Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last evening in a very ancient but refurbished meeting hall in Harrison Mills BC twenty five people met to watch The Esoteric Agenda. Now if you do not know what this movie is about I would insist that you take two hours of your time to learn why the world is not working as it should. Why the best interest of We the People are not only being trod upon but why We The People are no longer needed, how corporations, elites and Governments seek a reduction of planet Earths population from six billion to five hundred million. Find out the insidious ways this is being brought about.

Last evening and well into the night a much larger group was meeting the new Republican led congress was carving up Americas welfare for corporate gains. The Republicans did a sixty Billion dollar slash and burn on some very necessary social programs huge cuts to Planned Parenthood, the Environmental protection authority, Health care funding, climate change and green jobs along with the watch dog Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. The one cut not on the agenda a thirty billion dollar subsidy to the major oil companies. How wrong is this?

In another part of America the people of Wisconsin are fighting to retain the collective bargaining rights they have had for over fifty years. I saw one protesters sign reading Egypt got democracy Wisconsin gets a dictator. Foment is spreading to other states as well as the people come to realize that the Republican platform of Jobs, jobs, jobs was just more bullshit and bravado to regain power, Republicans do not create they only destroy. Not until the middle class revolt will meaningful change ever come about. And remember this America if you are among the ninety eight percent and not a millionaire the Republicans don’t care about you.

The unfortunate portion of my evening was that because of time constraints I was not able to stay until the end I don’t know if there was a discussion that followed or just the mingling and interpersonal dialogue. But the important part as I see it is that even in this very small community twenty five people showed up to examine what’s wrong with this world. The word is out and this will help.


kcfoodtruckgroupie said...

Rest in Peace Tango Daddy. You were an awesome individualist, an intelligent, plain-thinking, honest, straight-forward everyman. You and your posts shall be greatly missed by many.

sewa mobil said...

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Pedro Garcia Millan said...

911 in Manhattan...George Bush Jr. and his moloch buddies in order to implement more RESTRICTIVE controls on the US citizenry via the Patriot Act purposely BLOW-UP buildings, KILLING human beings and then blaming some Arabs (many of which didn't die in the supposed planes and are walking freely i may add in Saudi Arabia, Bahnrain etc.)

What do the moloch axis gain? More inroads for war in Arab & African countries, more defrauding & subverting of governments on the planet etc. It is the moloch axis that are demonic and inselubrious and PURPOSELY cause wars. With them in power, THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE!

By the way, you just try talking out loud on a telephone line that you are going to blow up a building and you will have 2 moustachiod squad cars at your door in no time flat & the full extent of the law will slam into you like a ton of bricks! Not for the moloch axis, though, they can continue to defraud, destroy, kill, subvert sovereign governments with IMPUNITY and NO FEAR of EVER being brought to justice! So Keep talking about your WORLD COURT b.s. Axworthy because the people that NEED to be brought there NEVER will see the the doors!

Cilembu said...

hi dad..i follow u..follow n coment back please

Anonymous said...

Just as the gods used WWII to justify an influx of new technologies so will they use the impending pestilence which kills over half the world's population to justify historical medical advances, including the "cure of aging", initiating the "1000 years with Jesus on Earth".
We've seen this tactic used recently with AIDS, targetted at homosexuals and blacks in Africa.
Then, as promised, The End will come with fire::::Global tectonic subduction.

Anyone the gods role play telepathically or use for positioning in this Situation extensively have a legacy of hurting others. The more they hurt the more eggregious in history their legacy. Considering they tell me my auidence at any one time is nearly half a billion it is not inconceivable Adolph Hitler was reincarnated into the Situation.
Due to the expansive accumulated audience in this Situation these individuals have now qualified for a legacy of hurting billions of people, and as a result own a very exclusive legacy which will qualify them to be used for the pestilence event which kills half the world's population:::The monsters of tommarrow.

Don't forget the lessons the 'ole white preacher taught:::Dancing is a sin, spare the rod spoil the child.
The gods used the liberal tool to ridicule away so many taboos, paving the way for the decay of society and ultimately the End Times::::::
Black behavior was controlled by the KKK. Men's behavior was controlled by marriage for thousands of years.
When married by 15 men never gained the taste of promiscuity. Once the gods used the budding liberalism tool the men set the tone for the deteriorating enviornment centered around their gross disfavor.
Women's relinquishing control of pre-arranged marriage will be what costs mankind everything in The End. It's all their fault. Men are pigs, essentially just primally responsive disfavored beings who if given the freedom will abuse based on the impulses the god's push them into. Whereas under pre-arranged marriage this behavior was contained now the promiscuous fraternity house epitomizes the pinnicle of what a "real man" should be like. And sadly the women fall into line.

The gods behave monsterously in the course of managing Planet Earth, matching our decay, but they demand people be good if you are to have a chance to ascend as a child in a future life.
Not only is doing the right things important (praying, attoning for your sins, thinking the right way:::accepting humility, modesty, vulnerability), so is avoiding the wrong things important as well:::"Go and sin no more".
You NEED active parents who share wisdom to have a real chance to ascend into heaven in a future life, and you MUST be a good parent as well to have that opportunity.

The gods kill 27/18 elementary school students in shooting in Conneticut.
They are disturbed. They are ufit to sit on this throne. But you all knew that from my life.
"We have a good reason." And if you didn't you'd manufacture one, like you did to prepare me.
Look how wicked the gods are. Die monsters.
You do good work. Kudos on another productive day.
Dirt. Filth. Inferior. Step aside.
Then they share they are talking about me being capable to do something like this when they did just did four hours ago. Filth. Hypocrite. Sick monsters. Shit.
Imagine the pathology which can dissociate from their behavior like this.

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Cecile said...

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