Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Powerful to Prosecute?

The Bush family I am sure believes it is too powerful to be held to the same rule we measure others by. That rule would be the law. There are many forms of law breaking by the entire family HWB and his lies about the CIA and JFK assassination is a good place to start That was not the beginning but HWB is still alive and could be deposed. If wrong doings were discovered and they would be upon scrutiny he could still face charges. And some of the truth that has been covered up would come to see the light of day. This conspiracy should be recognized not as theory but as a crime.
Jeb Bush is no angel and never should ever be allowed to hold public office again for his part in the criminal acts involved in electing his brother in the 2000 election. As I am writing this I flash on how third world and fascist this actually is. It is also in the past and I don’t see the format for truth. Stop the vote recount and declare my brother President. Then we can all just suck it up and move along
One two three Prescott, Herbert Walker, and now Georgie. If this were your average family it would be trying to hide these three as being the black sheep destroying a good and honorable family, not so here, these three were elevated to the highest hopes of the land.
This past president has admitted to crimes committed, how to proceed from those admissions to accountability is the subject of much debate. My take is that not one but several areas of inquiry should take place. The dept of Justice needs to clean its own house as every corner has been soiled by burrowing Bushies. A return to public confidence must start here. John Conyers has tabled a five hundred page report and that is too big to sweep under a rug. Congressional hearings along with the newly released documents that were unavailable before should help remove the blinders imposed by Executive privilege. Two more areas of inquiry remain a possibility, The oh so quaint Geneva Convention and world court, does have jurisdiction and is best equipped to handle areas like torture and the Bush doctrine of preemptive invasion and occupation. The world opinion of America is at an all time low and looking to us to make a start on some of the most egregious crimes of the Bush criminal network. That start is coming to a computer screen near you. Don’t expect too much from the corporate media as they will continue to carry water for what they interpret the party of big business.
One final area of inquiry and the one I like best, I refer to it as the Bugliosi solution. Vincent Bugliosi prosecutor extraordinaire has the qualification to have studied the evidence and declare that George W Bush can and should be tried for murder. It would only take one federal prosecutor or any District Attorney that has had a soldier from his jurisdiction killed in Iraq to level a charge of murder. Not TOO POWERFUL TO PROSECUTE. What say you?


Tim Fleming said...

Ironcially, Bugliosi is the king of obfuscation and prevarication in the JFK case.

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder of an American Nazi"

Tango daddy said...

It just seems to be one great big old boys network doesn't it? I did not know about the Bugliosi involvement in JFK case thanks Tim more research needed