Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on War Criminal Coming to Canada

On Feb 13th I reported that GW Bush was coming to Canada. Well maybe yes and maybe no, a post this morning at AfterDowningStreet.Org quotes a Canadian group LAW has advised the Prime Minister of Canada, the Attorney General and the Ministers of Immigration, Public Safety and Foreign Affairs that George W. Bush is inadmissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Section 35(1) (a) states that a foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of violating human or international rights or for committing an act outside Canada that constitutes an offence referred to in sections 4 to 7 of the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act. Also inadmissible (s.35 (1)(b)) are persons who are, or were, senior officials “in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the Minister, engages or has engaged in gross human rights violations.
I don’t know where this will go but it does point out that George is on shaky ground as far as traveling outside his own country. This is Canada and as was shown last Thursday we have a huge respect for all that is decent in the USA President Obama was warmly endorsed by all Canadians. George to me does not represent decency. It makes me very proud that others confirm my position on this mans entrance into this country. We do have high ethical standards and demand more of elected officials and those in power.
If there are reasonable grounds to believe a person has been complicit in any of these crimes, listed above entry to Canada must be denied. The Supreme Court of Canada says reasonable grounds are “something more than suspicion but less than…proof on the balance of probabilities.”

How are you betting will he come or cancel?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip up the Gold Rush Trail

Gold was first found in British Columbia at Fort Langley on the Fraser River. That was all it took to lure the miners up from the fields in California and they came in droves from San Francisco north by boat to the Fraser. Their rewards were great not only on the Fraser but on the Thompson on the Similkameen and Tulamene and countless thousands of other creeks and rivers in this Province.
This past weekend Tango and I traveled from where gold was first discovered on the Fraser River, up past some of the richest strikes ever found. And something struck me as being vastly important and unsaid in my last post on the subject of the rush of 2010. Low water in winter is not unusual but the unusually low snow pack this winter will mean low water this summer. Time to go panning.
Last years floods moved a hell of a pile of gravel and now it will be up to you to sort through it. All these rivers renew themselves annually I did not see a lot of activity on these creeks and rivers but they do deserve some scrutiny this year. Low water just means you can get lower on the water always looking for bed rock. And the crack and crevices in it, as being natural traps for the heavies.
My last post dealt with potential for dealing with unemployment and need for cash and new business ventures, this post will tell you forget about the Fraser except for honing your skills for the gold is not as hard to find as getting past all the regulations from all the authorities on fish bearing rivers. But if you want to a road trip up some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet take a Drive up the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek And take you gold pan with you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to the Creeks

There are strange thing done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
These are the opening lines of Robert W Service epic poem The Cremation of Sam McGee. A first hand Bankers observations of the creeks and the men that worked them. Poetry aside the rush of 98 was a part of American history. Fortunes were found and made, lost and stolen the times were tough but the miners were tougher. They stayed on the creeks till they no longer hit pay dirt and then they moved on and found new creeks.
The mining industry today in some respects is founded on that early gold pan technique. The easy creeks gave out and men moved on but not before million of ounces of the noble metal had been found. Claims lapsed but were recorded and records survive till Today. During the dirty thirties when men were up against a depression and unable to feed their families they returned to the creeks and in many cases were as successful, as miners were the first time around on these same creeks, and same claims. You see there is a seldom thought answer as to why these creeks would pay again. The short answer is permafrost.
Tough times are upon America again jobs are being lost by the thousands on a daily basis. And enterprising men will again return to the creeks, technology having served the placer mining industry very well. Light weight aluminum sluice boxes suction dredges allow the modern miner to go over old ground again with great success. This new equipment is so much more efficient than wooden sluice boxes wing dams and pick and shovel. Today a lot of ground is worked with track hoes and dump trucks pay dirt is measured in dollars per cubic yard. Let the corporate entities work that way what I suggest is do it the old way proper free miner licensing first and foremost. Keep it simple stupid, the kiss formula back pack, gold pan GPS unit, topographical maps and research on the net before you leave home.
Now remember earlier I mentioned permafrost, well it always melted a little every year but now its melting big time. This is what always held the allusive heavy metal and now it is giving up its hold. Old creeks will run again. And men will return to them. Remember that tango daddy predicted the RUSH of 2010! Gold in 1898 $17.00 an oz Gold in 1930s $32.00 an oz
GOLD in 2010 ?? Current price $ 900.00 an oz.
Go for it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ask your Doctor

These are just some of the prescription drugs that are advertised on CNN, probably other networks as well.. So let me see if I have this right, it is now up to the patient and uneducated to ask your Dr. If this product is right for you?
Regardless of the side effects that can range from shortness of breath dry mouth and vision impairment To an erection lasting four hours or more. You really need this product. It looks good, it is sexy and will relieve all your ailments. Allergies gone, asthma relief, bone loss reversed and the big one erectile dysfunction history. You will now be back in the lifestyle you wish.

I am not against drugs or drug companies. I am against this form of advertising. The same way that advertising of sugary breakfast cereals are directed at children. It should not be up to you to ask your Dr. Suppose the Dr. says no If you really like the product as advertised Just go Doctor shopping!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was a bumper sticker as far as I know. I don’t really advocate torture but I do advocate indictment Bush and Chaney should be joined at the hip for eternity and history as the Bonnie and Clyde of all time political malfeasance. Theirs was more than the simple bad of bank robbery theirs was the bad of looting the national treasury. Theirs were the lies leading to an unnecessary war resultant in death and disfiguration of thousands of the willing coalition and Americans forces who bought their bullshit. They being George and Dick and the PNAC proponents they are the ones responsible for the fall of Americas fortunes today in 2009 That former administration was a blight on all issues that were needful of the American people but they were a boon to all the corporate and crony profits that were their base, big oil and the military industrial complex.
This has now come to an end.
This past election was fought from the net roots up and that is a dynamic in play now, that was not even extant 8yrs ago. The roll of the internet in Barack Osama’s campaign and fund raising abilities was nothing short of amazing. The corporate media did pick up on him but according to each network bias they were not the ones responsible for his successful campaign. It was the bloggers and the you tube and the dialogue that happens with a free and open internet. Obamas financing came from this source and the small donations from the real coalition of the willing.
Now lets get back to that ex lame duck President and his vice President who shoots his lawyer and best friend in the face with a shotgun these two assholes thought they were just going to exit stage right when their gig was over. Oh NO NO . As George W Bush said when he stole the election in 2004 this is an accountability moment. YES an accountability moment.
There is now a new Attorney general who knows how to separate bullshit from buckwheat and he will be looking at you. The new President Obama may not want to look back for recrimination but millions of other people do, and your accountability moment is coming and soon..
There will be an “ I was Indicted” Certificate placed in the phone booth size Presidential library, George W is trying to raise funds for. Laura can duck tape it to the plastic window covering and then go shopping.
And now for the torture of Dick, might as well demand George come to this party as well. I suggest that we liquidate the two families entire net worth to CASH spending only a few bucks for party favors you know weenies’ marshmallows and beer. Then invite a few boy scouts and have a huge bonfire. When all the cash is gone burned like it was on Wall street and living under the overpass is looking like a new home for George and Dick perhaps a manager will give them an new job as Wallmart greeters and let them live out the rest of their lives in splendour. That would be good don’t you think?

Friday, February 13, 2009


George W. Bush is coming to Canada where he should be fairly safe from arrest for war crimes. But why Canadians would want to hear his musing on his time in office is beyond me. Probably more of his bullshit and brain battering tortured rhetoric than anything of substance. Is this a trial balloon for building up the old coffers?

The event is being supported by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young, and various other business and professional bodies but most Canadians have been hostile towards the former president because of his decision to invade Iraq.
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach was dismissive when reporters asked what he thought of Bush's upcoming visit. He’s a free man and can travel to any country he wants.
Is that so? Do you think he can travel with impunity to Germany or France or other countries that subscribe to the International Criminal Court? It will be an interesting exercise to watch Mr. Bush go off on a world speaking tour the likes of former President Bill Clinton.
The pressure is building in America to hold this man and his minions accountable for many of the atrocities associated with his time in office. This man has singularly dragged the name America into third world thug status. The unprecedented arrogance to think that he has something to say will only be heard by 1500 people and no media. Calgary Alberta by the way is a bastion of Canadian conservatism. I doubt he would even be allowed in Quebec.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama gets down

I saw something marvelous and amazing yesterday. That would be the First Lady visiting at a social services center in DC. This amazing lady got down on the floor to a preschoolers level and read them a book. This in itself seemed a very genuine and open thing to do, this was not a photo op although it was recorded as most every thing this first family does. Then Michelle Obama did something that teachers are not encouraged to do she embraced these kids in a big hug. These kids ate it up and are open to genuine affection. This almost brought tears to my eyes as this is what used to happen in schools.
My children were fortunate enough to go to a small rural school; you know the kind with several grades in one class. My oldest at the dinner table one night told us that he was looking forward to tomorrow as it was his turn to sit on Miss Brown’s knee during the reading session. Boy have the times changed since then, that was thirty years ago. That was in early grade school grade one or two, to receive the same kind of attention at school as he got at home. I doubt my son remembers that incident but I do.
The First Lady also sat down with a group of teens this time on chairs and in a circle. She described her growing up what that was like and encouraged these young people to give as well as get. This is part of the new administration message, and a very important part of being able to reach out to the average American
The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that every child in that school will remember till the day they die, having met the most gracious and beautiful and caring First Lady of the of the first African American President.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


John Aravosis at
Has as long as I have been reading him always done Friday Orchid blogging. Very cool flowers and very original. I am going to plagiarize Johns concept and do TANGODADDY DOG BLOGGING I am certain John won’t mind I have not consulted with him but I know him to be a more than an average dog owner. He walks he talks and has a best friend in his new dog. And I am more than just a critic of men like John I am a retired dog catcher. How do you like that?
Dog catcher most often vilified, seldom accepted as a champion of all manner of canine and one in harmony with running and barking but I am. These critters if you let them will run your life and keep you honest. They have an innate ability to screw you up and make you humble. And when you listen you learn. An RCMP animal handler one time told me that it was good for the inside of a man to look after the outside of an animal.
So as you opened up on this site you saw “Tango” he is my best friend and do you believe that he and I have an interspecies non verbal communication? If you are an animal owner you do know that but we will talk more about it in the future.

All in the Name

The Obama White House needs to learn from the Republicans that you name bills so that opposing them sounds unpatriotic, Anti-American, or against working Americans. That is why we suggest the White House call the current "stimulus" legislation the "Main Street Job Creation Act." Let the Republicans vote against job creation for Main Street Americans. Once they do, you've already got a good set of campaign commercials for
By assisting those of us at the bottom of the heap this country can be rebuilt. We know how to get up and put in an honest day for an honest pay. The news of late reflects that the CEO and captains of Industry expect much more for much less honest efforts. If you allow your company to be driven into the ground you loose. Let the next bill be No Bail Out to a Loser’s Bonus.
The Help People for profits Act would stress that if corporate profits are to increase it will depend on the security of the work force. When Joe has his six pack he is a happy worker. And more inclined to work longer, harder and in tune with company needs. By giving him a Health Care system he can afford he is productive.
The Republicans have been very good at framing argument and staying on message with talking points but if that’s all they have, good luck This new administration has got way too much at stake to let shitty little tactics like that take center stage . Their day in the sun is over and they should seek the shade as they are getting burned. The Republican message has been met with failure and fact proves it. If you are not with us you are against America and helping the terrorists. {snark}
Now go back and read the first paragraph

Friday, February 6, 2009


It seems to me that there is open revolt in some areas of government. The Generals haven’t fully acknowledged who the boss is and intend to lobby against his position on Iraq withdrawal timeline. Generals Petraeous and Odierno are still trying to demand a military solution when a proper political position will win the day. These honorable warriors have the stars and bars and should be well aware of the chain of command. However the military and military industrial complex have been driving the ship of state for too damn long. A new Commander in Chief has demanded a course change and these two gentleman should salute smartly and say YES SIR.

Another inflated budget and ego surrounds the DEA. This group should understand that the will of the White House is that, DEA raids of medical marijuana outlets in states that allow it must stop. A White house spokesman has said the Presidents stance is that “federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws”. Surely this agency has bigger fish to fry than medical outlets who are legal. There are tons of real shit drugs out there focus on that.

Burroughing Bushies in the dept of Justice are refusing to leave because there are just too many corrupt Democrats and bong selling Hippies out there who need to be prosecuted. With a new boss like Eric Holder these holed up holdouts will be reeducated and reassigned to someplace that really needs them and their partisan political agenda scrutinized.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


America needs rebuilding as it is broken. The base is crumbling because it has been top heavy for too long. Forget the bailout and ply massive amounts of capital where it can be used most effectively, HEALTH CARE first and foremost.
Stop the bleeding of home foreclosures arrest the flow of the homeless this is an insane situation WE THE PEOPLE have been screwed by the greed of the few. Is it not a credible financial alternative to help the homeowner keep his house?
Several years ago under a Republican leadership and with Democratic water carriers bankruptcy laws were rewritten to the benefit of creditors. As a result today catastrophic medical issues cripple millions of Americans, along with interest rates from credit card companies that surpass the mob inspired vigorish.
Shovel ready projects no doubt the country needs the infrastructure upgrades and the people need the jobs. But quit farting around with half baked plans by trying to fit new solutions to an unworkable and broken base. This is a crisis of monumental proportion and needs a whole different approach to put America back on the road to recovery. A health care system that is mandatory and covers every one. This will do more than all the bank bailouts ever will. If big business and small business were relieved of this expense more of them would be profitable and not in need of taxpayer help. If the Government ran a health care system there would be no need for profit just cost recovery. The social implications alone would be dramatic and lasting.
While we are at it get that minimum wage upped to something that resembles reality. If an employer is not saddled by outlandish costs for health INSURANCE higher wages can be paid and everyone wins!

Monday, February 2, 2009


That is the sound of a bell ringing in the future. Today that is the sound of someone who needs to apologize. Michael Phelps did apologize Tommy Chong did time. Isn’t a little harm reduction philosophy needed world wide in respect for the Noble Herb?
Yesterday on CNN Don Lemmon tried his hardest to vilify this American hero for a bong hit, I don’t know who he was interviewing but the gentleman sure took Lemmon down a peg or two by refusing to acknowledge the tortured misconceptions about marijuana being harmful and a gateway drug. This CNN guest was soon summarily dismissed .
America must come to learn what the real problem is, and that is arrest and incarceration of over three hundred thousand citizens a year for simple possession of this plant that grows on this planet. It has value and is known to science as a tool in relief of many medical situations. It is not going away so become informed and make a stand.
There is no power greater than an idea whose time has come.
Gray are all the theories but green is the plant of life.
Peace be with You