Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homophobe Asshats

Why am I attracted to Gay women? I have had many sleepless nights examining this thought they are so out of reach and yet, there is just something about a woman not flaunting her sexuality, in order to manifest her intelligence that turns me on. I am infatuated with Rachel Maddow love the way Ellen dances and am totally behind Rosie’s motherhood. These are all people that are superior and in control and not defense of their sexuality. These ladies I love. I am not homophobic and this is the difficult part I was going to say hard part, but that would not be appropriate, I love Richard Simmons, for all the right reasons, he so cares about peoples health and welfare that I would like to give him a big hug and say thanks for caring sharing and being out of the closet enough to be real. These celebrities are all walking one step over the line of prejudice that most of us will never know. They are to be recognized and applauded for the work they do.Not to imply that any of those mentioned before agree with me but to state to the LGBT community in general that I have read much of late about your abandonment by the incoming administration in respect of inauguration prayers so I must say this about that The homophobic asshat delivering the prayer will only get three minutes of well vetted script and virtually no venue to spew his venom. It is only because of your objection to this particular right wing conservative religious asshat that he gets fifteen minutes of fame instead of three. It would not matter who or which asshat performs this part of Americas most important happening in the last eight years most would be like him and share his dumbed down beliefs.
You have not been abandoned you are not being slighted PEBO has your back and your rights and all is well. Let the President Elect make this decision it is political you are being overly sensitive and demanding, my admonition is to just back off a tad give the new guy a little wiggle room here and every one is going to prosper. The President elect has lots of fish to fry, get his case for now and don’t make this issue any bigger
Peace Be With You!


ksliberal said...

Love that word;asshat. Much better than alternatives, nonsensical though it may be. I wish I could sure your certitude that PEBO will stand by the LBGT community. We shall see, my friend, we shall see. I am hopeful, though.
Funny that you are attracted to gay women; they have always been attracted to me. Even before I knew what gay meant. I always get a kick out of that!

Tango daddy said...

Ks I only use the word asshat because my word proceeing program always changes dipshit on me from that to dips hit. Whats with that. Gay woman like you I guess thats why I do to stop by any time!