Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The party crashers Michele and Tareq Salahi need to be prosecuted. They knowingly went where they were not invited. The secret service is culpable in this intrusion and needs to set an example and most definitely correct the inadequacy that allowed this to happen.
I am not giving the SS a pass on this but I will say that this protection unit is overworked and under employed. With a reported four hundred percent increase in the threat level with this President there has not been the same increase in security for this man. The security service should not be covering their asses over this incident they should be employed covering the Presidents against the likes of radical right wing religious extremists. Who as Frank Schaeffer from Huffington Post when interviewed by Rachel Maddow stated “they are out there trolling for assassins“.
The religious right know no boundaries and as such step over the line on all issues they see as being mandated by God. Any attempt by these extremists to usurp the Administration and legislative process should be viewed with a practiced eye as to their method of demanding changes. This whole suggestion of praying for President Obama Psalm 108/9 needs severe scrutiny. There needs to be a push back from the secret service authority on this kind of overt threat.
Posted earlier this week on The Existentialist Cowboy a post titled Limbaugh commits prosecutable treason, you must read this to understand the extent and nature of threat that is coming the way of President Obama. As long as the Republican un authorized spin machine is allowed to get away with the kind of distortions put forward by he likes of Limbaugh, Beck and others the greater the threat becomes these spokes people have an audience that believe this rhetoric and think themselves patriotic enough to act in violent ways
One final admonition for the secret service, the threats to your President are real. You can believe the last President you lost was as a result of a lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, but believe this at your own peril and at the peril of President Obama. History does repeat itself!!

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