Thursday, November 6, 2008

Separation of church and state now more than ever. This concept must not erode further, The intolerance that is being displayed in America today by the religious right is not acceptable. Christians do not get to write the laws on Biblical interpretation they get to obey them as written, with secular common sense.
Christians as a lobby group that’s OK, Christians as a voting group that’s OK, Christians voicing personal opinions quite all right. Christians spending millions of tax exempt dollars to overthrow settled law just pisses me off. Mormons from Utah trying to upset a California law is wrong
Christians using a wedge on voting too advance their demands look narrowly on getting their job done and ignore the most egregious faults of their benefactors wars ,economy, bankruptcy, health care failure, cronyism, LIES These things influence all Americans and are more important than overturning Roe vs. Wade, Terry Schiavo and the blockage of scientific research. Any government that does not listen to the absurd arguments put forward by the religious fanatics on stem cell research will make better and more informed decisions.
For too long the Republicans have pandered to this base of incoherent ideology as a means to win friends and influence elections the Republicans have bought the idea of a Christian moral compass, only it is off a few degrees, and way right of center.. This compass needs replacing. The poles are shifting and it no longer works, Separate Church and State.!

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Thank you for your article 'separation of church and state', a great point of view from a great man (and his dog). I look forward to checking out your blog occassionally.....i must get online more often, Jesse called me to give me your site.......looking forward to bunking with you at the wedding, bring the dog....woof woof, we should have a blast. Thanks terriyaki,,,,,,,,,gregg