Saturday, November 29, 2008

The American Canadian Military Agreement

On February 14 2008 an agreement was signed by military officials from these two countries. This agreement will allow the military from either country to occupy with police powers the other country. This can only happen supposedly when assistance is requested by civilian political officials as in the case of disaster or major medical contagion or oil pipeline disruption or civil disobedience?
Up until the year 2007 POSSIE COMIATUS was a law that prohibited the military from being deployed and having police power in the USA. George Bush with an executive order rescinded that law and now. Now what can happen is your best guess. The possibility of a police state not as much of an unheard of possibility is it?
From a Canadian point of view 18% of America oil comes from this country that is more than Iraq and Saudi Arabia combined. So I ask what are the chances that Canada will be occupied by American forces should ANYTHING interrupt the flow of that oil is this a real possibility? Should we as a sovereign country be concerned if the NAFTA agreement is not upheld or our right to refuse bulk water sales when drought threatens so much of the American south west? Would this natural disaster qualify for an un warranted demand on our natural resources ? These are all troubling thoughts however in my mind the most troubling of all is that this agreement has been SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED IN SECRACY. No congressional consent, no Canadian parliamentary consent, just two old boy s George W Bush and Stephen Harper playing fast and loose with executive authority.
I happened on this information via a blog site some time ago and just recently again on Daily Kos and was surprised to see the see the blogger as outraged about the American position as I am about our own . However what are the chances that Canadas, military services are ever going to be required south of the 49th?

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