Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The lunacy has always been just below the surface of politics but now its ugly head is above water. These tea bags have been dunked too often. And the wing nuts are all cross threaded.
Assault weapons being brought to town hall meetings, and the tea baggers think this is ok it’s their right to bear arms. Remember back when George W had three people thrown out of a meeting for having an inappropriate bumper sticker, and a man was arrested for assault of dick the prick for putting a hand on his arm? Now we must put up with the Medias fawning over the biggest excuse for nothing, the corporate sponsored tea bag bowel movement. These cross threaded wing nuts are trying to convince you me and themselves that all things wrong with America is because of Obama and the Liberal takeover of big government. While completely ignoring the outright lies and wars and destruction of constitutional rights economic meltdown under the eight year rule of George the lesser.
Some of my biggest complaints about a dumbed down citizenry is focused on the vitriol of cross threaded wing nut Christian ministries. There is an unspoken legitimacy to religious teaching; the lay man believes what is being said about the word of God when his supposed teacher is a well educated minister, pastor or priest. However all too often these men go off the reservation by trying to be experts on matters outside the scope of religion. Rewriting history to make us believe America is a Christian nation is a cross threaded notion and the advancement of this idea will break both church and state.
I do not for one moment believe the people are dumb. But they are mislead at every level and if they believe all they see, read and hear from the corporate media we are in trouble. The corporate media is big business, churches are big business. All business has an agenda called profit, and this does not always co relate to the best interests of the people. By cross threading the system the way it is being done it will break