Thursday, November 20, 2008

Project Censoreds Top 25 Stories

This story was found at http://crooksandliars/nicole-belle/project-censoreds-top-25-stories-you
By spending too much time with my computer and not enough time with my dog, I am aware of several of these stories. They scare me as they obviously display an overreaching attempt to protect us control us and generally just screw with human rights and freedoms.
One of the most unspoken and troubling concerns I have is that these stories do not get fleshed out and driven by the corporate media. These stories are important and if presented properly and openly would sell papers, magazines, radio and TV news, people want the truth they want the news and wish to be infomed dont they? So whats the deal on suppression who profits for not reporting and being complicit? Where is this secrecy in government taking us is the corporate media agenda along with government the new law making proceedure? My beliefe is that a new broom sweeps clean and that steps are allready bein taken to reverse many of these troubling execxutive orders, signing statements and hijacked law making A new President with a degree in law, and a speciality in Constitutioal law will be a far greater benefit to the WORLD than a failed President with an MBA and a messianic approach to making America a fascist corporate powerhouse

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