Thursday, February 5, 2009


America needs rebuilding as it is broken. The base is crumbling because it has been top heavy for too long. Forget the bailout and ply massive amounts of capital where it can be used most effectively, HEALTH CARE first and foremost.
Stop the bleeding of home foreclosures arrest the flow of the homeless this is an insane situation WE THE PEOPLE have been screwed by the greed of the few. Is it not a credible financial alternative to help the homeowner keep his house?
Several years ago under a Republican leadership and with Democratic water carriers bankruptcy laws were rewritten to the benefit of creditors. As a result today catastrophic medical issues cripple millions of Americans, along with interest rates from credit card companies that surpass the mob inspired vigorish.
Shovel ready projects no doubt the country needs the infrastructure upgrades and the people need the jobs. But quit farting around with half baked plans by trying to fit new solutions to an unworkable and broken base. This is a crisis of monumental proportion and needs a whole different approach to put America back on the road to recovery. A health care system that is mandatory and covers every one. This will do more than all the bank bailouts ever will. If big business and small business were relieved of this expense more of them would be profitable and not in need of taxpayer help. If the Government ran a health care system there would be no need for profit just cost recovery. The social implications alone would be dramatic and lasting.
While we are at it get that minimum wage upped to something that resembles reality. If an employer is not saddled by outlandish costs for health INSURANCE higher wages can be paid and everyone wins!


marain said...

Sounds like a plan, Tango! I hope someone is listening!!!

Annette said...

I agree... I think Prez is working on it..