Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Obama gets down

I saw something marvelous and amazing yesterday. That would be the First Lady visiting at a social services center in DC. This amazing lady got down on the floor to a preschoolers level and read them a book. This in itself seemed a very genuine and open thing to do, this was not a photo op although it was recorded as most every thing this first family does. Then Michelle Obama did something that teachers are not encouraged to do she embraced these kids in a big hug. These kids ate it up and are open to genuine affection. This almost brought tears to my eyes as this is what used to happen in schools.
My children were fortunate enough to go to a small rural school; you know the kind with several grades in one class. My oldest at the dinner table one night told us that he was looking forward to tomorrow as it was his turn to sit on Miss Brown’s knee during the reading session. Boy have the times changed since then, that was thirty years ago. That was in early grade school grade one or two, to receive the same kind of attention at school as he got at home. I doubt my son remembers that incident but I do.
The First Lady also sat down with a group of teens this time on chairs and in a circle. She described her growing up what that was like and encouraged these young people to give as well as get. This is part of the new administration message, and a very important part of being able to reach out to the average American
The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is that every child in that school will remember till the day they die, having met the most gracious and beautiful and caring First Lady of the of the first African American President.


Annette said...

I agree.. we actually have a First Family that is OF THE PEOPLE.. that was obvious in Ft Myers when the Pres. responded to Henrietta and Julio and when Michelle repsonded to the children. She stayed there and talked to teenagers later on and from what I heard was just as good with them.

Tango daddy said...

Yes Annette these people are real they care and it shows.