Sunday, December 13, 2009

UPDATE ON MARCH 16/09 Super Soft Bust

Back in March I put up a post on how municipalities in British Columbia are subverting the criminal code in order to deal with mom and pop grow ops.
The sole reason for coming to your house is high electrical consumption and possible public safety hazard. Or so they say. The real reason just might be the enhanced cash flow from five thousand dollar inspection fees. In this community alone this reflects approximately one point five to two million dollars bolstered to municipal coffers. However the down side is it has taken twelve to fifteen million out of the community, money that would be spent for the large part right here at home. These are not organized crime enterprises but small operations serving a need. Is this good business? No this is just one more plank in the failing policies of Stephen Harpers Conservative government driving Canada backwards, by allowing fascism to flourish at a municipal level
Canada since the 1973 LeDain commission has been moving progressively towards the subject of harm reduction and decriminalization. Legalization would be the next logical move to fight the criminal aspect of prohibition. No mandatory sentencing for growing pot. There is no scientific evidence to support the many myths used by government to enact the kind of legislation proposed by Stephen Harper. He is taking a page from the American sentencing guidelines and that page is flawed. Last year America prosecuted over six hundred thousand citizens for simple possession alone. How sick is that? This is not a manufactured product like alcohol or tobacco, this is a simple herb that grows in the ground. Nothing insidious about this, no addiction like alcohol or tobacco, in fact this plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Big pharmaceutical companies in Canada lobbies against its usefulness.
I believe that is time for the Canadian people to take back their country from this conservative quackery, cut the moralizing bullshit and express their outrage at a Government that still follows the dictates of George W bush. We as Canadians must wake up to the fact that Stephen Harper is working for the same big business interests as his American BFF war criminal counterpart. We must say this is unacceptable, and demand change.
This post has been all about marijuana and the need for a more liberal and sensible approach to dealing with this subject. It is obvious to me that Government is out of control over the edge and picking up speed. Canada because of this Conservative Government is now being vilified on many fronts including Copenhagen, and the TAR SANDS lets get real. For most Canadians the options are out there Liberal NDP and Green party must instead of splitting up the vote come together to rid us of this conservative menace. Lets put this country back on track as a world leader working for the Canadian people and let business fend for itself.


ksliberal said...

Tango Daddy,

Though we would disagree on the statement that marijuana is non-addictive, and I do believe that it is harmful to daily users, we would definitely agree that the government must legalize it at once. The war on drugs has certainly failed in this country; let us be the model for what NOT to do. Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. Imprisoning people for growing, using or possessing it is filling prisons and costing taxpayers, communities and families. It is overkill to the nth degree.

Any and all countries that continue to pursue the unreasonable, unrealistic policy of criminalization will continue to pay the unneccessary, escalating costs.

Tango daddy said...

Thanks KS, for a good many years I believed that Canada would be the forerunner in poitive change. It now appears that even with little support from the White House individual states are attempting to put their houses in order.
It matters little to me that it is for financial reasons rather than moral it is happening and thats what is impportant.

Anonymous said...

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