Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov 4 th Guess what I am watching?

It is of little doubt that the last 22mths electioneering would be anything but wall to wall coverage on CNN. But I almost lost it when it was asked how election day could be improved. How about FEDERAL ELECTION, FEDERAL UNIFORMITY of voting law and non partisan scrutineers overseeing the vote and calculating the results on paper ballots? Simple enough for other modern dmocratic counties like Canada. Canadians knew well before morning who the next leader would be and they could prove it with a paper trail. Would it be too much to ask the next administation to go retro on these electronic voting machines that have been repeatedly shown to be exploitable and or faulty. The simple act of federal law in this area would eliminate most of the problems as have developed today. Leave the high tech wizardry to CNN and the magic punditry, count paper ballots by the old rules 1 2 3 remember..

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