Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Hypothetical Mr. President Elect

Let this next congress begin with a prayer and end with investigations.
Today the President Elect stated no decisions had been made about investigations on the Bush administration and that it was his focus to look forward and not back. An honest and pragmatic answer as he is not yet the President. He should not show his cards or underestimate the enemy, foreign or domestic. In this case the enemy is truth.
My hypothetical question is this. Mr. President Elect as you come into office and the inner circle of the intelligence community were you to discover something outrageous regarding the events of 9/11 will you inform the people or hide the past? The world at large says bullshit to the official explanation what will you say?
All investigations should start at the beginning and 9/11 was the beginning of the end of a legal administation. All else since then needs serious scrutiny as well you do know.


marain said...

Yes. I fear he means what he says, though - that he wants to look forward and not back. Unfortunately.

Tango daddy said...

Marain He meaning the President Elect must look forward, however Eric Holder must look to justice, lets get this man confirmed and watch the fire works.

marain said...

I hope you are right!