Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turn left at Nov 4th

I am a left of center blogger. It is now up to the net roots to reframe the argument and state at every opportunity that America has spoken the votes have been counted and it is now official the American people have dragged us back to the left of center..
Just in time the right wing Republican ,corporate, financial military indutrial complex, along with the oil companies Insurance industry and pharmaceuticals lo0bby are all going to be forced to stand down. We the people have a new leader who without doubt has listened and is working to correct the malfeasance that is strangling the common good..The obstructionism being thrown up by the outgoing administation is not only blatant its criminal from the 700B hand out, to the relaxation of environmental safeguards, reduceed standards for corporate cronies is going to pose a nightmare of trying to undue this gordean knot. I believe the plan as it is being unfolded by this administation is to bankrupt the country so that the new pres will have to put on hold the plans and promises made during the election cycle. You may be assured that the right wing corporate media will be out in full force hurling invectives at the new guy . Barack Obama raised a half billion dollars with the net roots lets get his back and not let the slime stick. In the two months left to him George can still cause a world of hurt . Lets not allow that to happen left of center has allowed a black man and that is beautiful, to take the White House from, white trash.!!!

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D.J CHARLES said...

check your spelling, there man of worldly wisdom, interesting artocle