Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two weeks ago Today

Just two short weeks and look at what has happened. The financial crisis at a time of transition is heightened even further with the auto industry being needful. A question of how many senate seats we actually wind up with. The President Elect has been demonised by a magazine article and admonished by a Catholic priest. Barack Obama has met with George and John dealt with leaks and leakers. He has also made some wise choices as to staff and basicly made no mistakes in two weeks. Is this not a new Presidential record for lack of gaffe's? Trial ballons have been sent up for Secretary of State and just today the new Attorney General has been anounced,best new story though the convicted fellon from Alaska has been defeated in his bid for senate now the senate sits at 68 Democrats. I always try to save the best for last and while Barack Obama has made milestone inroads to a brighter future in just two weeks. The brightest light on the horizon of hope is that DICK CHANEY and ALBERTO GONZALES were indicted in TEXAS. Great day don't you think?

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