Monday, January 24, 2011


In Tuesday Nights State of the Union address he will be looking forward. This is good as the country needs direction, jobs will probably be mentioned no fewer than twenty seven times. And bipartisan will get just about the same hit. There is no doubt in my mind that the Presidents ideas, proposals and programs will all be sound solutions to some of what ails America today. His way forward for the large part will be in the best interest of we the people, however compromise addressing the concerns of corporations will also be spun as necessary.

The best way forward for the country is not easy when your left foot administration is tracking the shit onto the house floor from the past administration. As long as you are looking forward you fail to see the truth and real justice so badly needed in America today.

In the present political climate I do not believe it possible for the Commander in Chief to scale back the Military Industrial Complex. It has not been possible since Ike. And this is the largest hindrance to America’s financial woes. JFK tried and look what happened.
On September 10th 2001 Donald Rumsefeld in a speech stated there was some two trillion dollars that the pentagon couldn’t account for. The very next day, “Bingo“. The attack on the pentagon successfully took out the computers and personnel that were addressing this anomaly in accounting.

Conspiracy is a crime. Conspiracy as a theory falls into the hands
Governor Jessie Ventura who in one episode of his TV show examines the story of an airplane hitting the pentagon. The story and answers he is getting are all obvious BS. So he goes to the pentagon to demand answers. He interviews a woman who was speaking on behalf of the 9/11 commission, at one point she asks the Governor what is you bottom line? His one word answers TRUTH.

Truth is it possible? As long as the past is taken at face value, covered up and not challenged what does the future have in store for us?

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