Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cults Crime And Spooks

Hitler and Himmler were both members of the Thule society. Prescott, Herbert Walker, and George W Bush were all members of Skull and Bones a Yale University secret society. What is the coincidence that both groups seek a New World Order?
Several years ago after reading the Da Vinci Code and while doing some follow up reading in Holy Blood Holy Grail I came across The Thule Society and cross referencing of Skull and Bones.
In William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, he says Members of the Order (Skull and Bones) take an oath that absolves them from any allegiance to any nation or king or government or constitution, and that includes the negating of any subsequent oath which they may be required to take. They swear allegiance only to the Order and its goal of a New World Order. I can’t swear that is true but it sounds reasonable. And others do confirm it.Is that kind of oath in the nations best interest how would that conform to the Presidential oath of office? How would that Bonesman oath conform to following the word of God as a born again Christian? Short answer is it would not conform. In everything these oath takers say and tell us there would be a private underlying agenda, of a secret society not the truth.
Hitler had an agenda, Prescott had an agenda, and Herbert and George had agendas but were they consistent to the good of we the people or were they secret society and self serving? In this latest go round with a Skull and Bones President it becomes pretty obvious that lies and private reasoning have taken America in the unwanted and unnecessary direction of Iraq. There was an unstated reason for that. War is good for the economy but in this case it has just about broken it. It did however line the pockets of all the corporations’ attendant to the Bush and Chaney interests. Halliburton, KBR, Carlisle Corp, big oil, and the entire military industrial complex have been rewarded under this Bush dynasty. The old boy bones network runs rife through the spook community and armaments industry. Carlisle has now taken over the espionage assets from Booz Allen Hamilton About twelve thousand employees in that section. Herbert Walker and the Saudis own a large potion of Carlisle. Private contractors in the espionage arena certainly allow for plausible deniability and secrecy!
Some very good reading on these subjects can be found at the main Core Promis and the Shadow Govt. part s one and two

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Has murder become an accepted political tool?

The history of the planet involves the overthrow of one leader by another for sole purpose of power. We in the west have been led to believe what we are told. We do not examine in detail what we need to know. I know for example without going to wickipedia and off the top of my head that John Wilkes Booth Shot Abe Lincoln in Fords Theater, I don’t know why. But I accept that it happened.
I know that JFK was shot in Dealy plaza by a gun man apprehended that day in a theater Lee Harvey Oswald was later shot while in custody by Jack Ruby a man with known mob ties. How do I know this I saw it on TV. That’s what I saw, but why it happened that way was poorly explained, and became one of the biggest cover ups in American history. I know that Bobby Kennedy was murdered and that some guy with the unlikely name Sirhan Sirhan was arrested and charged and convicted. I saw that on TV as well but I don’t know why he did it the reasons given at the time didn’t make sense. Dr. Martin Luther King was gunned down but I don’t remember who did it, but I do remember at the time thinking this happened because he was a very well spoken black man that was in the face of the establishment, that was a word during the sixties that meant something and I did know what that was. And I believed then and now that was true. Malcolm X was a black radical I was told and he to bought a bullet. There was a lot of establishment clean up going around in the sixties. It was only fashionable in some circles but widely accepted as fact by the majority. Moving forward and forgive me if I have failed to report or missed any other unfortunate and untimely demises.
Let us skip directly to the undetermined and untimely death of the third Kennedy John Jr. The beginning of a new methodology the small plane crash was soon to over throw the bullet. I know off the top of my head that his plane and remains were recovered and pilot error was assumed to be the cause. End of story nothing to see here so we will move along what could he have possibly been up to except being a Kennedy with possible future political persuasions. Next in line and the forerunner of future icing on the wings for politically fortuitous considerations. Paul Wellstone had actually read the patriot act before it was enacted and was against it, he was also poised to speak out against it, and down he goes along with several others. The last on my list of politically expedient demises was most recently the unfortunate plane crash of Mike Connell. This man was the internet guru used by the White House during the 2004 election cycle and man responsible for archiving White house emails he was purported to have been threatened by Karl Rove and poised to testify about alleged impropriety.
Murder most assured with Lincoln, JFK, and Bobby Kennedy. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The politically fortuitous death of these others I leave up to too you to decide were they murder or just ??

Too Powerful to Prosecute?

The Bush family I am sure believes it is too powerful to be held to the same rule we measure others by. That rule would be the law. There are many forms of law breaking by the entire family HWB and his lies about the CIA and JFK assassination is a good place to start That was not the beginning but HWB is still alive and could be deposed. If wrong doings were discovered and they would be upon scrutiny he could still face charges. And some of the truth that has been covered up would come to see the light of day. This conspiracy should be recognized not as theory but as a crime.
Jeb Bush is no angel and never should ever be allowed to hold public office again for his part in the criminal acts involved in electing his brother in the 2000 election. As I am writing this I flash on how third world and fascist this actually is. It is also in the past and I don’t see the format for truth. Stop the vote recount and declare my brother President. Then we can all just suck it up and move along
One two three Prescott, Herbert Walker, and now Georgie. If this were your average family it would be trying to hide these three as being the black sheep destroying a good and honorable family, not so here, these three were elevated to the highest hopes of the land.
This past president has admitted to crimes committed, how to proceed from those admissions to accountability is the subject of much debate. My take is that not one but several areas of inquiry should take place. The dept of Justice needs to clean its own house as every corner has been soiled by burrowing Bushies. A return to public confidence must start here. John Conyers has tabled a five hundred page report and that is too big to sweep under a rug. Congressional hearings along with the newly released documents that were unavailable before should help remove the blinders imposed by Executive privilege. Two more areas of inquiry remain a possibility, The oh so quaint Geneva Convention and world court, does have jurisdiction and is best equipped to handle areas like torture and the Bush doctrine of preemptive invasion and occupation. The world opinion of America is at an all time low and looking to us to make a start on some of the most egregious crimes of the Bush criminal network. That start is coming to a computer screen near you. Don’t expect too much from the corporate media as they will continue to carry water for what they interpret the party of big business.
One final area of inquiry and the one I like best, I refer to it as the Bugliosi solution. Vincent Bugliosi prosecutor extraordinaire has the qualification to have studied the evidence and declare that George W Bush can and should be tried for murder. It would only take one federal prosecutor or any District Attorney that has had a soldier from his jurisdiction killed in Iraq to level a charge of murder. Not TOO POWERFUL TO PROSECUTE. What say you?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Churches may need Redefining

Today John Aravosis is reporting that Archbishop Rino Fisichella is commenting on the arrogance of newly elected President Obama as someone who is opening the door to abortion and thus the destruction of human life. Abortion does not take long to rear its ugly head from this absolute Papal moral authority.
I say to you this sir preach to your congregation that abortion is wrong, that way you will be heard by those that want to hear you. You do not have the right to make demands or assertions on the population at large. Yours is just a view point from your particular brand of theology, it does not represent mine. And you point of view does not give you liberty to anoint Americas new leader as arrogant. In fact Mr. Archbishop in order to serve your flock you should totally curtail all criticism of state affairs and stay with the
God that you know so well. This is the message that you should be giving you know the one about tollerance and respect for others.
If the Church wishes to have a say in governance it could become so. It need only to give up its tax exemption and then it could have the status of any other multinational. It could lobby legally. Pay its taxes like all of us. The entire Christian right if it paid taxes could probably make America solvent.

Too Big to Fail ?

Bailouts I am not going to spend a lot of time on this subject because like John McCain I am not real good on this. However suffice it to say that they are necessary as a result of failed Republican policies and deregulation. The bailout appears to me to be socialism for the super rich. Risk capital when lost in risky business ventures cannot be allowed to happen as these companies are TOO BIG TO FAIL. What the hell does that mean? What the hell does it mean when a CEO drives his company into failure and receives a bailout hand out from we the people and he still collects his well deserved bonus of millions?
Did you know that out of the seven hundred Billion dollar bailout a firm ten percent of that is being spent on bonus claims by CEOs? Now I personally am still working on my first million I have along way to go and don’t have any off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands or anywhere else. Now ask that question of CEOs and any of the companies getting the handout. They do have offshore accounts and in some cases do not pay taxes. I have never written this before but WTF? I will conclude this portion of my post by saying I have a great deal of faith in the new administrations ability to clean up this huge pile of horseshit, set the record straight, and redefine the agenda from corporate welfare to social issues of WE THE PEOPLE.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Note left for President Obama

George leaves a Note
This just in from a nosey carpet cleaner at the White House. The note left by George reads as follows Deer Barrackie that’s what I call you, I bet you will really love this desk its got lots of neet hiding spots. It’s really old to. If you happen to find the dirty book I forgot wear it was Herb the ss guy around the corner to the left or right will put it in a plain vanilla enveop and mail it to me. I’m going to put it in the out house on the north or maybe south forty Laura never goes there thanks see ya don’t wanna be ya X presnent George W. Bush


January 20th 2009 9am Pacific standard time
The nightmare is over let the good dreams begin. So much is being written about this moment and so much of that is oh so very good, so much more informed than my little piece. However I wish to speak as a citizen of Canada and what this means to me. I have followed these past Presidents antics, lies and dubious behavior with horror. No civilized country deserves this kind of treatment at the hands of a leader who obviously ignores the people’s needs in favor of his friends and as GWB put it his base. His repeated veto of the SCHIP program was an unconscionable denial of human need and definitely not compassionate conservatism. Very little of what he thinks of as accomplishment can be viewed as such by the average person. His accountability moment has come and now he is GONE.
The world is watching these events today and hope again is being brought to life. The treasure that was America is being picked up dusted off and going to assume its proper place on the world’s stage. This is the first time since the inauguration of JFK that the face of America shone the way it does today. Barack Obama is the face of the world’s future, he now holds the football and his finger is not as itchy on the trigger as the outgoing President the world can relax a lot tensions are easing. The American people are so behind this man and his audacity that there are over two million spectators today to watch the future unfold!
Peace be with You

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shinseki's Mission

Retired General Eric Shinseki has been tasked by the Obama team to oversee and overhaul the Veterans Administration. This is one qualified man who was never afraid to speak truth to power. Like the veterans the agency serves, Shinseki knows well the potential lifetime consequences of combat. He was injured twice in combat, losing part of a foot while serving in Vietnam when he stepped on a land mine. Recently He told the senators he doesn't understand why veterans are currently waiting six months on average to have a claim processed. "We need to do something about this," he said.
The Pentagons budget for 2009 of $515.4 billion, annual military spending, when adjusted for inflation, will have reached its highest level since World War II.
That new Defense Department budget proposal, which is to pay for the standard operations of the Pentagon and the military but does not include supplemental spending on the war efforts or on nuclear weapons, is an increase in real terms of about 5 percent over last year. That budget should as already proposed and without any more supplemental or new funding include all costs of whatever it is that Shinseki determines is necessary. Something much less important than retuning troop health and welfare needs to be trimmed. There is no shortage of hidden and unnecessary spending in this budget. No military man of worth can denounce the needs of a returning soldier. These warriors have paid an extreme price for our benefit. He or She deserves no less than immediate and complete care. Mental health, physical health, financial help and reeducation are all part of the overhaul.
This incoming administration is being hit with an enormous financial meltdown so in order to offset this even the hallowed establishment of the Pentagon is going to have to bite the bullet and suck up the cost of doing what is right it will eventually prove in their best interest.
Semper Fi

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Hypothetical Mr. President Elect

Let this next congress begin with a prayer and end with investigations.
Today the President Elect stated no decisions had been made about investigations on the Bush administration and that it was his focus to look forward and not back. An honest and pragmatic answer as he is not yet the President. He should not show his cards or underestimate the enemy, foreign or domestic. In this case the enemy is truth.
My hypothetical question is this. Mr. President Elect as you come into office and the inner circle of the intelligence community were you to discover something outrageous regarding the events of 9/11 will you inform the people or hide the past? The world at large says bullshit to the official explanation what will you say?
All investigations should start at the beginning and 9/11 was the beginning of the end of a legal administation. All else since then needs serious scrutiny as well you do know.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mr. President Elect

If I were allowed to give you any advice on history, it would be this “take a page from your predecessor’s book" and take holidays and time out .Michele, Radiance, Rosebud and Dad that is the center of the universe that is home. Keep this one together and being the leader of the free world will be easy. The rest of the world knows what is happening in America.
I have heard you speak most eloquently on the subject of education and the need for parents to take more responsibility. Actually be parents and this is what I want you to do. The average Dad spends twenty minutes a day with their children You Mr. President Elect are not average you are a cut above. I think you should low ball the outgoing on the Crawford Texas spread as that village has lost its idiot and would welcome you with open arms. The infrastructure of security and communication is already there and not a bad place for that new dog.
Being the leader of the free world is never going to be as important as being a dad. Kids and dogs and dad and oh my God I do know. And if you have any dog difficulties I would recommend Caesar Millan as part of the animal transition team. Tango and I give you a fist bump and a paw shake and the desire for you to be the best dog owning daddy on the planet.
With no further ado Mr. President give the world your show!

Class vs White Trash

Caroline Kennedy has class you Sarah do not
That is the issue. Classy vs. trashy, Sarah you had your fifteen minutes of fame so climb on your snowmobile and ride off into the sunset. Take your Wasilla Alaska contingent of prayer warriors and go chase Eskimo Shamans and witches. But leave your criticisms of New York politics at the border. You were never qualified to be on the national stage and your opinions on places south of the sixty are not wanted needed or informed. If you want to dazzle the world stay away and perform the duties you have to perfection. Excellence will be noticed you I fear will not. You have exploited hips and lips and tips in a fashion unbecoming politics. Not since soul sister and prayer warrior Catherine Harris has such egregious sexuality been on display to defeat. My sincere hope is that you are the great white hope of the GOP as this will make their defeat so much easier. Charisma and looks are a damn poor substitute for brains. I know America agrees with me. You are not what is needed not now not ever!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homophobe Asshats

Why am I attracted to Gay women? I have had many sleepless nights examining this thought they are so out of reach and yet, there is just something about a woman not flaunting her sexuality, in order to manifest her intelligence that turns me on. I am infatuated with Rachel Maddow love the way Ellen dances and am totally behind Rosie’s motherhood. These are all people that are superior and in control and not defense of their sexuality. These ladies I love. I am not homophobic and this is the difficult part I was going to say hard part, but that would not be appropriate, I love Richard Simmons, for all the right reasons, he so cares about peoples health and welfare that I would like to give him a big hug and say thanks for caring sharing and being out of the closet enough to be real. These celebrities are all walking one step over the line of prejudice that most of us will never know. They are to be recognized and applauded for the work they do.Not to imply that any of those mentioned before agree with me but to state to the LGBT community in general that I have read much of late about your abandonment by the incoming administration in respect of inauguration prayers so I must say this about that The homophobic asshat delivering the prayer will only get three minutes of well vetted script and virtually no venue to spew his venom. It is only because of your objection to this particular right wing conservative religious asshat that he gets fifteen minutes of fame instead of three. It would not matter who or which asshat performs this part of Americas most important happening in the last eight years most would be like him and share his dumbed down beliefs.
You have not been abandoned you are not being slighted PEBO has your back and your rights and all is well. Let the President Elect make this decision it is political you are being overly sensitive and demanding, my admonition is to just back off a tad give the new guy a little wiggle room here and every one is going to prosper. The President elect has lots of fish to fry, get his case for now and don’t make this issue any bigger
Peace Be With You!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bush Legacy Project

The spin is well under way as George sprints to the finish. Poppy is out there along with Dick the prick Chaney. Talking up the goodness and wholesome achievements of the commander in chief. Talk about lipstick on a pig doesn’t that kiss all? George and achievement should never be written in the same sentence. Rove thinks this guys shit don’t stink but when you are a turd blossom what other position can you have? This is what gives you sustenance this is the fuel to make you flourish this is your life building up an incompetent into President. You are complete Karl, go kill the loose ends implicating him and then retire into obscurity and watch for icing on your wings.
It has come to a point whereby if Any Politician does it it’s not a crime, or if it is a crime we will just overlook it until the ethics committee catches it. Talking about Norm Coleman here lets see if I have this straight the ethics committee missed him but some how he got picked up and investigated by the FBI. Is that right? Now just how long for the top dog enforcement agency in the country to figure out whether or not he took the money? Why do these investigations take so long when they are put forward in such simple forms? This guy lost an election is under investigation is suing to retain his seat and is still throwing up shit in front of the incoming solution to the problems created by a rogue and out of control administration. If the Democrats were ever to have the party solidarity displayed by the likes of Norm Coleman and Tom Delay as the hammer then there would be change I could believe in.
Lies distortions half truths and spin is all that have been advanced by the corporate media for so long that it comes as no surprise that it is now going balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, and full speed ahead trying to shore up the breach in the Bush legacy. This is one dike that will fail and when it does the flood will be substantial. Unlike Orwell with 1984 history can not be rewritten by this outgoing disaster of truth as his time is up, and the net roots and You Tube will be the new historians. Hard to deny video evidence and harder to deny people who so want the truth 9/11, WMD it is now going to be possible as this new administration is going to be a legal one something that hasn’t been seen for eight years.
Mr. President your time is up and legacy project aside your history is well documented the fix that was in, will be rescinded with a signing statement, May God bless America and Damn You! Sir

Sunday, January 4, 2009


That would be the Bush family; it is my belief that America and the world at large will be better off when this family no longer has its finger on the trigger. This morning poppy Bush was on the TV talking heads and thinks it would be a fine idea for Jeb to run for the senate or even President.
Not so, America has been adversely affected by this family since the nineteen forties. Grandpa Prescott Bush was the front man for industrialists who bankrolled the Nazis war machine. He was also part of the original CIA along with Harriman and Dulles. With this family of liars the apples do not fall far from the tree. Son Herbert Walker fell right into the espionage community and lied about it.Bush has long denied allegations that he had connections to the intelligence community prior to 1976, when he became Central Intelligence Agency director under President Gerald Ford. At the time, he described his appointment as a 'real shocker Yes and it was a real shocker to see a picture of Herbert Walker Bush taken outside the Texas school book depository on 11/22/63 When he has famously reported as not being able to remember where he was on that day. Only man in America who can’t remember where he was when JFK was assassinated. And can’t remember that he was in the CIA. With a memory like that it is not surprising that GW Bush would be his spawn. And that lies would come as easily to him as to all the rest of his family. There should not be one lick of credibility given to any Bush now or in the future it is not too late to make amends and set all records straight. If HWB was involved in JFK death in any capacity whatsoever there is no statute of limitation. The time has come for America to assert it self and reclaim a hold on truth.
A very interesting post up this morning at
Sign The War Crimes Petition Already!
Now is the time for truth the lies have been coming at us for so long the only hope is for the investigations to begin. And when they do George and Dick are going to be like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike trying to stop the flow of information that will drown them and their cronies. Americans of conscience must make their mark now.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Healthcare Holder Abramoff

If I were the the GOP those three subjects would would scare the hell out of me. Any one of these will prove more than a worthy adversary to a party failed. In several other countries including Canada, France and England the political party that brought in universal health care was able to retain power through several election cycles. You can absolutely take to the bank or someplace safer the fact that major health care reform is happening. The Republican Party along with all the attendent lobbyists will push hard but I believe there is no power greater than an idea whose time has come. Universal Health Cares time has come It is now time to engage any opponents who wish to show why this is not common sense and good business.
Snarlin Arlin thinks it important to understand Eric Holder and question this candidate about the pardon of Mark Rich. PARDON THAT’S RICH I can’t wait for George W. Bush sprint to the finish and see who he pardons. Just another red herring, false flag bullshit, trip thrown up by that pseudo partisan hack. The reason the republicans are going to attempt a black ball on this candidate is they know he cant be compromised and more of them are in compromising situations than Democrats and he will go after them as well, he’s done it before. Holder is one scary dude if you are on the wrong side of the law, accountability is not just a word it’s a promise.Jack in Jail not on bail and has done a lot of talking. This story is on the back burner, but not the investigation. That is ongoing, and with the sheer volume of documentation making slow but steady progress. More indictements will follow. There is also less worry about being derailed as like with John McCains committee and his vast hord of doccumentation that never saw the light of day. Heads are going to roll as there is one hell of a pile of people going to come forward when the new administration is installed. Everyone is going to try and be cooperative to the point of saving their own asses. OH Yes the future is looking to be VERRRY INTERESTING any one else remember that line? It too was from a comedy show.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Quit Calling him Stupid

I like starting a story with a quote and one of my favourite movie characters is Forest Gump who I quote as saying “ stupid is as stupid does”
{ George W Bush is not stupid.}
George W Bush is evil. He does not work or live by the standards that we attribute to good leaders, his is a world of excess, with a family tradition of self serving wealth accumulation at the expense of all else. There is no agenda greater than his own. There is nothing as important as loyalty to the Bush family and this has its rewards and punishment, I suspect. The rewards for corporate fealty are observed in the outrageous profits of the oil companies and all attendant industry in the war effort.
There is nothing George does that is not calculated from invading Iraq, to political appointments. Judicial appointments like stacking the Supreme Court to filling the Justice department with loyal Bush people. All of these for the purpose of furthering the Bush network and agenda these are not the acts of a stupid person these are very clever maneuver by an almost evil form of genius. The common good is never a consideration on this path to the work of a higher Father. And outdoing his own fathers efforts of Presidency.
The only thing that gives me hope about all this so called not being stupid is the George W. Bush escape plan. And when he is out of office nineteen days from now, his ass could be grass if the incoming President decided that it was in the best interests of the country to examine the multiple malfeasances of the former administration. The pressure will be great for accountability at home, the new administration will do something, but it could be more worrisome to George if The Hague or World court were to harbor the same thoughts. International travel as I have stated before could prove troubling just staying in the good old US of A is not the answer to his problems. He needed a safe haven and Paraguay was that place. One little wrinkle to mar a flawless escape plan… Paraguay who had no extradition treaty and did not enjoy their dictator of the past sixty years, they have now elected a left leaning former Catholic clergy who will probably not embrace a former torturer and war monger from north of the border. This former safe haven for war criminals will in all probability come under intense pressure to renounce these past practices. The new hundred thousand acre compound not looking quite as much like home as it did a short while ago.
I did not celebrate the arrival of the New Year. I am holding my breath till Inauguration day and the arrival of the future. The whole world will take one giant step forward as this man steps down. The past must be held accountable, the present is but a moment, the future is all there is. Let the new congress begin with a prayer and end with INVESTIGATIONS!
Nice quote from Will Rogers. Fits these times perfectly.