Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Denounce and Reject.

During the primaries Hillary held Baracks feet to the fire when he denounced his former pastor. She stated and I paraphrase but do you reject him? Obama's reponse, and again I paraphrase well if you think reject is a stronger term I denounce and reject him..
In order to establish himself the President elect must denounce and reject torture and make very clear to the intelligence community what the rules are and inform the world at large that torture is not productive. This new administration is working hard to rid the world of extreme philosophy and terrorist threats and that it needs help from the world at large. The new president has already got the world attention the world's cooperation is now a possability

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KayInMaine said...

Torture has been at the forefront of American rage for years now, Tango (*patting Tango*) and our nation and the world want an end to it. It's absolutely embarrassing that the most powerful free nation that prides itself on humane treatment of people has been torturing people in our custody with the approval of the president!

I love, love, love Barack Obama, but if I find that he continues the policies of the Bush Regime, I'm going to dissent. That said, I have a strong feeling Barack will end torture. He too has been embarrassed by it.

Barack has the largest shit pile to have to deal with come January 2009. I feel bad for him. The wingnuts will be out in force. I'm ready! *pulling Captain Caveman club out of my back pocket*