Thursday, January 1, 2009

Quit Calling him Stupid

I like starting a story with a quote and one of my favourite movie characters is Forest Gump who I quote as saying “ stupid is as stupid does”
{ George W Bush is not stupid.}
George W Bush is evil. He does not work or live by the standards that we attribute to good leaders, his is a world of excess, with a family tradition of self serving wealth accumulation at the expense of all else. There is no agenda greater than his own. There is nothing as important as loyalty to the Bush family and this has its rewards and punishment, I suspect. The rewards for corporate fealty are observed in the outrageous profits of the oil companies and all attendant industry in the war effort.
There is nothing George does that is not calculated from invading Iraq, to political appointments. Judicial appointments like stacking the Supreme Court to filling the Justice department with loyal Bush people. All of these for the purpose of furthering the Bush network and agenda these are not the acts of a stupid person these are very clever maneuver by an almost evil form of genius. The common good is never a consideration on this path to the work of a higher Father. And outdoing his own fathers efforts of Presidency.
The only thing that gives me hope about all this so called not being stupid is the George W. Bush escape plan. And when he is out of office nineteen days from now, his ass could be grass if the incoming President decided that it was in the best interests of the country to examine the multiple malfeasances of the former administration. The pressure will be great for accountability at home, the new administration will do something, but it could be more worrisome to George if The Hague or World court were to harbor the same thoughts. International travel as I have stated before could prove troubling just staying in the good old US of A is not the answer to his problems. He needed a safe haven and Paraguay was that place. One little wrinkle to mar a flawless escape plan… Paraguay who had no extradition treaty and did not enjoy their dictator of the past sixty years, they have now elected a left leaning former Catholic clergy who will probably not embrace a former torturer and war monger from north of the border. This former safe haven for war criminals will in all probability come under intense pressure to renounce these past practices. The new hundred thousand acre compound not looking quite as much like home as it did a short while ago.
I did not celebrate the arrival of the New Year. I am holding my breath till Inauguration day and the arrival of the future. The whole world will take one giant step forward as this man steps down. The past must be held accountable, the present is but a moment, the future is all there is. Let the new congress begin with a prayer and end with INVESTIGATIONS!
Nice quote from Will Rogers. Fits these times perfectly.


marain said...
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marain said...

Sorry for deleting the post above. I found a mistake I wanted to fix!

I think you are correct - that GWB is evil and not stupid. I do not understand why people cannot see this in his eyes and his smirk whenever he says something. He is so blatantly false that I cannot watch or listen to him - his utter falseness hurts my eyes and my ears.

He hasn't stopped enabling badness everywhere either. About a week ago I read how he had recently allowed dumping of thousands of gallons of poisonous waste from ships one mile off the US coastline. I fear what other damage he will manage to find to do before he leaves and I cannot wait until he is gone. Like you, I am also holding my breath.