimous support for that. Is this resonating Mr. President? Something is wrong.
Both Michael Moore and Keith Olberman have come out in the last 24 hours with brilliant comments on why your decision to add thirty thousand troops is wrong. The reasons for being there in the first place are not valid. You may be looking forward but you have blinders on. You cannot afford to listen to these military advisers and defy your own good judgment and common sense. The people who elected you wanted change this is not a decision that they can believe in, this is more off the same.
The Military Industrial Complex is something very powerful and must be feared, they have shown there might since the assassination of JFK. But at some point a leader must stand up and say this is not a problem with a military solution but a diplomatic one. The Taliban pose no threat to America whatsoever. Osama Bin Laden is probably dead and his cave dwelling followers are down to about one hundred individuals This seems like poor value at one million dollars for each of the thirty thousand soldiers being sent. THIRY BILLION MORE DOLLARS. Not a good idea!!