Thursday, February 10, 2011


When most Egyptians live on two dollars a day, this man has gone from the head of the air force, How well does that pay? To a net worth of seventy billion dollars. This can only be accomplished through corruption and greed there have not been any new pyramids built or any progress for the lower classes of people as seen in magnificent Egypt’s history. His dictatorship has been forwarding only for him.
If you actually cared about the progress and furtherance of the Egyptian people you would step aside now Mr. Mobarak. You sir have had your fifteen minutes of fame over a thirty year period. You are not going to be buried in the Valley of Kings you are not those kings equal you will be vilified as the dictator you are.
The richness and future of Egypt is not in it’s past but in it’s demand that it move forward in a democratic manner relieved from it’s dictatorial presence of your current regime.
America has other countries it can send prisoner to under extraordinary rendition it does not need Omar Suleiman, the CIA go to guy for enhanced interrogation procedures.
My hat is off to all the brave protesters gathering as one to denounce the past and trying to forge a more righteous future in the cradle of real civilization.

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