Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too Big to Fail ?

Bailouts I am not going to spend a lot of time on this subject because like John McCain I am not real good on this. However suffice it to say that they are necessary as a result of failed Republican policies and deregulation. The bailout appears to me to be socialism for the super rich. Risk capital when lost in risky business ventures cannot be allowed to happen as these companies are TOO BIG TO FAIL. What the hell does that mean? What the hell does it mean when a CEO drives his company into failure and receives a bailout hand out from we the people and he still collects his well deserved bonus of millions?
Did you know that out of the seven hundred Billion dollar bailout a firm ten percent of that is being spent on bonus claims by CEOs? Now I personally am still working on my first million I have along way to go and don’t have any off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands or anywhere else. Now ask that question of CEOs and any of the companies getting the handout. They do have offshore accounts and in some cases do not pay taxes. I have never written this before but WTF? I will conclude this portion of my post by saying I have a great deal of faith in the new administrations ability to clean up this huge pile of horseshit, set the record straight, and redefine the agenda from corporate welfare to social issues of WE THE PEOPLE.

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