Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last evening in a very ancient but refurbished meeting hall in Harrison Mills BC twenty five people met to watch The Esoteric Agenda. Now if you do not know what this movie is about I would insist that you take two hours of your time to learn why the world is not working as it should. Why the best interest of We the People are not only being trod upon but why We The People are no longer needed, how corporations, elites and Governments seek a reduction of planet Earths population from six billion to five hundred million. Find out the insidious ways this is being brought about.

Last evening and well into the night a much larger group was meeting the new Republican led congress was carving up Americas welfare for corporate gains. The Republicans did a sixty Billion dollar slash and burn on some very necessary social programs huge cuts to Planned Parenthood, the Environmental protection authority, Health care funding, climate change and green jobs along with the watch dog Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. The one cut not on the agenda a thirty billion dollar subsidy to the major oil companies. How wrong is this?

In another part of America the people of Wisconsin are fighting to retain the collective bargaining rights they have had for over fifty years. I saw one protesters sign reading Egypt got democracy Wisconsin gets a dictator. Foment is spreading to other states as well as the people come to realize that the Republican platform of Jobs, jobs, jobs was just more bullshit and bravado to regain power, Republicans do not create they only destroy. Not until the middle class revolt will meaningful change ever come about. And remember this America if you are among the ninety eight percent and not a millionaire the Republicans don’t care about you.

The unfortunate portion of my evening was that because of time constraints I was not able to stay until the end I don’t know if there was a discussion that followed or just the mingling and interpersonal dialogue. But the important part as I see it is that even in this very small community twenty five people showed up to examine what’s wrong with this world. The word is out and this will help.

Monday, February 14, 2011


A horse and a plow, a cow and a sow, twenty four hens and a rooster, and you have more than you used to.}

It’s a sad commentary on technological advancement when that old saw makes so much more sense today. When genetically modified and genetically engineered crops go untested for human consumption, and are only tested for corporate profit that is sad. Monsanto is not the agriculturist’s friend. Monsanto should not be the world’s food supplier. But it is becoming that, its corporate influence and lobbying has paid off for the company bottom line. Not so much for consumers.
I am not here to vilify Monsanto but corporate chemical farming in general as the only way to feed the world, when old school techniques like manure spreaders and crop rotation are put back in play a more healthy product is the result. Organics has been beaten up badly and is almost a dirty word in the production of food. What would you rather eat a lettuce grown in the ground or grown hydroponicaly in a stew of chemicals under forced lighting.

My grandfather had a one hundred acre farm in rural Ontario. He had three sons and a market garden that consisted of five arable acres. He had a team of horses, he had cow, and a sow there were twenty four hens and rooster. He put his three sons through high school. Two of those sons signed up for WW2 the third went two a wool factory making military clothing. They scraped by in ways that we need to duplicate. They were all long lived and healthy. His techniques and methods can be duplicated today and improved upon without compromising the final product. His products were sold at market his grains were ground in a mill a neighbors boar bred his sow and another neighbors bull bred his cow. Piglets and milk production
are both saleable but there greatest worth is in using those products.
More practical advice for the average American would be to grow more of what you eat. Even a small cultivated patch of ground in you own back yard would be better for you than just about anything you can buy in the supermarket. It is not hard. If you have acreage then my Grandfathers trip will more than keep you. Another old saw is “you are what you eat” so eat what you grow. That would be healthy, and you would be in control not Monsanto.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


When most Egyptians live on two dollars a day, this man has gone from the head of the air force, How well does that pay? To a net worth of seventy billion dollars. This can only be accomplished through corruption and greed there have not been any new pyramids built or any progress for the lower classes of people as seen in magnificent Egypt’s history. His dictatorship has been forwarding only for him.
If you actually cared about the progress and furtherance of the Egyptian people you would step aside now Mr. Mobarak. You sir have had your fifteen minutes of fame over a thirty year period. You are not going to be buried in the Valley of Kings you are not those kings equal you will be vilified as the dictator you are.
The richness and future of Egypt is not in it’s past but in it’s demand that it move forward in a democratic manner relieved from it’s dictatorial presence of your current regime.
America has other countries it can send prisoner to under extraordinary rendition it does not need Omar Suleiman, the CIA go to guy for enhanced interrogation procedures.
My hat is off to all the brave protesters gathering as one to denounce the past and trying to forge a more righteous future in the cradle of real civilization.

Monday, January 24, 2011


In Tuesday Nights State of the Union address he will be looking forward. This is good as the country needs direction, jobs will probably be mentioned no fewer than twenty seven times. And bipartisan will get just about the same hit. There is no doubt in my mind that the Presidents ideas, proposals and programs will all be sound solutions to some of what ails America today. His way forward for the large part will be in the best interest of we the people, however compromise addressing the concerns of corporations will also be spun as necessary.

The best way forward for the country is not easy when your left foot administration is tracking the shit onto the house floor from the past administration. As long as you are looking forward you fail to see the truth and real justice so badly needed in America today.

In the present political climate I do not believe it possible for the Commander in Chief to scale back the Military Industrial Complex. It has not been possible since Ike. And this is the largest hindrance to America’s financial woes. JFK tried and look what happened.
On September 10th 2001 Donald Rumsefeld in a speech stated there was some two trillion dollars that the pentagon couldn’t account for. The very next day, “Bingo“. The attack on the pentagon successfully took out the computers and personnel that were addressing this anomaly in accounting.

Conspiracy is a crime. Conspiracy as a theory falls into the hands
Governor Jessie Ventura who in one episode of his TV show examines the story of an airplane hitting the pentagon. The story and answers he is getting are all obvious BS. So he goes to the pentagon to demand answers. He interviews a woman who was speaking on behalf of the 9/11 commission, at one point she asks the Governor what is you bottom line? His one word answers TRUTH.

Truth is it possible? As long as the past is taken at face value, covered up and not challenged what does the future have in store for us?

Friday, December 17, 2010


You know the guy, born on Dec 25th whose mother was a virgin. There was a star in the sky that forecast his coming, and three kings came. He was baptized and had 12 disciples, he performed miracles was eventually crucified and was resurrected in three days.
That’s correct all of these attributes to deity were given to HORUS 3000 BC in Egypt. And then there were others later on, but before Christ, ATTIS from Greece 1200 BC, MITHRA in Persia 1200 BC and KRISNA from INDIA 900 BC. All had the same attributes as Christ but came hundreds of years before him
Seems to me Jesus was a Jesus comes lately. Not as original or profound as we have been led to believe. Not original at all but plagiarized from 3000 years earlier in Egypt. Now before I go on I would draw your attention to the source of these ideas and if you will spend 27 minutes viewing a web site you can move out of the dark and into the light at this season of reason.
Simply Google Zeitgeist Religion, and find here a more full story. It is not my goal to destroy Christianity or disallow its importance in our lives. But rather give pause to all those who feel obligated to quote chapter and verse of a book written two to three hundred years after the event. This work of fiction has now morphed into humankinds only salvation, as only through Christ can you come to his father. Well who was his father? I think not God. And I beg to differ.
The Bibles trinity of father, son, and Holy Spirit, is very misleading. The Essenes of Qumran authors of the Dead Sea scrolls as interpreted by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely have a world view that would be the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man. Now that would be more in keeping with reality as I know it. A higher power unknown and not well described, there definitely is that power, and Mother Nature will have her way we can’t mess with her, but the Brotherhood of Man would accept all mankind not just believers of the Bible. Dr. Bordeaux once said if all the world religious leaders were together Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Mohammed they would agree on all points but put their followers together and they would disagree on all issues.
This is a great big well informed beautiful world we live in and it is time to take stock of the dynamics that move us. It is most appropriate that we examine the source of our existence and how we got here and what is keeping us from moving forward. Adherence to dogmatic faith because it is written is no longer acceptable we must all make our own choices based on what conscience allows and not some plagiarized manuscript from antiquity.
The world is a better place because of religion. It served its purpose and now it must evolve. The past is past, the present is but a moment, and the future is all there is.
Peace be With you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


And they are carrying a pointy little stick to poke in the eye of the club swinging media fuelled corporate framers of all argument
If there is an extension of the tax cuts for the very rich, this will be a failure, Democrats cannot be cave men on this issue you must reframe the argument and argue it differently.
It is presently argued that the deficit will be cut by seven hundred billion dollars over ten years if these tax cuts for the very wealthy are allowed to sun set. Do that for two years, and reduce the deficit by seventy billion a year. It then depends on who wins the next election cycle as to whether or not these extra tax cuts get reinstated. That’s reframing the argument in the American Peoples best interests not the wealthy, they don’t need it.
Now let’s do some fuzzy liberal math. It didn’t get much applause but this last budget prepared by the Obama administration was one hundred and twenty two billion dollars less than the previous budget prepared by the Bush administration. Now if the next two budgets were to do the same that would be two hundred and forty four billion dollar deficit reduction. If you add in the sun set provision you are now up to three hundred and eighty billion, and you haven’t even looked at cutting the biggest budget in the universe, the military A hundred billion a year here would hardly be noticeable but it would be close on to six hundred billion in two years in deficit reduction.
I know that I can be challenged on the math and that is fair. But there is very little downside by holding tough on this tax cut issue. And as President Obama is so fond of saying, make no mistake about this. I say Social security reduction or privatization is off the table. This is a red herring.
One final thought and that is the Democrats must come out en masse and expose these disingenuous Republicans for their disregard for democracy and lack of governance skills and nip in the bud their quest for power or WE THE PEOPLE will be no more.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let’s drop some more documents, on the conspiracy to assassinate a president and Warren commission cover up. Liberalism be damned, the CIA and huge Military Industrial Complex thought themselves more in tune with reality than the President of the United States. They knew the form of chain of command being civilian Commander in Chief and went ahead with a regime change anyway, they thought his policies with the Soviets soft, thus dooming American democracy. The world changed on that day.
Let’s drop some documents on the conspiracy and cover up of the events of 911. Not even the authors of that Commission and report believe that what they did was accurate or complete. Indeed most of the world at large look on and say WT F. It just pisses me off big time every time, I see someone in the know repeat the lies. We were led from that infamous event into two wars of aggression and millions of lost lives, for what? OIL, Dick Chaney’s oil company executives carving up the Middle East oilfields.
As President Obama looks forward America is trying to predicate the future based on lies. This will never work. I understand full well why the truth is not in his best interests, the same as JFK, even the most powerful man in the word was taken out. The machine is powerful aggressive and ruthless greed knows no bounds.
This is why we need more document leaks, The truth is out there, it needs to see the light of day the days of public corruption must come to an end. Prosecutions would be nice but I would settle for the public just seeing the lies exposed and those that and those that made them and never forget that if you want to solve a crime follow the money. And never forget that it was George W Bush and Dick Chaney who held the reigns of power on that day.