Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trial for Murder ( NEVER) ?

Vincent Bugliosi has written another book about murder. For those of you who don’t know who this man is, he was a very skilled prosecuter who got 105 convictions out of 106 trials for felony, 20 or more for murder. This is the man responsible for putting the lobotomy spot swaztike tattoed Charles Manson in prison. With out a doubt this man is qualified to look at the available evidence and make an assesment as to the merits of prosecution.
Mr. Bugliosi has examined the evidence that was put forth for taking America to war in Iraq.The conclusion he comes to and recommendation he makes is that George W Bush should be charged with murder and tried for same.The author has effectively put the President of the United States of America on notice he cannot run and he cannot hide, there is no statute of limitations on this charge. Mr Bugliosi states he wants George W Bush looking over his shoulder for life. I believe he will as copies of this book have been sent to all fifty state Attorney Generals urging them to take on this case and offering assistance to do so. Any District Attorney that has had a soldier killed in his jurisdiction can bring forth these charges.
I would be certain that somewhere there is a pissed off prosecutor or a Mrs. Tillman or Cindy Sheehan type not satisfied with a folded flag. The arrogance and back slapping lack of remorse is red flag to bull Bugliosi. And in no uncertain terms does he describe how this bike riding Camp David trail runner President will deserve the death penalty sentence that is at some point coming his way. THIS MR. PRESIDENT SHALL BE YOUR LEGACY…

The American Canadian Military Agreement

On February 14 2008 an agreement was signed by military officials from these two countries. This agreement will allow the military from either country to occupy with police powers the other country. This can only happen supposedly when assistance is requested by civilian political officials as in the case of disaster or major medical contagion or oil pipeline disruption or civil disobedience?
Up until the year 2007 POSSIE COMIATUS was a law that prohibited the military from being deployed and having police power in the USA. George Bush with an executive order rescinded that law and now. Now what can happen is your best guess. The possibility of a police state not as much of an unheard of possibility is it?
From a Canadian point of view 18% of America oil comes from this country that is more than Iraq and Saudi Arabia combined. So I ask what are the chances that Canada will be occupied by American forces should ANYTHING interrupt the flow of that oil is this a real possibility? Should we as a sovereign country be concerned if the NAFTA agreement is not upheld or our right to refuse bulk water sales when drought threatens so much of the American south west? Would this natural disaster qualify for an un warranted demand on our natural resources ? These are all troubling thoughts however in my mind the most troubling of all is that this agreement has been SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED IN SECRACY. No congressional consent, no Canadian parliamentary consent, just two old boy s George W Bush and Stephen Harper playing fast and loose with executive authority.
I happened on this information via a blog site some time ago and just recently again on Daily Kos and was surprised to see the see the blogger as outraged about the American position as I am about our own . However what are the chances that Canadas, military services are ever going to be required south of the 49th?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Cheney Indictment

Now those are words we need to hear. Unfortunately it's for a conflict of interest in his 85 million dollar interest in Vanguard Group. But at least it is one rock that is being overturned in his stonewall. Who knows what will happen once investigations begin? Perhaps someone will be able to connect the dots leading to all those KBR built detention and holding centers to be used for unknown purposes.. This is a good start because at least he and Alberto are being charged Alberto with using his position as Attorney General to block an investigation at facilities in Texas..I f this story does nothing else it does establish a Judicial Political connection that undermines the integrity of the entire system in one place where it should be held highest Jail. And just what are these private prisons all about any way? Oh yes privatisation!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

One of my favorite quotes is by Woody Allan who famously said" I would never want to part of any club that would have me as a member". For some reason I always held that as some kind of truth of my being. I am changing my thinking and that is no small matter. I am absolutely inspired by the fact that two bloggers of fame have visited my site and left comments. First was Kay in Maine whose home is at White Noise Insanity and whose unambiguous oratory of the Bush family undoing of American values is best said by her..This lady has no idea, how often I take a page from one of her former sites, and state quit pissing on me and telling me it's raining, Tango really loved the petting and attention you gave him Keep spitting it serves you well... The other blogger of fame who has come this way is Len Hart as in The Existentialist Coyboy his site I have read and noted on several occasions but only after going through it a little more fully did I come To realize how readable and in tune this author is. His blog site and word exitentialist caused me to go to wickipedia and I am now not a lot farther ahead, but I do believe that a personal interpretaion of the spirit is more in keeping with human develoment than adherence to dogma and that organisation is the death to an idea. I told him he knew how to ride a story and rope it's essence..I do look forward with hope and confidence in the future and I know I will be riding fence with you both and the blogger community at large on the bullshit that is baffling brains.. Thanks for stopping by..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turn left at Nov 4th

I am a left of center blogger. It is now up to the net roots to reframe the argument and state at every opportunity that America has spoken the votes have been counted and it is now official the American people have dragged us back to the left of center..
Just in time the right wing Republican ,corporate, financial military indutrial complex, along with the oil companies Insurance industry and pharmaceuticals lo0bby are all going to be forced to stand down. We the people have a new leader who without doubt has listened and is working to correct the malfeasance that is strangling the common good..The obstructionism being thrown up by the outgoing administation is not only blatant its criminal from the 700B hand out, to the relaxation of environmental safeguards, reduceed standards for corporate cronies is going to pose a nightmare of trying to undue this gordean knot. I believe the plan as it is being unfolded by this administation is to bankrupt the country so that the new pres will have to put on hold the plans and promises made during the election cycle. You may be assured that the right wing corporate media will be out in full force hurling invectives at the new guy . Barack Obama raised a half billion dollars with the net roots lets get his back and not let the slime stick. In the two months left to him George can still cause a world of hurt . Lets not allow that to happen left of center has allowed a black man and that is beautiful, to take the White House from, white trash.!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Project Censoreds Top 25 Stories

This story was found at http://crooksandliars/nicole-belle/project-censoreds-top-25-stories-you
By spending too much time with my computer and not enough time with my dog, I am aware of several of these stories. They scare me as they obviously display an overreaching attempt to protect us control us and generally just screw with human rights and freedoms.
One of the most unspoken and troubling concerns I have is that these stories do not get fleshed out and driven by the corporate media. These stories are important and if presented properly and openly would sell papers, magazines, radio and TV news, people want the truth they want the news and wish to be infomed dont they? So whats the deal on suppression who profits for not reporting and being complicit? Where is this secrecy in government taking us is the corporate media agenda along with government the new law making proceedure? My beliefe is that a new broom sweeps clean and that steps are allready bein taken to reverse many of these troubling execxutive orders, signing statements and hijacked law making A new President with a degree in law, and a speciality in Constitutioal law will be a far greater benefit to the WORLD than a failed President with an MBA and a messianic approach to making America a fascist corporate powerhouse

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two weeks ago Today

Just two short weeks and look at what has happened. The financial crisis at a time of transition is heightened even further with the auto industry being needful. A question of how many senate seats we actually wind up with. The President Elect has been demonised by a magazine article and admonished by a Catholic priest. Barack Obama has met with George and John dealt with leaks and leakers. He has also made some wise choices as to staff and basicly made no mistakes in two weeks. Is this not a new Presidential record for lack of gaffe's? Trial ballons have been sent up for Secretary of State and just today the new Attorney General has been anounced,best new story though the convicted fellon from Alaska has been defeated in his bid for senate now the senate sits at 68 Democrats. I always try to save the best for last and while Barack Obama has made milestone inroads to a brighter future in just two weeks. The brightest light on the horizon of hope is that DICK CHANEY and ALBERTO GONZALES were indicted in TEXAS. Great day don't you think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Denounce and Reject.

During the primaries Hillary held Baracks feet to the fire when he denounced his former pastor. She stated and I paraphrase but do you reject him? Obama's reponse, and again I paraphrase well if you think reject is a stronger term I denounce and reject him..
In order to establish himself the President elect must denounce and reject torture and make very clear to the intelligence community what the rules are and inform the world at large that torture is not productive. This new administration is working hard to rid the world of extreme philosophy and terrorist threats and that it needs help from the world at large. The new president has already got the world attention the world's cooperation is now a possability

Monday, November 10, 2008

Missing e-mails give me a break

Citizen's for Responsability and Ethics in Washington along with the National Security Archives should get an attaboy from all Americans for bringing this lost White House e-mail suit before the courts.

Today US District Judge Henry Kennedy ruled on evidence that there was no complete inventory and no automatic system to insure archiving. The executive office of the President does have to answer for this.

I can not help but think that these missing e-mails must be deliberate as I find it impossable to believe that with the help of NSA and their skills at listening in on phone and internet key strokes conversations this administation is so inept as to not be able to preserve and archive e-mails a relatively simple task So the question must become what and who are being protectd and why? Will the truth ever meet the light of day or is it just not that important the National Security Archive and CREW think it is so do I..

I'm tired no more Sarah

Time to quit with Sarah
Sarah Palin like Joe the plumber are no longer center stage and do not deserve the medias fawning attention. Please let her retire to her home state and live out her political career being the fluff piece she is. There is no no substance with this person and only the potential for great governmental harm. If she is so wonderful let the GOP dust her off and pump her up and loose the next election as well. The Republicans should have learned with that charismatic George W Bush, charisma doen't work, common sense brains and policy that is meant to assist all the country not just the rich and chosen. few.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Separation of church and state now more than ever. This concept must not erode further, The intolerance that is being displayed in America today by the religious right is not acceptable. Christians do not get to write the laws on Biblical interpretation they get to obey them as written, with secular common sense.
Christians as a lobby group that’s OK, Christians as a voting group that’s OK, Christians voicing personal opinions quite all right. Christians spending millions of tax exempt dollars to overthrow settled law just pisses me off. Mormons from Utah trying to upset a California law is wrong
Christians using a wedge on voting too advance their demands look narrowly on getting their job done and ignore the most egregious faults of their benefactors wars ,economy, bankruptcy, health care failure, cronyism, LIES These things influence all Americans and are more important than overturning Roe vs. Wade, Terry Schiavo and the blockage of scientific research. Any government that does not listen to the absurd arguments put forward by the religious fanatics on stem cell research will make better and more informed decisions.
For too long the Republicans have pandered to this base of incoherent ideology as a means to win friends and influence elections the Republicans have bought the idea of a Christian moral compass, only it is off a few degrees, and way right of center.. This compass needs replacing. The poles are shifting and it no longer works, Separate Church and State.!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov 4 th Guess what I am watching?

It is of little doubt that the last 22mths electioneering would be anything but wall to wall coverage on CNN. But I almost lost it when it was asked how election day could be improved. How about FEDERAL ELECTION, FEDERAL UNIFORMITY of voting law and non partisan scrutineers overseeing the vote and calculating the results on paper ballots? Simple enough for other modern dmocratic counties like Canada. Canadians knew well before morning who the next leader would be and they could prove it with a paper trail. Would it be too much to ask the next administation to go retro on these electronic voting machines that have been repeatedly shown to be exploitable and or faulty. The simple act of federal law in this area would eliminate most of the problems as have developed today. Leave the high tech wizardry to CNN and the magic punditry, count paper ballots by the old rules 1 2 3 remember..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Politicall insanity Nov 1st to 4th

Last evening Tango and I hosted the neighbours, a beer or two was raised in celebration of my first web hit, and as it turned out my first web hit was from my neighbour who just wanted to drink my beer..Our dreams of fame were put on hold.
In the cool dawn of Nov 1st I resumed my reading and finished the article that raised Tangos hackels. perhaps after the election the corporate media will explore the radical idealogical concepts of Sara Palin,s religion. And denounce and reject her and this heretical form of Christianity.