Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trial for Murder ( NEVER) ?

Vincent Bugliosi has written another book about murder. For those of you who don’t know who this man is, he was a very skilled prosecuter who got 105 convictions out of 106 trials for felony, 20 or more for murder. This is the man responsible for putting the lobotomy spot swaztike tattoed Charles Manson in prison. With out a doubt this man is qualified to look at the available evidence and make an assesment as to the merits of prosecution.
Mr. Bugliosi has examined the evidence that was put forth for taking America to war in Iraq.The conclusion he comes to and recommendation he makes is that George W Bush should be charged with murder and tried for same.The author has effectively put the President of the United States of America on notice he cannot run and he cannot hide, there is no statute of limitations on this charge. Mr Bugliosi states he wants George W Bush looking over his shoulder for life. I believe he will as copies of this book have been sent to all fifty state Attorney Generals urging them to take on this case and offering assistance to do so. Any District Attorney that has had a soldier killed in his jurisdiction can bring forth these charges.
I would be certain that somewhere there is a pissed off prosecutor or a Mrs. Tillman or Cindy Sheehan type not satisfied with a folded flag. The arrogance and back slapping lack of remorse is red flag to bull Bugliosi. And in no uncertain terms does he describe how this bike riding Camp David trail runner President will deserve the death penalty sentence that is at some point coming his way. THIS MR. PRESIDENT SHALL BE YOUR LEGACY…


Len Hart said...

Believe me --I am not taking anything away from Bugliosi. Everything he says about Bush is true. My only criticism of Bugliosi is this: he does not go far enough. Bugliosi's case --while valid in every respect --is exceedingly narrow.

As I understand Bugliosi's case it does not rest upon US Codes, Title 18, Section 2441, a CAPITAL CRIME for which Bush has absolutely NO defense. In fact, so threatened by this was Bush that he tried to make his violations of it legal but ONLY after he violated it. He tasked John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales with trying to find a way to get him off the hook for the crimes (under that provision) that he had already committed. Bush's actions --after the fact --are evidence of his guilt. Innocent folk are not motivated to make legal after the fact crimes they've already committed.

For this reason, Yoo and Gonzales are co-conspirators under NUMEROUS conspiracy laws on the book. Check Findlaw. Thousands of pages of LAW says: CONSPIRACIES DO EXIST and some of them are punishable by DEATH!

Then there are NUMEROUS international violations that make Bush prosecutable in International Courts.

Visualize this evil bastard sitting in the dock at the Hague!

At last --I would like to see Bugliosi head up the domestic prosecution of Bush. That trial should result in a death penalty under US codes.

I am sure that there are equally qualified experts in the field of international law who could do as good a job at the ICC as Bugliosi would do on US soil.

There is no death penalty upon conviction at the Hague.

There may very well be a death penalty in the US for the very same acts as they violate Title 18, Section 2441.

Tango daddy said...

Thank you Len I bow to your obvious knowledge on this subject mine was just a thought yours is a solution God only knows it needs to happen.