Friday, January 2, 2009

Healthcare Holder Abramoff

If I were the the GOP those three subjects would would scare the hell out of me. Any one of these will prove more than a worthy adversary to a party failed. In several other countries including Canada, France and England the political party that brought in universal health care was able to retain power through several election cycles. You can absolutely take to the bank or someplace safer the fact that major health care reform is happening. The Republican Party along with all the attendent lobbyists will push hard but I believe there is no power greater than an idea whose time has come. Universal Health Cares time has come It is now time to engage any opponents who wish to show why this is not common sense and good business.
Snarlin Arlin thinks it important to understand Eric Holder and question this candidate about the pardon of Mark Rich. PARDON THAT’S RICH I can’t wait for George W. Bush sprint to the finish and see who he pardons. Just another red herring, false flag bullshit, trip thrown up by that pseudo partisan hack. The reason the republicans are going to attempt a black ball on this candidate is they know he cant be compromised and more of them are in compromising situations than Democrats and he will go after them as well, he’s done it before. Holder is one scary dude if you are on the wrong side of the law, accountability is not just a word it’s a promise.Jack in Jail not on bail and has done a lot of talking. This story is on the back burner, but not the investigation. That is ongoing, and with the sheer volume of documentation making slow but steady progress. More indictements will follow. There is also less worry about being derailed as like with John McCains committee and his vast hord of doccumentation that never saw the light of day. Heads are going to roll as there is one hell of a pile of people going to come forward when the new administration is installed. Everyone is going to try and be cooperative to the point of saving their own asses. OH Yes the future is looking to be VERRRY INTERESTING any one else remember that line? It too was from a comedy show.

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