Thursday, January 8, 2009

Class vs White Trash

Caroline Kennedy has class you Sarah do not
That is the issue. Classy vs. trashy, Sarah you had your fifteen minutes of fame so climb on your snowmobile and ride off into the sunset. Take your Wasilla Alaska contingent of prayer warriors and go chase Eskimo Shamans and witches. But leave your criticisms of New York politics at the border. You were never qualified to be on the national stage and your opinions on places south of the sixty are not wanted needed or informed. If you want to dazzle the world stay away and perform the duties you have to perfection. Excellence will be noticed you I fear will not. You have exploited hips and lips and tips in a fashion unbecoming politics. Not since soul sister and prayer warrior Catherine Harris has such egregious sexuality been on display to defeat. My sincere hope is that you are the great white hope of the GOP as this will make their defeat so much easier. Charisma and looks are a damn poor substitute for brains. I know America agrees with me. You are not what is needed not now not ever!

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