Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bush Legacy Project

The spin is well under way as George sprints to the finish. Poppy is out there along with Dick the prick Chaney. Talking up the goodness and wholesome achievements of the commander in chief. Talk about lipstick on a pig doesn’t that kiss all? George and achievement should never be written in the same sentence. Rove thinks this guys shit don’t stink but when you are a turd blossom what other position can you have? This is what gives you sustenance this is the fuel to make you flourish this is your life building up an incompetent into President. You are complete Karl, go kill the loose ends implicating him and then retire into obscurity and watch for icing on your wings.
It has come to a point whereby if Any Politician does it it’s not a crime, or if it is a crime we will just overlook it until the ethics committee catches it. Talking about Norm Coleman here lets see if I have this straight the ethics committee missed him but some how he got picked up and investigated by the FBI. Is that right? Now just how long for the top dog enforcement agency in the country to figure out whether or not he took the money? Why do these investigations take so long when they are put forward in such simple forms? This guy lost an election is under investigation is suing to retain his seat and is still throwing up shit in front of the incoming solution to the problems created by a rogue and out of control administration. If the Democrats were ever to have the party solidarity displayed by the likes of Norm Coleman and Tom Delay as the hammer then there would be change I could believe in.
Lies distortions half truths and spin is all that have been advanced by the corporate media for so long that it comes as no surprise that it is now going balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, and full speed ahead trying to shore up the breach in the Bush legacy. This is one dike that will fail and when it does the flood will be substantial. Unlike Orwell with 1984 history can not be rewritten by this outgoing disaster of truth as his time is up, and the net roots and You Tube will be the new historians. Hard to deny video evidence and harder to deny people who so want the truth 9/11, WMD it is now going to be possible as this new administration is going to be a legal one something that hasn’t been seen for eight years.
Mr. President your time is up and legacy project aside your history is well documented the fix that was in, will be rescinded with a signing statement, May God bless America and Damn You! Sir


cc'd said...

And wasn't that a nice luncheon today?

I wonder if we'll see a recovery to his chart:

Tango daddy said...

I dont know about you cc'd but I felt slighted by not having an invitation. whats the photo op picture about? Jimmy Carter looks like he was photoshopped into the old boys group,no one looks happy!